Home is Where

Hello my crafty friends! It’s Raquel Mason here today.  My neighbor and his dog are moving to another state sparking the idea for this card.  The saying goes “Home is where the heart is” and this is true, BUT our furry friends also make home feel more home – even a new home in a new state.  We will certainly miss Whitney and her person.  Let me show you how easy it is to make this card.

KB & C4C293 house buster

KB & C4C293 house buster open

1.  Cut red cardstock at 5.5 x 8.5 scored at 4.25.  Place House Pivot die on the score line and die cut. (Karen has video instructions for using the House Pivot Card: House Pivot Card )

2.  Cut companion House decorator pieces from different shades of red cardstock. Use the decorator house die’s built-in embossing feature by leaving the cardstock in the die after cutting, switching to an embossing sandwich and rolling through again to emboss the brick pattern. Use white cardstock  for the windows.

3.  From white cardstock that has Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Sheet applied to it, die cut Pebbles.  Sponge with several different hues of red ink.  Cut piece to fit front and inside of card to mimic a path.

4.  From black cardstock that has Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Sheet applied to it, die cut the words “h me is where your is” and one paw print from Props 4.

5.  From several shades of red cardstock die cut All Seasons Tree and several sets of flowers, one heart from Poppy the Owl and pickets from the House Pivot.

6.  From red cardstock die cut Buster’s shadow layer, nose, tongue and collar.  From black cardstock die cut Buster’s detail layer. Assemble Buster.

7.  Assemble card as shown in photos.  Add Glitter Dots around collar & for a door handle.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and feel inspired to try it out for yourself.

Happy Crafting,



Elizabeth Craft Designs:

902 House Pivot Card Die

781 All Seasons Tree

984 Buster the Dog

910 Poppy the Owl

982 Props 4

1026 Pebbles

910 Alphabet 1 – Caps

7018 Glitter Dots

Double Sided Adhesive

Other supplies:

Cardstock – Riding Hood Red, Rose Red, Real Red, White and Black from Stampin’ Up!

Ink – Warm Red & Blush Rose Colorbox Chalk

Pop it Ups Wednesday with Karen Burniston – Pop it Ups Category Breakdown

Happy Wednesday and Happy July! It’s Karen Burniston here with a different type of Wednesday post. As the Pop it Ups collection grows larger, it may be a little overwhelming to understand all the different mechanisms and how they are different. Today I’ll explain it all!

It’s a good ol’ fashioned Pop it Ups Category Breakdown! (cheer! applause! fireworks!) For each different category of die I have a visual reference of the available choices in that category plus any coordinating dies/folders shown below the die. (Pssst – want to make yourself a catalog/wish list? Got a printer?)

Pivot Cards

Pivot cards were designed to be a quick and easy interactive card. A fun feature of Pivot Cards is that the same decoration on the front of the card then pivots inside as the card is opened. This provides double-duty decoration, saving time and materials. Pivot Cards work by lining up the alignment nubs on the die over the fold of any size card, anywhere along the fold. This allows for complete customization of card size, shape and pivot card placement. There are currently six available styles of Pivot Cards.


Accordions copy

Pivot Card Product Links:

767 Butterfly Pivot Card
768 Katie Label Pivot Card
775 Heart Pivot Card
902 House Pivot Card
912 Evergreen Pivot Card
973 Tags Pivot Card

Pivot Card Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Pivot Cards
Seamless Pivot Card Backing Cards
Double Heart Pivot Card
Double Katie Label Pivot Card
Double Evergreen Pivot Card
Triple Pivot Card Technique
House Pivot Card
Doublehigh Katie Label Pivot Card

Pivot Card Inspiration:

Karen Burniston’s Pivot Cards Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston’s Blog: Pivot Card Posts

Pull Cards

Pull cards are Z-fold flip or swing cards with a few extra features. They have tuck slots to keep the card closed to avoid an accidental reveal. They also have alignment nubs and the ability to cut the mechanism anywhere along the fold of any size card. They also have an optional pop-up element – the Circle comes with a spiral pop-up die and the Rectangle comes with a spinner pop-up die. Pull Cards differ from Pivot Cards because in this case, the item flips over when the card is opened, so you have front/back decorations. There are currently two available styles of Pull Cards.

Accordions copy

Pull Card Product Links:

916 Spiral Circle Pull Card
974 Rectangle Pull Card

Pull Card Video Tutorials:

Spiral Circle Pull Card
Introduction to Spiral Circle Pull Card (slide to 7:30)
Introduction to Rectangle Pull Card (slide to 6:43)
Rectangle Pull Card – Buster Plays Dead
Rectangle Pull Card – Rocky Doffs his Cap

Pull Card Inspiration:

Karen Burniston’s Pull Cards Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston’s Blog: Pull Card Posts

General Pop-up Cards

Whereas Pivot and Pull Cards are immediately identifiable as interactive cards from the front of the card, the General Pop-ups are the traditional pop-ups where the recipient has no idea that something will happen until they open the card. These are the traditional “magic trick” cards, since they offer the most surprise to the recipient. All of the dies in this category have alignment nubs allowing them to be placed anywhere along the fold of any size card. They are viewed best when the card is open to 90 degrees. There are currently six available styles of General Pop-up Cards.

Accordions copy

General Pop-up Product Links:

778 Lots of Pops
779 Lucy Label Pop-up
780 Garden Bench Pop-up
915 Lorna Label Pop-up
947 Happy Birthday Pop-up
975 Adirondack Chair Pop-up

General Pop-up Video Tutorials:

Introduction to General Pop-ups
Garden Bench
Double Lorna Mummy Card
Explosion Birthday Pop-up Card
Adirondack Chair

General Pop-up Inspiration:

Karen Burniston’s General Pop-up Cards Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston’s Blog: Lucy Label PostsLots of Pops Posts, Garden Bench Posts, Happy Birthday Posts, Lorna Label Posts, Beach Collection Posts

Pop Stands

Pop Stands are another type of General Pop-up card, but whereas the General Pop-ups are viewed in cards at 90 degrees, Pop Stands are viewed in cards that open all the way flat to 180 degrees. Another feature of Pop Stands is that the main item (tower, tub, barn, hay) is independent of the pop stand mechanism so it can be used on its own for flat cards, layouts, place cards, 3D items, etc. A Pop Stand die comes included with each design, and when lined up over the fold of any size card, anywhere along the fold, will cut tabs to fit the decorative item and turn it into a pop-up. There are currently four available styles of Pop Stand Cards.

Accordions copy

Pop Stand Product Links:

978 Eiffel Tower Pop Stand
980 Bathtub Pop Stand
1021 Barn Pop Stand
1025 Hay There Pop Stand

Pop Stand Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Pop Stands (slide to 1:30)
Eiffel Tower
Barn Pop Stand with Floating Floor

Pop Stand Inspiration:

Karen Burniston’s Pop Stands Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston’s Blog: Pop Stand Posts

Accordion Albums & Frame Edges

Accordion albums are a special category of Pop it Ups dies because they do not have alignment nubs and you do not line them up over the fold of a card. Rather, you use the Accordion die to cut a single page of your card/album and there is an integrated tab system to connect as many pages together as you desire. This makes the Accordions very versatile, as the same die can be used for a quick 2-page card or a 20-page masterpiece. In addition, each Accordion comes with decorator dies included, so right out of the package you’ll have what you need to start making incredible interactive cards and albums to impress and delight your friends and family. There are currently seven available styles of Accordions and more styles in the works.

Add-on dies (separate purchase) that are sized to coordinate with the Accordions (but can also be used on their own to make flat frames) are the Frame Edges. Frame Edges work by cutting four of each piece (square/circle designs) or two of each long/short piece (rectangle designs) and lining them up around the perimeter of the Accordion for fun decorations. Each Frame Edge packaging lists which Accordions it fits. The easiest way to adhere Frame Edges is by using ECD Double-sided adhesive on the back of the paper/cardstock before die cutting, so that the frame edges can be applied like stickers.

Accordions copy

Accordion & Frame Edges Product Links:

769 Circle Accordion
770 Square w/Circle Frame Edges
771 Fancy Label Accordion
971 Star Accordion
774 Fancy Frame Edges
907 Fancy Seasons Frame Edges
976 Star Fancy Frame Edges
772 Oval Accordion
776 Oval Dots Frame Edges
777 Oval Flourish Frame Edges
906 Oval Clouds Frame Edges
903 Katie Label Accordion
972 Rectangle Accordion
905 Katie Holly Frame Edges
913 Katie Stars Frame Edges
977 Katie Flourish Frame Edges
904 Ring Accordion
950 Ring Frame Edges 1

Accordion & Frame Edge Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Accordions
How to add Clear Pages to Pop it Ups Accordions
Pivot Accordion Technique
How to turn Portait Accordions into Landscape Accordions
Stacked Accordions
Barn Accordion Card

Accordion & Frame Edges Inspiration:

Karen Burniston’s Accordion Albums Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston’s Blog: Accordion Posts

Characters & Props

The Characters all feature similar construction, with a shadow layer and a detail layer, and then accessory dies, like eyes, tails, etc. Using ECD double-sided adhesive on the back of the paper or cardstock before die cutting makes assembly of the Characters very quick and easy. A signature look to the Characters are their big cartoon eyes, but they are also easy to style with other eyes for a completely different look. There are currently eleven available styles of Characters and four Props styles.

Accordions copy

Character & Props Product Links:

908 Chilly the Penguin
909 Hoppy the Frog
910 Poppy the Owl
946 Dutch the Fox
948 Honey the Bear
983 Whiskers the Cat
984 Buster the Dog
985 Rocky the Crab
1022 Brownie the Cow
1023 Cheepers the Chicken
1024 Virgil the Pig
911 Props 1
949 Props 2
986 Props 3
982 Props 4

Character & Props Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Characters
Honey the Bear as a Panda
Honey & Dutch as Woodland Animals

Characters & Props Inspiration:

Karen Burniston’s Characters Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston’s Blog: Character Dies

Edge Dies

Edge dies are decorative dies that cut just the edge of the item so the height is customizable by the user. It also allows for easy decorative-edges cards. There are currently four available styles of Edge Dies.

Accordions copy

Edge Dies Product Links:

782 Agatha Edges
914 Outdoor Edges
979 Paris Edges
981 Beach Edges

Accessory Dies & Embossing Folders

Accessory dies are flat designs meant to complement the interactive cards and/or be used independently. There are currently five available styles of Accessory dies and five available styles of Embossing Folders.

Accordions copy

Accessory Dies & Embossing Folders Product Links:

773 Butterfly Accessory Dies
917 Clock and Gears
918 Holiday House
781 All Seasons Tree
987 Palm Tree and Pail
KB101 Butterflies
KB102 Trendy Tiles 1
KB103 Trendy Tiles 2
KB104 Damask
KB105 Clouds

Clear Stamps

In Spring 2015 I released my first set of Clear Stamps – the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps – meant to coordinate with the Farm collection as well as fit some of the other interactive dies. Look for more clear stamps coming soon!

So there you have it! The entire Pop it Ups Collection broken down by category with a ton of video and inspiration links. Speaking of inspiration links, I post cards daily on the Karen Burniston, Designer Facebook Page.

Happy Crafting!

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Pop it Ups Wednesday with Summer Hills-Painter – Heart Pivot Shutter Card

Hello crafty friends, it’s Summer Hills-Painter here.

Today I want to share with you a fun technique, a tri-fold pivoting shutter card. I cannot say how wonderful it is to not be limited by your card size and design  with Pop It Ups dies. Let me show you how I made this card.

June Tutoial Finished


1. Cut a 6” x 12” piece of cardstock and score at 4” and 8” for your card base

2. Fold the card and place the Fancy Label die on one end just above the points and cut with your machine, cutting through all layers.

June Tutorial 2

3. Place the Agatha Edges die at the top of the card and run through your machine, cutting through all layers.

June Tutorial 3

4. Cut 3 panels of patterned paper at 3 ½”  x 3 ¾” each.

June Tutorial 4

5. Open up your card flat and adhere the second and third panels with temporary adhesive. Place the Heart Pivot Card die on the last 2 panels, making sure the alignment nubs on the die are directly over the fold between the pages. Run the card through your machine to cut the pivot card.

June Tutorial 5

6. Remove the die and the patterned paper panels and trim the heart from the paper using detail scissors. Adhere the paper to the card with permanent adhesive.

June Tutorial 6

7. Cut three coordinating flourishes from the Agatha Edges and trim them down to fit the card by cutting off the outermost swirl section from each flourish.

June Tutorial 7


8. Adhere your flourishes and add decorations as desired. Train the hearts to pivot so they fold in the opposite direction as the pages. For my decorations I used the spiral from the Spiral Circle Pull Card to make 3D roses, the Leafy Branch die, the Happy Anniversary die and glitter dots.

June Tutoial Finished

Your card is now complete and is can fit in an A7 (5 x 7) envelope when folded up. This could also be a great birthday, love, thank you or thinking of you card.

Happy Crafting,



Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies –

775 Heart Pivot Card

771 Accordion Fancy Label

782 Agatha Edges

916 Spiral Circle Pull Card

1033 Leafy Branch

1034 Flourish and Branches 

970 Happy Anniversary

Glitter Dots – Transparent/Gold

Other Supplies –

Ivory  Cardstock

DCVW patterned paper cardstock

Distress Ink in Tattered Rose, Shabby Shutters,


Pop it Ups Karen Burniston Designer Challenge – What’s in a Name?

Hi, it’s Karen Burniston with the June Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. Each month I challenge my Designer Challenge team to use Pop it Ups dies for a specific theme. This month the theme is What’s in a Name? I challenged the team to incorporate a Pop it Ups die corresponding to their first and last initials. They were allowed to get creative with how they chose dies, as long as it could be defended. So, for example, my initials are KB and I chose to style Whiskers the Cat as a “Kitty” in a beach-themed card using the Adirondack Chair, Palm Tree & Pail and the Beach Edges.


Here is the video tutorial:

When the card is closed you see Whiskers sitting in the house looking longingly at a beach scene framed on the wall. The caption (computer generated) gives a hint to Whiskers’ future . . . after all, if you can dream it, you can do it! My thought was that this could be a nice congratulatory card for any reason – promotion, graduation, engagement, new baby, new job, dream vacation, etc. It’s about visualizing something improbable and then making it happen.


The video tutorial walks through all the specifics of assembling the beach dies plus styling Whiskers the Cat with different expressions. Using the detail/shadow outlining technique is a great way to change the facial features of any of the Character dies.


To add a Character inside the chair, the video explains the technique for placing an L-support through one of the slats of the chair. This is my preferred method, as it puts no stress on the chair folds themselves. However, it is also possible to animate items inside the chair by building a simple box pop-up into the seat of the chair and/or by using the Spinner die from the Rectangle Pull Card to create an angled platform. (Donna Wright does this brilliantly in her mer-dog card that you’ll see later on in this post) Here is a side view of the L-support method from the video:


The Farm Greetings Clear Stamps offer plenty of generic greetings that are not farm puns, and by selectively inking certain phrases, you can create custom greetings, like this one:


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supply list:

975 Adirondack Chair
981 Beach Edges
983 Whiskers the Cat
987 Palm Tree & Pail
972 Rectangle Accordion (two nested rectangle dies)
973 Tags Pivot Card (two tag dies)
CS001 Farm Greetings Clear Stamps
Detail Scissors
Detail Tweezers
Shimmer Sheetz – White Iridescent, Yellow Iridescent, Red Iris
Double Sided Adhesive

Other Supplies:

Patterned Papers: Sand (Farm House), Clouds (Echo Park), Cat Fur (Kaiser Craft)
Cardstocks: Bazzill
Bakers Twine: Creative Impressions
Black ink: Versafine (Tsukineko)
Brown felt

2015_Designer_Challenge_Team copy

Now let’s take a look at the fabulous creations of the Designer Challenge Team plus guest designer Sandy.

Frances Byrne chose the “fly” from the Hoppy the Frog die set (Frog also counts, or Farm Greetings Clear Stamps) plus Brownie the Cow (or Barn) and created this colorful and inviting farm-themed birthday card. I l just love her pebble path, the hay blob used as hair for Brownie, and especially the fly on Brownie’s nose. So cute!


Fran Sabad created a wonderful patriotic 4th of July album. She used “frame edges” (in this case the Star Fancy Frame Edges) for her “F” and the Star Accordion for her “S”. Make sure you click over to her blog post to learn more about the flag banner and the barn star styling, plus see the front of the album.


Summer Hills-Painter had an extra challenge with a hyphenated name, but had no trouble combining the Spiral Circle Pull Card, Hay There Pop Stand and Props2 (along with Virgil the Pig and Farm Greetings Clear Stamps) into this fun birthday card. The pinks/reds look so great with the teal green. Great color scheme!

SHP_SpiralHayProps2 SHP_SpiralHayProps2Open

Karen Aicken went hog wild with this amazing 3-panel card featuring the Barn on the front (love that pen detailing on the edges of the cloud and hay) and Katie Label Pivot Card (with All Seasons Tree) inside the card. She used the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps and Virgil the Pig (notice the toupee) as well. Fun!

KA_KatieAllSeasonsTreeFront KA_KatieAllSeasonsTree

Raquel Mason got very clever with her beachy accordion. Her R was covered nicely by Ring Accordion, Ring Frame Edges 1, and Rocky the Crab. Then she added the “Mask” from Props3 for her second initial. Love this! The “shell-a-brate” greeting is so clever.


Kelly Booth created a birthday card with bright fun colors. She used the Katie Label Pivot Card and the accessory dies from the Butterfly Pivot Card for her initials and then added the script Happy Birthday and Butterfly Accessory dies as well. Lovely!


 Sandy Diller joins us this month with a very clever Spiral Circle Pull Card with Dutch the Fox. She also used the Barn, Hay There and Cheepers the Chicken dies to make a fox in the henhouse card. Brilliant!

SD_SpiralDutch SD_SpiralDutchOpen

Caz Counsell made her son Caiden a very special birthday card. She used Cheepers the Chicken and Brownie the Cow along with three Lucy Labels, Props 1, Props 2, Virgil the Pig, and more! Who doesn’t love a chicken with a bow tie?!


Frances Byrne had lots to choose from with her initials. For her second card she used Hoppy the Frog and the Bathtub Pop Stand die. She also incorporated the Paris Edges and the party blower from Props 2 as a frog tongue. Brilliant!


Shelly Hickox got extremely clever and adapted the House Pivot Card into a garden planter box and filled it with beautiful flowers, including some cut with the All Seasons Tree die. The Lots of Pops poles worked perfectly for feet and she used barn doors for molding details. Amazing!


Fran Sabad made this gorgeous Fancy Accordion using the Star Fancy Frame Edges and the matching butterfly label peel-off stickers. I love those little pearls on the antennae and flower centers. The colors are superb.


Talk about the perfect man card! Karen Aicken created this card for her husband’s recent retirement. She used the Katie Label Accordion (front of the card) and the Adirondack Chair for her initials. It was such a clever idea to incorporate the glossy lake paper and cut the pop-up right into the scene. Brilliant!


Raquel Mason made this sweet friendship card using the Rectangle Pull Card and the Mouse from Whiskers the Cat. She used the spinner to animate her greeting. What a cute card!

RM_RPCMouse RM_RPCMouseOpen

Kelly Booth created the perfect metal barn! I just love all the textural fun of this Katie Label Accordion using Brownie the Cow, Cheepers the Chicken and the Barn Pop Stand dies. She used Shimmer Sheetz to create the metal barn. Perfection!


Donna Wright made a beach scene for her card and used Buster the Dog and the Waves from the Beach Edges for her name dies. She also got very clever and converted Buster into a mer-dog by making a mermaid tail from the Palm Tree die. Love it!


Helen Cryer has such a way with colors and patterns. Her House Pivot Card using Brownie the Cow is a perfect example. The front of the card is just as beautiful as the interior, featuring the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps embossed in white powder on pink cardstock.

HC_HouseCow HC_HouseCowOpen

Shelly Hickox made this wonderful shaker card using the Spiral Circle Pull Card and the Happy Birthday dies. Notice how the tag lines up over the tuck slot and the clever use of the “th” from Birthday to make the 4th part of the greeting. Shelly includes videos of her cards opening and closing on her blog posts, so definitely check it out!


Caz Counsell made a second card for the challenge featuring Brownie the Cow and the All Seasons Tree Clouds for her initials. She used the Lorna Label die to animate her super cute pink cow (I believe this is where strawberry milk comes from!) Also note Brownie’s cute flower, eyelashes and pen detailing.


So there you have it. Such variety in the ideas this month – as varied as the names themselves! Join us next month on July 15, 2015 for the next Pop it Ups Designer Challenge with a theme of “Homegrown Holidays”. The team will be showing Christmas (or other winter holidays) in July ideas.

Happy Crafting!

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Pop it Ups Wednesday with Karen Aicken – Have You Herd?

Good morning friends! Karen Aicken here with today’s Pop it Ups Wednesday tutorial. I’m having lots of fun with the new Pop it Ups Farm Collection, and today’s card uses a play on words for a Father’s Day card with Brownie the Cow.



1. First we will make up two Brownie the Cow’s. Adhere a 4-1/2 x 2-1/2″ strip of rust cardstock, a 3/4 x 2-1/2″ strip of white cardstock, and a 1 x 2-1/2″ strip of black cardstock to the 64mm (2-1/2″) Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Adhesive. Die cut two shadows from charcoal pearlized card stock. Die cut two bodies from the rust adhesive backed card stock (remembering to leave room for the letters HERD and the word HAPPY), two pairs of eyes from the white adhesive backed card stock and two sets of hooves from the black adhesive backed card stock. Die cut the horns and muzzles from  beige velvet adhesive sheet, then die cut two hay stacks and one small hay piece from a scrap of yellow polka dotted patterned paper. Assemble the two Brownies as shown, with one looking up. Ink the edges of the hay pieces and using the die as a stencil, use a marker to add the inner markings. Add the smallest hay piece as hair to the Brownie that’s looking down.


2.  Cut your outer card to 4-1/4 x 12″ and score in half at 6″. Cut a piece of patterned paper 4-1/4 x 1-3/4″, ink the edges and attach to the bottom edge with the sides even. Computer generate or handwrite the words “HAVE YOU”, “IT’S FATHER’S DAY!” and “HAVE A      ONE” on white card stock, leaving lots of room between the phrases. Use the largest rectangle decorator die from the Accordion Rectangle set to  die cut the ‘HAVE YOU” leaving enough room below the words for the die cut letters and ink the edges. From the remaining rust card stock, cut the letters H E R D using the Alphabet 1 – Caps  and centre the letters below the words. Attach to the front of your card as shown in the first photo. Add foam tape to the back of the looking up Brownie and adhere as shown.

3. Cut your inner card to 4-1/4 x 12″ and score in half at 6″. Centre the Lots of Pops die on the score line, using the alignment nubs on each side then die cut. Train your folds. Note, Karen Burniston has a video  here that shows how to do this. Cut the “IT’S FATHER’S DAY” piece to 4-1/4 x 2-1/4″, ink the edges and attach to the inside top of your inner card as shown. Adhere a hay bale on each of the smaller bump outs and the remaining Brownie to the largest bump out.


4. Cut the “HAVE A      ONE!” to 3 x 3″ square, ink the edges and adhere to the bottom of your inner card as shown. From the remaining adhesive backed rust card stock, die cut Happy from the Happy Birthday Pop Up and adhere as shown.

5. Apply 6mm (1/4) Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Adhesive to one side of your inner card as shown in the photo below, and adhere it to the coordinating side of your outer card. Repeat to adhere the other side.


Trim bottom edges even and your card is ready for a special Father/Grandfather. It will be sure to make them smile!


By switching out the greeting this could make a great masculine birthday or congratulatory card as well. Have a great week!

Karen Aicken

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

1022 Brownie the Cow

778 Lots of Pops

1022 Hay There Pop Stand

972 Accordion Rectangle (rectangle on front)

947 Happy Birthday Pop Up

967 Alphabet 1 Caps

508 Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Adhesive 64mm, (2-1/2″)

506 Elizabeth Craft Designs 6 mm (1/4″)

404 Beige Velvet Adhesive Sheet

Other Supplies:

Rust, White and Black cardstock

Charcoal Stardream

Computer Font – DK Insomniack

Foam tape

Dye ink and a sponge

Yellow Marker



Pop it Ups Wednesday with Helen – Thank You Turquoise Barn Card

Hi everyone! Helen Cryer here today!

I’m sure by now you will have seen Karen Burniston’s fabulous new Farm Collection – I love how it all works together so well! I thought today I’d show you a Barn Pop Stand card featuring Brownie the Cow and a stamp from the new Farm Greetings Clear Stamps set.
Helen Cryer - Photo 1


1. Cut turquoise patterned cardstock to 11”x 4 ¾’’. Fold cardstock in half, and die cut with the large Pop Stand die (from the Barn Pop Stand set) across the fold line. Do two more die cuts with the smaller Pop Stand die (from the Hay There Pop Stand set) in the positions as shown in the picture below.

Helen Cryer - Photo 2

2. Cut all the pieces as pictured below: Pink backing cardstock (measuring  8’’x 4 ¾’’), two cream hay stacks (from the Hay There Pop Stand set), a Brownie the Cow, pieces for the barn (from the Barn Pop Stand set), a pink cardstock backing rectangle (using die from Rectangle Accordion set), a stamped cream rectangle (using die from Accordion Rectangle set), a cream stitched label with a black ‘Hay There’ (both from the Hay There Pop Stand set), a strip of pink gingham ribbon (4 ¾’’ long) and a pink gingham bow.

Helen Cryer - Photo 3

3. Assemble Brownie the Cow as shown in the picture below. Glue on a paper rose.

Helen Cryer - Photo 4

4. Adhere all the smaller barn pieces to one of the pink patterned cardstock barn sides, as shown below. For video instructions on the sliding barn doors, watch Karen’s video here. Adhere the decorated barn to the front two tabs next to the card’s centre fold. Adhere the unembellished barn side to the back two tabs, and stick the two barn sides together, with a bit of double-sided adhesive in the top section of the barn roofs.

Helen Cryer - Photo 5

5. Adhere Brownie the Cow to one half of the remaining tabs, nearest to the barn. (I taped the other half flat, from underneath the card.) Note: The patterned cardstock needs to be quite thick to support the weight of Brownie. If your cardstock is too ‘bendy’ add a small extra strip of cardstock to the fold of the tab, from underneath the card.

6. Adhere the two hay bales to the remaining two tabs.

7. Adhere the stamped rectangle on top of the pink rectangle, and adhere to the card base.

8. Adhere the ribbon strip across the back of the card base, and the bow to the corner of the stamped sentiment.

9. Adhere the pink cardstock to the back of the card.

I hope you enjoy coming up with variations of your own Farm scenes using these and the other fabulous new dies!



Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Barn Pop Stand (1021)

Hay There Pop Stand (1025)

Brownie the Cow (1022)

Farm Greetings Clear Stamps

Accordion Rectangle (972)

Double-sided tape

Gold Shimmer Sheetz

Other supplies:


Turquoise patterned cardstock

Pink patterned cardstock

Pink cardstock

Turquoise cardstock

Cream cardstock

Black cardstock

Brown cardstock

Brown ink


Tape runner

Glue pen

Liquid glue


Paper rose

Pop it Ups Wednesday with Shelly – Steampunk Accordion Tunnel Card

shelly hickox accordion steampunk card open view

Hi all! It’s Shelly Hickox with you today to share my first Wednesday With tutorial. I saw an accordion tunnel card last year and knew there had to be a way to make it with Karen Burniston’s Pop it Ups Accordion dies. Thankfully, Karen figured out that, with a few snips, her accordion dies could be reconfigured to create this fun and unique card style. I decided to use her Rectangle Accordion die, along with the gear dies from her Clock and Gears die set, and ECD Hinge dies plus Shimmer Sheetz to create a masculine, steampunk card suitable for Father’s Day or a manly birthday card.

Here’s how to make one of your own:

shelly hickox ww step 1Begin by cutting an 8.5” x 11” piece of kraft cardstock in half lengthwise. Fold each piece in half to create two top fold cards. Die cut the folded card, dropping the folded edge below the cutting edge of the die, so that the top fold remains intact. Repeat with the other piece of cardstock.

shelly hickox ww step 2

Next, snip the connection points and remove the inner panels from the cards.

shelly hickox ww step 3

Fold one card in half. Find the center and snip a small notch on the inside of the frame, top and bottom, cutting through both panels. Repeat with the other card, but cut the notches on the outer part of the frame.

shelly hickox ww step 4

With the panels open and facing each other, gently bend one panel of the card with the outer notches and insert it through the other panel, fitting the notches together. Repeat with the other side.

shelly hickox ww step 5

You’ve just made an accordion tunnel card! Now, let’s start decorating it! First, mark the left and right panels front panels so you know where they are for decorating. Disassemble card.

shelly hickox ww step 6

Adhere a sheet of Elizabeth Craft Designs Adhesive to a piece of silver Shimmer Sheetz. Cut the Shimmer Sheets into strips of various sizes and shapes. Adhere the pieces to the left and right panels of the card that you marked before disassembling, trimming off any excess. Sand lightly. Use an awl or piercing tool to punch faux rivets along the seams. To highlight the seams, cover the faux metal with black paint and wipe off, being sure to protect the uncovered cardstock.

shelly hickox ww step 7

While card is unassembled, stamp wood grain stamp using dark brown ink. Reassemble card.

shelly hickox ww step 8

Cut gears from gold and silver Shimmer Sheetz using Karen Burniston’s Gears dies. Cut hinges from adhesive-backed gold and silver Shimmer Sheetz using Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Hinges die. Sand and antique with black paint in the same method as step 6.

shelly hickox ww step 9

With card assembled, add hinges to edges as shown. Punch holes and add silver brads.

shelly hickox ww step 10

Finish card by adhering gears as desired to the front and back edges of each panel. Tip! Use punched waste from the larger gears to create faux brads for the smaller gears. Finally, stamp man figure and pointing finger, color and cut out, and adhere to card.

shelly hickox steampunk card closed front view


Shelly Hickox Wednesday With Card Top View

The great thing about this dimensional card is that it folds completely flat for mailing, but turns into a one-of-a-kind décor piece that the recipient will be able to display for months.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and are inspired to make one of your own!


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

972 Accordion Rectangle

917 Clock and Gears

962 Hardware 1 – Hinges

SS 0212 Shimmer Sheetz – Gold Metallic

SS 0211 Shimmer Sheetz – Silver Metallic

502 Transparent Double Sided Tape Sheet 8.5” x 11”

Other Supplies:

Kraft Cardstock

Stampers Anonymous  Wood Grain Stamp and Paris to London stamps

Quick Grab Glue

Silver Brads

Brown Ink



Pop it Ups Karen Burniston Designer Challenge – Barns! Barns! Barns!

Hi, it’s Karen Burniston with the May Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. Each month I challenge my Designer Challenge team to use Pop it Ups dies for a specific theme. This month the theme is Barns! Barns! Barns! using the brand new Barn Pop Stand die. The designers were free to repurpose the barn and you’ll find some very clever Farm and other theme cards in the links below.

Here is a look at the new Farm collection. The Clear Stamps have arrived and are shipping now and the dies are expected to arrive and ship in the next day or two.


For my card and video I’m teaching how to add a Floating Floor to the Barn Pop Stand to be able to animate items all over the floor, for dynamic pop-up scenes.


Here is the video tutorial:

When the barn doors slide open you can see the haystack and egg inside the barn.


For the front of the card I did selective inking to mix phrases from the Cow chalkboard stamp and the Chicken chalkboard stamp (both part of the Farm Greetings set) and then cut out my custom greeting with the Fancy Label dies. Brownie the Cow holds the greeting.


The easiest way to understand how a Floating Floor works is to watch the video, but here’s a side view to help explain things. Basically an L support is placed anywhere along the floor where you’d like an item to pop up. For my card I’ve used an L support to animate the Cow behind the barn and the Chicken in front of the barn. I also took advantage of the front and back supports of the floating floor to add fences, grass and Virgil the Pig.


Here is a printable reference sheet for making the folds and the die cuts for the Floating Floor.


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Other Supplies:

October Afternoon Patterned Paper “Seaside Seashells”, Bazzill Card Shoppe cardstock, grass stamp, various inks

2015_Designer_Challenge_Team copy

Let’s see all the clever creations of the Designer Challenge Team. For all these cards you can click on the designer’s name to go to their blog post showing more photos, supply lists, general instructions, etc. for their cards.

Caz Counsell went with a Farm theme for this card, but instead of using the Barn traditionally, she repurposed it into a henhouse! What a great idea. She also used Cheepers the Chicken and the little hay piece from Hay There.


Helen Cryer shows off the entire Farm Collection (minus Virgil the Pig) on this fabulous 4-page Rectangle Accordion. Helen has such a way with combining patterned papers and this project is a perfect example of that.


Frances Byrne ran away from the farm and joined the circus! Check out her extremely clever and fun use of the Barn die as a Circus Tent. Amazing!


Donna Wright also chose to cleverly repurpose the Barn . . . into a baby’s crib! How fabulous! She shows step-out photos on her blog post. I just love how the runner strips were used as legs and the overlay doors as the sides.


Kelly Booth also made a different item with the barn – a dog house! She combined the two Pop Stand dies – the Barn (styled as a dog house) and the small pop stand that comes with the Hay There set to animate the stamped pooch inside the house.

KellyDogHouseKaren Aicken brings us back to the farm with this beautiful card using the Barn as a traditional barn. The front of the card features Cheepers the Chicken and a portion of the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps where she also used the egg die that comes with Cheepers to highlight the greeting. Inside there’s a traditional barn with a surprise inside (click her name to see the doors open)


Raquel Mason knows how to party! Check out this vibrant fun birthday Barn card using Virgil the Pig and the Props 2 set. There’s a second Virgil hanging out on the back side of the barn, so click Raquel’s name to go check it out on her blog.


Fran Sabad keeps the Barn Party rolling with this great “Party ’til the Cows come home!” card. She used Brownie the Cow and the Props 2 die set, plus the Barn, Hay There and the balloons from the Spiral Circle Pull Card. What a fun party indeed!


Shelly Hickox made a soft and pretty barn for this sweet Virgil the Pig birthday card. She also used the stitched label from the Hay There set for the stamped greetings (Farm Greetings Clear Stamps) Gorgeous!


Frances Byrne made this next card where she converted the Barn into an old fashioned school house. How clever! She embossed bricks on the front, added windows from the House Pivot Card and used the Lots of Pops to make a traditional 90 degree pop-up instead of the 180 degree Pop Stand version.


Now technically this next card doesn’t include a barn, but it’s too cute not to share. Caz Counsell added the bunch of hay from the Hay There set to give Virgil the Pig a cool hairdo. She used the Farm Greetings Clear stamps and notice the clever use of a button as an apple.

CazPigFlatKaren Aicken made this lovely pink barn scene for a fresh Spring card. I just love the colors! Virgil the Pig is hanging out behind the very pretty barn.


Raquel Mason shows another super clever Barn adaptation – a tent! This is pitch perfect! She used the All Seasons Tree and the stars/happy from the Happy Birthday set. I also love the use of the bow from Props2 as tent ties. Brilliant!


Fran Sabad shows a great idea for a Virgil the Pig birthday card using the Barn. I love the addition of banners to the front of the barn and she chose to leave the doors open for this card so Virgil appears to be walking out to greet you.


Kelly Booth thought the Barn would make an excellent bird house and she was right! She embellished her stamped birds with glasses and the party hat from Props1 and Props2. The Lucy Label was used for the pop-up.


Caz Counsell made another great scene with this card, where the Barn is placed flat against the back wall of a card and the spinner from the Rectangle Pull Card is used to animate Brownie the Cow. She used the Farm Greetings stamps on the card’s front.


Summer Hills-Painter created a wonderful Christmas card. She used the strand of lights and wreath from the Holiday House die to decorate the barn and a pair of Cheepers’ feet are used as antlers for Brownie. Smart!


Shelly Hickox created this wonderful 3D birdhouse using the Barn. I love the beautiful rustic feel of this project!


France Byrne also made a Rectangle Pull Card for the challenge where she styled the Barn to look like corrugated metal. What a great look! Brownie is attached to the spinner for movement as the card opens/closes.


Well I hope you feel very inspired to use the new Barn Pop Stand and the rest of the Farm Collection in all sorts of ways. Join us next month on June 17, 2015 for a really fun challenge called “What’s in a Name?” where each designer will be choosing their dies based on their own initials. I foresee some fun combinations!

Happy Crafting!

KB Blog Sig

Pop it Ups Wednesday with Kelly – Some Days you’re the Dog

Hi, Kelly Booth here for Pop It Ups Wednesday!  I wanted to create a Pop it Ups card with the *new* Barn and make it a dog house for Buster the Dog using some soft colors that appeal to me. I love when I can limit my colors and make a quick card.

Here are the Dies we will be using


And the Cuts and pieces you will need:




 1.Cut 2 pieces of cardstock to 4.50″ x 11″ (one light aqua and one Kraft).  Score each of these pieces in half making top fold cards.  Stamp the paw print background on the front of the aqua piece with matching ink. Do the same on the Kraft piece by stamping the pattern on the inside with coordinating ink.

2. Line up the Lucy Label Pop It Ups die on the center fold of the Kraft card, aligning the nubs on the die with the fold. Run through the die cutting machine.  Gently press the folds in on the score lines and shape the pop up. Add strips of ECD Double Sided Adhesive Tape on the back of the Kraft pop up piece making sure you get tape close to the area where it pops up. Remove the backing one side at a time and adhere to the inside of the aqua card, lining up the center folds.

3. Cut the Barn out of Kraft and stamp it using the the paw print background and light brown ink. Using the larger oval accent die found in the Oval Accordion die set, place it partially over the barn at the base, centered horizontally, and run through the die cutting machine making a doorway for the dog house. Cut an aqua barn and adhere it to the back side of the Kraft barn. Cut a piece of the roof trim in white and adhere to the top of the barn with a liquid adhesive.

4. Cut a piece of  Kraft cardstock 4.5″ x 2″ and place the wavy hills Outdoor Edges die towards the top and run through the die cutting machine.  Stamp a sentiment with dark brown ink.  Die cut the Buster the Dog detail layer in white and the shadow layer in light gray. Cut his eyes in dark brown and his nose in black. Adhere the pieces using glue. Since the dog will be tucked in behind the hill, shorten him by cutting away half the body.

5. Adhere the Barn to the front of the card using ECD Double Sided Adhesive Tape and positioned about 3/4″ from the bottom edge of the card.  Place ECD Double Sided Adhesive Tape on the Back of the Wavy Hill piece just toward the bottom (leave the top without adhesive so you can place Buster where you want him.) Put liquid glue on the back of Buster and slide him behind the hill so he looks like he is peeking out of the dog house.

6. Cut a stitched Katie Label out of white card stock using two dies found in the Katie Label Accordion card set. Place it towards the bottom of the card for a space to write in.

7. Using the Lucy Label Pop Up Die cut it out of a scrap of aqua card stock, snip the connection points and put ECD Double Sided Adhesive on the Back , stamp sentiment in the center using a dark brown ink. Place some ECD Double Sided Adhesive tape on the back of the label and place over the Kraft label on the inside of the card.

8. Cut two sets of Paw Prints found in the Props #4 set twice once from dark brown and once from Kraft. Adhere the opposite paw outline to each of the paw prints.  Adhere one to the Pop Up above the label on the inside and one to the front of the card in the lower right hand corner.

9. To finish the front off I added black pearls to Buster’s eyes (Black Glitter Dots work well too but I was out) and a little Glossy accents on his nose.

I hope you have enjoyed this card using just a few colors!  Thank you for stopping by the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog and Have a Super Day!

– Kelly Booth


 1021 Barn Pop Stand

982 Props #4

984 Buster The Dog

914 Outdoor Edges

779 Lucy Label Pop Up

903 Katie Label Accordion

772 Accordion Oval Card

506 Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape 6mm

Other Supplies:

Cardstock:  Aqua, Kraft,White,Black,Dark Brown and Light Gray


Paw Print Background & Sentiment stamps – MFT

Dye Ink Aqua, Light Brown and Dark Brown


Die Cutting Machine

Pop it Ups Wednesday with Caz – Sleeping Whiskers Card

Hello Friends,

Caz here with my first “Wednesday With” and today I wanted to share with you a cute little sleeping Whiskers card. I so enjoyed creating the sleeping Dutch the Fox and Honey the Bear in last months Designer Challenge that I wanted to create another. And this time I chose Whiskers the cat to be the next sleeping beauty.

whiskers sleeping outside sleeping whiskers

As with most of the Pop it Up cards I make I tend to make the front of the card really simple and go to town on the inside of the card. So let me talk you through what I did to create the inside.

1. Cut a piece of white card at 6″ x 9″ and score for folding to make a 4.5″ x 6″ card.

2. Cut decorative paper slightly smaller than card, fold and stick in place with glue runner.

3. Align the Lorna Label Pop it Ups die over the centre fold on card. (I have positioned to the right of the card.) Run through cutting machine, since you are cutting two pieces you might want to roll back through the machine to make sure all layers are cut.

4. Once cut glue patterned paper into place properly making sure you get all the folds of the card. You’ll also need another piece of patterned paper to be the backing card. Again, just cut it slightly smaller than the card, fold in half, and glue behind the pop-up, making sure to avoid all the pop-up areas with adhesive. Decorate the front of the card with a decorative Paris Edges die and a greeting of your choice.

5. Cut other pieces as per photograph below – Two pieces from the Lorna Label Pop it Ups die, one in wood paper and one in silver mirror, Two frames from the Rectangle Pull Card, a bath from the Bathtub Pop Stand in brown (trim off the sides as shown) and I partially cut a bathtub with pink card to make the cushion.photo1

6. Cut Whiskers background from grey cardstock (see photograph below) I cut off Whiskers’ head (sorry) and then in the three places marked I cut out small pieces to create legs and definition on the tail.


7. Use the head that was removed, and trim it down slightly (photograph below) where shown and cut a top layer from grey card. Use a black pen to colour the nose and mouth part and draw two small semi circles for eyes. Stick that part back into place.photo3

8. Using pencils I decorated Whiskers to create a grey tabby. I used the restyled Bathtub to create a comfy stool for Whiskers to sit on and used the other dies that I had cut to create a faux mirror and little picture frames. I printed out photographs of some of my other pop-up cards in miniature to fit the frames. The feet of the footstool are attached to the lower pop-up platform of the Lorna Label. Follow the photo below to arrange the other pieces into a cozy little scene. The stitched decorator die that comes with the Lorna label is the perfect size for a greeting of your choice.

9. I really had to make myself stop from adding more, but I couldn’t resist hand cutting a little mouse door with a piece of cheese outside. I added bows to the purrfect kitty and mirror to really make it look like a place fit for a pampered kitty.

sleeping whiskers

I would love to see how you decorate yours, or how you restyle one of the Characters to make them sleep.

Happy Crafting!


Materials Used :

Elizabeth Craft Designs

Whiskers the Cat 

Lorna Label Pop up

Props 1 (for bow)

Rectangle Pull Card (for frames) 

Bathtub Pop Stand 

Paris Edges

Other Supplies:

Watercolour pencils

Foam Pads

Black Ink Pad

Mirror Card

Decorative Papers from Crate