Pop it Ups Karen Burniston Designer Challenge – Barns! Barns! Barns!

Hi, it’s Karen Burniston with the May Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. Each month I challenge my Designer Challenge team to use Pop it Ups dies for a specific theme. This month the theme is Barns! Barns! Barns! using the brand new Barn Pop Stand die. The designers were free to repurpose the barn and you’ll find some very clever Farm and other theme cards in the links below.

Here is a look at the new Farm collection. The Clear Stamps have arrived and are shipping now and the dies are expected to arrive and ship in the next day or two.


For my card and video I’m teaching how to add a Floating Floor to the Barn Pop Stand to be able to animate items all over the floor, for dynamic pop-up scenes.


Here is the video tutorial:

When the barn doors slide open you can see the haystack and egg inside the barn.


For the front of the card I did selective inking to mix phrases from the Cow chalkboard stamp and the Chicken chalkboard stamp (both part of the Farm Greetings set) and then cut out my custom greeting with the Fancy Label dies. Brownie the Cow holds the greeting.


The easiest way to understand how a Floating Floor works is to watch the video, but here’s a side view to help explain things. Basically an L support is placed anywhere along the floor where you’d like an item to pop up. For my card I’ve used an L support to animate the Cow behind the barn and the Chicken in front of the barn. I also took advantage of the front and back supports of the floating floor to add fences, grass and Virgil the Pig.


Here is a printable reference sheet for making the folds and the die cuts for the Floating Floor.


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Other Supplies:

October Afternoon Patterned Paper “Seaside Seashells”, Bazzill Card Shoppe cardstock, grass stamp, various inks

2015_Designer_Challenge_Team copy

Let’s see all the clever creations of the Designer Challenge Team. For all these cards you can click on the designer’s name to go to their blog post showing more photos, supply lists, general instructions, etc. for their cards.

Caz Counsell went with a Farm theme for this card, but instead of using the Barn traditionally, she repurposed it into a henhouse! What a great idea. She also used Cheepers the Chicken and the little hay piece from Hay There.


Helen Cryer shows off the entire Farm Collection (minus Virgil the Pig) on this fabulous 4-page Rectangle Accordion. Helen has such a way with combining patterned papers and this project is a perfect example of that.


Frances Byrne ran away from the farm and joined the circus! Check out her extremely clever and fun use of the Barn die as a Circus Tent. Amazing!


Donna Wright also chose to cleverly repurpose the Barn . . . into a baby’s crib! How fabulous! She shows step-out photos on her blog post. I just love how the runner strips were used as legs and the overlay doors as the sides.


Kelly Booth also made a different item with the barn – a dog house! She combined the two Pop Stand dies – the Barn (styled as a dog house) and the small pop stand that comes with the Hay There set to animate the stamped pooch inside the house.

KellyDogHouseKaren Aicken brings us back to the farm with this beautiful card using the Barn as a traditional barn. The front of the card features Cheepers the Chicken and a portion of the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps where she also used the egg die that comes with Cheepers to highlight the greeting. Inside there’s a traditional barn with a surprise inside (click her name to see the doors open)


Raquel Mason knows how to party! Check out this vibrant fun birthday Barn card using Virgil the Pig and the Props 2 set. There’s a second Virgil hanging out on the back side of the barn, so click Raquel’s name to go check it out on her blog.


Fran Sabad keeps the Barn Party rolling with this great “Party ’til the Cows come home!” card. She used Brownie the Cow and the Props 2 die set, plus the Barn, Hay There and the balloons from the Spiral Circle Pull Card. What a fun party indeed!


Shelly Hickox made a soft and pretty barn for this sweet Virgil the Pig birthday card. She also used the stitched label from the Hay There set for the stamped greetings (Farm Greetings Clear Stamps) Gorgeous!


Frances Byrne made this next card where she converted the Barn into an old fashioned school house. How clever! She embossed bricks on the front, added windows from the House Pivot Card and used the Lots of Pops to make a traditional 90 degree pop-up instead of the 180 degree Pop Stand version.


Now technically this next card doesn’t include a barn, but it’s too cute not to share. Caz Counsell added the bunch of hay from the Hay There set to give Virgil the Pig a cool hairdo. She used the Farm Greetings Clear stamps and notice the clever use of a button as an apple.

CazPigFlatKaren Aicken made this lovely pink barn scene for a fresh Spring card. I just love the colors! Virgil the Pig is hanging out behind the very pretty barn.


Raquel Mason shows another super clever Barn adaptation – a tent! This is pitch perfect! She used the All Seasons Tree and the stars/happy from the Happy Birthday set. I also love the use of the bow from Props2 as tent ties. Brilliant!


Fran Sabad shows a great idea for a Virgil the Pig birthday card using the Barn. I love the addition of banners to the front of the barn and she chose to leave the doors open for this card so Virgil appears to be walking out to greet you.


Kelly Booth thought the Barn would make an excellent bird house and she was right! She embellished her stamped birds with glasses and the party hat from Props1 and Props2. The Lucy Label was used for the pop-up.


Caz Counsell made another great scene with this card, where the Barn is placed flat against the back wall of a card and the spinner from the Rectangle Pull Card is used to animate Brownie the Cow. She used the Farm Greetings stamps on the card’s front.


Summer Hills-Painter created a wonderful Christmas card. She used the strand of lights and wreath from the Holiday House die to decorate the barn and a pair of Cheepers’ feet are used as antlers for Brownie. Smart!


Shelly Hickox created this wonderful 3D birdhouse using the Barn. I love the beautiful rustic feel of this project!


France Byrne also made a Rectangle Pull Card for the challenge where she styled the Barn to look like corrugated metal. What a great look! Brownie is attached to the spinner for movement as the card opens/closes.


Well I hope you feel very inspired to use the new Barn Pop Stand and the rest of the Farm Collection in all sorts of ways. Join us next month on June 17, 2015 for a really fun challenge called “What’s in a Name?” where each designer will be choosing their dies based on their own initials. I foresee some fun combinations!

Happy Crafting!

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Pop it Ups Wednesday with Kelly – Some Days you’re the Dog

Hi, Kelly Booth here for Pop It Ups Wednesday!  I wanted to create a Pop it Ups card with the *new* Barn and make it a dog house for Buster the Dog using some soft colors that appeal to me. I love when I can limit my colors and make a quick card.

Here are the Dies we will be using


And the Cuts and pieces you will need:




 1.Cut 2 pieces of cardstock to 4.50″ x 11″ (one light aqua and one Kraft).  Score each of these pieces in half making top fold cards.  Stamp the paw print background on the front of the aqua piece with matching ink. Do the same on the Kraft piece by stamping the pattern on the inside with coordinating ink.

2. Line up the Lucy Label Pop It Ups die on the center fold of the Kraft card, aligning the nubs on the die with the fold. Run through the die cutting machine.  Gently press the folds in on the score lines and shape the pop up. Add strips of ECD Double Sided Adhesive Tape on the back of the Kraft pop up piece making sure you get tape close to the area where it pops up. Remove the backing one side at a time and adhere to the inside of the aqua card, lining up the center folds.

3. Cut the Barn out of Kraft and stamp it using the the paw print background and light brown ink. Using the larger oval accent die found in the Oval Accordion die set, place it partially over the barn at the base, centered horizontally, and run through the die cutting machine making a doorway for the dog house. Cut an aqua barn and adhere it to the back side of the Kraft barn. Cut a piece of the roof trim in white and adhere to the top of the barn with a liquid adhesive.

4. Cut a piece of  Kraft cardstock 4.5″ x 2″ and place the wavy hills Outdoor Edges die towards the top and run through the die cutting machine.  Stamp a sentiment with dark brown ink.  Die cut the Buster the Dog detail layer in white and the shadow layer in light gray. Cut his eyes in dark brown and his nose in black. Adhere the pieces using glue. Since the dog will be tucked in behind the hill, shorten him by cutting away half the body.

5. Adhere the Barn to the front of the card using ECD Double Sided Adhesive Tape and positioned about 3/4″ from the bottom edge of the card.  Place ECD Double Sided Adhesive Tape on the Back of the Wavy Hill piece just toward the bottom (leave the top without adhesive so you can place Buster where you want him.) Put liquid glue on the back of Buster and slide him behind the hill so he looks like he is peeking out of the dog house.

6. Cut a stitched Katie Label out of white card stock using two dies found in the Katie Label Accordion card set. Place it towards the bottom of the card for a space to write in.

7. Using the Lucy Label Pop Up Die cut it out of a scrap of aqua card stock, snip the connection points and put ECD Double Sided Adhesive on the Back , stamp sentiment in the center using a dark brown ink. Place some ECD Double Sided Adhesive tape on the back of the label and place over the Kraft label on the inside of the card.

8. Cut two sets of Paw Prints found in the Props #4 set twice once from dark brown and once from Kraft. Adhere the opposite paw outline to each of the paw prints.  Adhere one to the Pop Up above the label on the inside and one to the front of the card in the lower right hand corner.

9. To finish the front off I added black pearls to Buster’s eyes (Black Glitter Dots work well too but I was out) and a little Glossy accents on his nose.

I hope you have enjoyed this card using just a few colors!  Thank you for stopping by the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog and Have a Super Day!

– Kelly Booth


 1021 Barn Pop Stand

982 Props #4

984 Buster The Dog

914 Outdoor Edges

779 Lucy Label Pop Up

903 Katie Label Accordion

772 Accordion Oval Card

506 Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape 6mm

Other Supplies:

Cardstock:  Aqua, Kraft,White,Black,Dark Brown and Light Gray


Paw Print Background & Sentiment stamps – MFT

Dye Ink Aqua, Light Brown and Dark Brown


Die Cutting Machine

Pop it Ups Wednesday with Caz – Sleeping Whiskers Card

Hello Friends,

Caz here with my first “Wednesday With” and today I wanted to share with you a cute little sleeping Whiskers card. I so enjoyed creating the sleeping Dutch the Fox and Honey the Bear in last months Designer Challenge that I wanted to create another. And this time I chose Whiskers the cat to be the next sleeping beauty.

whiskers sleeping outside sleeping whiskers

As with most of the Pop it Up cards I make I tend to make the front of the card really simple and go to town on the inside of the card. So let me talk you through what I did to create the inside.

1. Cut a piece of white card at 6″ x 9″ and score for folding to make a 4.5″ x 6″ card.

2. Cut decorative paper slightly smaller than card, fold and stick in place with glue runner.

3. Align the Lorna Label Pop it Ups die over the centre fold on card. (I have positioned to the right of the card.) Run through cutting machine, since you are cutting two pieces you might want to roll back through the machine to make sure all layers are cut.

4. Once cut glue patterned paper into place properly making sure you get all the folds of the card. You’ll also need another piece of patterned paper to be the backing card. Again, just cut it slightly smaller than the card, fold in half, and glue behind the pop-up, making sure to avoid all the pop-up areas with adhesive. Decorate the front of the card with a decorative Paris Edges die and a greeting of your choice.

5. Cut other pieces as per photograph below – Two pieces from the Lorna Label Pop it Ups die, one in wood paper and one in silver mirror, Two frames from the Rectangle Pull Card, a bath from the Bathtub Pop Stand in brown (trim off the sides as shown) and I partially cut a bathtub with pink card to make the cushion.photo1

6. Cut Whiskers background from grey cardstock (see photograph below) I cut off Whiskers’ head (sorry) and then in the three places marked I cut out small pieces to create legs and definition on the tail.


7. Use the head that was removed, and trim it down slightly (photograph below) where shown and cut a top layer from grey card. Use a black pen to colour the nose and mouth part and draw two small semi circles for eyes. Stick that part back into place.photo3

8. Using pencils I decorated Whiskers to create a grey tabby. I used the restyled Bathtub to create a comfy stool for Whiskers to sit on and used the other dies that I had cut to create a faux mirror and little picture frames. I printed out photographs of some of my other pop-up cards in miniature to fit the frames. The feet of the footstool are attached to the lower pop-up platform of the Lorna Label. Follow the photo below to arrange the other pieces into a cozy little scene. The stitched decorator die that comes with the Lorna label is the perfect size for a greeting of your choice.

9. I really had to make myself stop from adding more, but I couldn’t resist hand cutting a little mouse door with a piece of cheese outside. I added bows to the purrfect kitty and mirror to really make it look like a place fit for a pampered kitty.

sleeping whiskers

I would love to see how you decorate yours, or how you restyle one of the Characters to make them sleep.

Happy Crafting!


Materials Used :

Elizabeth Craft Designs

Whiskers the Cat 

Lorna Label Pop up

Props 1 (for bow)

Rectangle Pull Card (for frames) 

Bathtub Pop Stand 

Paris Edges

Other Supplies:

Watercolour pencils

Foam Pads

Black Ink Pad

Mirror Card

Decorative Papers from Crate

Pop it Ups Wednesday with Summer – Gatefold Double Pop-up Card

Hello crafty friends, it’s Summer Hills-Painter here.

Today I want to share with you a fun technique, a gatefold double pop up card. I continue to be impressed by all of the things that you can do with Pop It Ups dies since you are not limited by your card size and design. Let me show you how I made my card.

Tutorial finished card open watermarked


1. Cut and score your card bases as well as your layering pieces and accessories. You will need to cut a piece of ivory cardstock at 10” x 7” and score at 2.5 and 7.5”. You will also need to cut a piece of pink cardstock at 9 ¾” x 6 ¾” and score at 2 3/8” and 7 3/8”. I also cut two panels of patterned paper at 2 ¼” x 6 ¾” for the front of the card. Additional paper panels were cut at 3 5/8” x 5 5/8” and at 3 7/8” x 5 7/8” to layer together for the belly band. Cut a strips of paper at 10 x2 7/8 and one at 10” x 2 ¾”.  Cut an ivory panel with the Lorna Label and an ivory panel with the Lucy Label Pop Up die.  Cut leaves from the Rose die and fussy cut a few roses from the patterned paper.

April Tutorial 1

2. Place Lucy Label die on the 2 3/8” score line of the pink paper and run through your die cutting machine. Repeat the process with the 7 3/8” score line. Train your Pop Up to pop up.

April Tutorial 2

3. Adhere your pink cardstock to the middle inside of the ivory cardstock.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 6.34.52 AM

4. Adhere the left and panels together avoiding you pop up area. Repeat the process with the right side of the panels.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 6.35.56 AM

5. Adhere your labels and decorator piece inside the card.

April Tutorial 5

6. Adhere the two 2 ¼” x 6 ¾” panels to the front of the card.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 6.47.21 AM

7. Adhere the 3 5/8” x 5 5/8” panel to the 3 7/8” x 5 7/8” panel. Also adhere the two 10” strips together and score at 2 ½”.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 6.38.20 AM

8. Attach the panel to the  2 ½” scored side of the 10” strip.  Wrap the other side of the strip around the card and attach the panel making a band around the card. This will keep the card from popping open prematurely.

April Tutorial 9

Your card is now complete and is a 5 x 7 size card when folded up.

Tutorial finished card closed watermarked


Happy Crafting,



Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies –

779 Lucy Label Pop Up

915 Lorna Label Pop Up

799 Rose

506 Double Sided Tape 6mm

Other Supplies –

Recollections Ivory 110lb Cardstock

Graphic 45 Botanical Tea  double sided cardstock

Distress Ink in Tattered Rose, Shabby Shutters, Peeled Paint, Antique Linen

Versafine Ink in Sepia



Pop it Ups Karen Burniston Designer Challenge – Accordions with DC Team and Friends

Hi, it’s Karen Burniston with the April Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. Each month I challenge my Designer Challenge team to use Pop it Ups dies for a specific theme. This month I invited each of the ten team members to invite one of their blogger friends to join the challenge. The ten guests each picked out an Accordion Album die and it was up to each pair if they wanted to coordinate their projects or do something completely different. You’re in for some amazing inspiration and are sure to find new blogs to bookmark as you peruse the work of the talented team and guest designers.

I just returned from the Collins Rep Group Spring Retailer Training Event in Boston where I launched a mini Farm Collection that will be shipping to stores at the end of April. I thought they would be perfect for my Accordion. I used the new Barn, Hay There, Brownie the Cow and Farm Greetings Clear Stamps.


Here is the video tutorial:

When the album is closed you can see Brownie peeking through the upper window. Slide open the barn doors and you see a haystack.


One of the techniques in the video shows how to create a debossed frame for an Accordion Album using Frame Edges. For my project I used the Katie Flourish Frame Edges.


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Other Supplies:

  • Bazzill Cardstocks – Butter Mints Card Shoppe, Kraft, black, white, gold, green
  • Echo Park Patterned Paper – Jack & Jill Cute as a Button (woodgrain) and Pink/Brown
  • Brown ink and blending tool
  • Twine, colored pencils

2015_Designer_Challenge_Team copy

Time to send you on a journey to 20 blogs to see amazing inspiration from the Designer Challenge team and 10 distinguished guests. In all cases you can click on the designer’s name to travel to their blog post for more information about techniques and supplies used. Have fun!

Helen Cryer is the queen of patterned paper and her creation for this month’s challenge is no exception. Check out these bright fun colors and the clever way she adapted Honey the Bear into a sock monkey! I love this project!


Rita Edwards is Helen’s guest. “I was so pleased that Rita agreed to be my guest for this challenge! We ‘met’ each other when we were both on the Elizabeth Craft Design DT, and I love all her work – she colours exquisitely, and the details on her cards are just beautiful!” writes Helen. I agree! Check out this Rectangle Accordion by Rita:Rita_Rectangle

 Shelly Hickox can create one heck of a tunnel card using a technique with the Accordion albums. She has a link to her tutorial for this effect on her blog post. This month she incorporated the new Barn die into her scene. Love it!


Lisa Hoel is Shelly’s guest this month. Lisa also converted the Rectangle Accordion into a tunnel card, but vertical for her “under the sea” creation. So clever! Writes Shelly; “When we were asked to invite a blogging friend to join in the Accordion die challenge, I knew immediately that I would choose Lisa Hoel. I’ve been a longtime admirer of Lisa’s and love the way she uses Karen’s dies. Her unique vision is a breath of fresh air – I knew she’d wow us and she definitely has!”


I must say that when I saw Caz Counsell‘s creation for this month’s challenge I squealed with delight. Caz modified Dutch the Fox and Honey the Bear so they would be sleeping! What a clever idea and such a sweet card. She used the Circle Accordion.


Caz invited her friend Suzy Q to join the challenge and Suzy made this WOW! mixed Oval/Rectangle accordion. Says Caz; “This for me was a “No  Brainer”.  I chose my friend Suzie Q who I work with at Crafts U Love. Suzie makes lovely cards but unfortunately has suffered from lack of time and lack of mojo, I hoped in that choosing Suzie she might find her mojo and believe me she has!!” I agree!


Fran Sabad styled Brownie the Cow so sweetly for this 3-page Rectangle Accordion also featuring the new Farm Greetings Clear Stamps. The yellow and brown color scheme is fabulous!


Vicki O’Dell is Fran’s guest this month. Says Fran; “I met Vicki online and she is one of the most creative and upbeat people I know!  She is all about DIY and gets involved in almost every craft out there!” Vicki chose the Circle Accordion and created a clever 3-page card with two connected pages and a third free-flowing. I love the serene feel.


Donna Wright made an adorable baby album using the Star Accordion and matching Star Buddies peel-off stickers. She also incorporated the Star Fancy Frame Edges on her second page. What a sweet project!


Sandy Diller is Donna’s guest and they both used the Star Accordion. Donna describes Sandy as “wonderfully talented” and I couldn’t agree more! Sandy not only flipped the pages to give the star a different look, but attached a clear spiral shooting through the album to suspend her floating stars. This is brilliant!


Frances Byrne shows off the new Cheepers the Chicken and Farm Greetings Clear Stamps on this fun 3-page Rectangle Accordion with Katie Star Frame Edges. I just love the colors and styling of this congratulatory album.


Maryann Einam joined the challenge as Frances’ guest. Maryann makes the coolest cards and this time used the Rectangle Accordion for a 4-page homage to shoes. Great sentiments, colors and imagery! Frances writes, “I chose my friend Maryann to be my guest for this month’s challenge as I know how much she loves Karen’s dies. We get together each month and enable each other when we go shopping out our favourite craft store.”


Kelly Booth made this superhero birthday card using the Star Accordion. Kelly has the greatest way with color and this Star Accordion project is no exception! She used the Star Fancy Frame Edges to make it a bright fun explosion of stars. It’s super!


Alice Wertz is Kelly’s guest. Writes Kelly, “I love the way Alice’s coloring brings things to life and she has been a friend of mine for many years.” Alice colored some adorable pups to use on her Star Accordion. She used the striped frame edges from the Star Fancy set. Absolutely fabulous!


Raquel Mason made this wonderful mixed Accordion to show off the new farm collection. She used all three new Characters and the Farm Greetings Clear stamps, plus Props1 and Props2. Love these party animals!


Debra Hensley was invited to the challenge by Raquel. “I like Debra’s work because she has a great eye for the little details.  There’s always something extra or interesting on her cards,” says Raquel. Debra made this wonderful Star Accordion featuring the Star Buddies Peel-off stickers and the Palm Tree & Pail die. The glitter is so sparkly and I love the balloons!


Alicia, Raquel’s 12-year-old neighbor, also participated in the challenge as Raquel’s guest. She did a great job with the Star Accordion making this birthday album. Says Raquel, “I enjoy crafting with Alicia because she’s so eager to learn and loves glitter just as much as I do!”


Summer Hills-Painter made this hilarious anniversary card featuring a “Hogs and Kisses” theme with Virgil the Pig (And Virgilina!) on the Fancy Accordion album. The color scheme is perfect! Summer’s guest had something come up and was unable to participate.


Karen Aicken made an absolutely brilliant 4-page beachy Rectangle Accordion featuring Buster the Dog and the beach dies. She made the beer bottles using the Props2 Party Blower die. Brilliant!


Jackie Smith was Karen’s guest for the challenge. “I always looked forward to Jackie’s posts on the ECD Blog, as she has amazing way with texture and layers on her cards.” says Karen. Jackie made this amazing 4-page Rectangle Accordion with a Paris theme. All the layers are so intriguing! Love it.Jackie_Rectangle

Hopefully you’ve found plenty of inspiration this month and found some new designers to follow as well.

Join us May 13, 2015 for the next Designer Challenge, which is titled BARNS! BARNS! BARNS! The team will be using the new Barn die in a variety of clever ways.

Happy crafting!


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Pop it Ups Karen Burniston Designer Challenge – Make ’em Laugh!

Hi, it’s Karen Burniston with the March Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. Each month I challenge my Designer Challenge team to use Pop it Ups dies for a specific theme. This month I challenged the team and guest designer as follows: Make ’em Laugh! – Funny cards for any theme.

As soon as I saw the “Dog Years” stamp I knew I had to use it for this challenge. I thought it would be fun to make a seemingly cheerful birthday card that turned into something decidedly more snarky upon opening. When my daughter Emma saw the card she said “Oh no! You killed Buster!” to which I replied “No, no, he’s just playing dead! He’s very talented.” The Rectangle Pull Card was the perfect choice for this effect. Learn how in this video tutorial:

Here are some photos of the card made in the video.  When the card is closed (the tuck slot will keep the card closed so there is no accidental reveal), Buster looks like a styling pooch, happy and very much among the living . . .


Pull the card open and things start moving. The glasses fly off of Buster’s face, revealing that he isn’t quite as “alive” as he appeared a moment before. (Movie plot? Weekend at Buster’s?) Buster elevates and falls over . . .


…ending up flat in the grass, playing dead. The “Dog Years” punch line spins up into place at the same time.


The Buster the Dog die set comes with the decorator bone that he’s holding. I also added just a few blades of grass to both sides of the hill to round it out.


You can use the bridge technique with the spinner to get a greater arc of motion for any item, so don’t feel like it’s only useful for making a dog play dead. Think about making a plane, rocket or bird (maybe a pig?) fly across the top of the card, or a hat fly off of a Character’s head, or a sports ball sail through the air . . . you get the idea(s)!

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Other Supplies:

  • “Dog Years” rubber stamp – Rubberstamp Ave.
  • Cardstocks – white, black, pink, glitter blue
  • Patterned papers – Basic Grey (Buster), Bazzill (grass)
  • Computer font – Mailart Rubberstamp
  • Fineline 20 gauge glue bottle filled with Lineco pH neutral adhesive
  • Die cutting supplies – machine, small cutting pad, silicone rubber, magnetic platform
  • Brayer, removable Scotch tape

2015_Designer_Challenge_Team copy

Get ready to laugh! Here are the clever and funny cards from the team and our regular guest designer, Sandy Diller.

Shelly Hickox kicks things off with a hilarious card using a Funny Bones stamp on the Fancy Accordion die. She also used the Fancy Frame Edges on the card’s front. What a great idea to stamp the greeting and then cut the lines space them out.


Summer Hills-Painter made a Rectangle Pull Card asking the recipient just how old they are, via a very surprised bird. She used all of the rectangle decorator dies from both the Rectangle Pull Card and Rectangle Accordion to get the triple mat on the bird.

SummerRPC SummerRPCopen

Our regular guest designer Sandy Diller created an adorable funny Easter card featuring Whiskers and Buster dresssed up as bunnies. She combined several Pop it Ups dies for this great card.


Caz Counsell created a super fun Rectangle Pull Card featuring Buster the Dog asking an important doggie question. Notice that Caz extended the width of her card. With Pop it Ups dies you’re always in control of your card size.


Frances Byrne made the perfect funny card for any dog owner. The stamped images are adorable and colored perfectly. Frances swapped the orientation of the Rectangle Accordion from portrait to landscape. A link to the video instructions is on her blog. Also notice her signature look to the Frame Edges with alternating page/frame colors.

FrancesRectangleRaquel Mason got very clever with this funny card. She made the robot dog’s head spin around when you pull the string. Fun! You can see a video of the card in action on Raquel’s blog and find out details about her upcoming classes featuring this card. She used the Tags Pivot Card and Props4 on this card.


Kelly Booth made this hilarious card featuring the Lucy Label pop-up and some great stamps. For the front of the card Kelly used the Lorna Label to from her first greeting. She also used the Agatha Edges on the bottom. Open the card and the birthday girl pops up (and out) of a cake attached to the Lucy Label. Kelly also used the Happy Birthday die.


Karen Aicken found the perfect funny sentiment stamp to use for this card, featuring the Bathtub Pop Stand, Buster the Dog and the Props3 Snorkel set. Karen has a great tip for how she extended the Lorna label as a backdrop for her circular greeting. Make sure you check out her blog post to learn more.


Fran Sabad rocked the funny challenge (pun intended) with this fabulous mixed Accordion (Oval and Rectangle) featuring a very groovy Whiskers the Cat and a greeting stamp that is both funny, true and therefore scary! Notice that Fran made mirror-image Whiskers and converted the collar die into a jaunty scarf!


Helen Cryer made me chuckle with this funny card using the Katie Label Accordion, Buster the Dog and the Palm Tree & Pail dies, together with the perfect sentiment to get a laugh!


Donna Wright made this fun card using the Rectangle Pull Card die (notice her extended width to the card – card size is always your choice with the Pull Card dies) and several patterned cats. She hand wrote the greeting of “Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit”. Ha ha ha!DonnaRPC1DonnaRPC

Summer Hills-Painter had a great “punny” stamp for a Honey-the-bear-turned-panda card. She used the Spiral Circle Pull Card as a base for this adorable project.SummerSCPC1 SummerSCPC2

Fran Sabad made this fabulous Rocky-takes-a-bath-on-the-beach card. Notice how she strung twine around the Palm Tree and hung items off of it. What a great idea! Fran also used the Beach Edges and Bathtub Pop Stand dies.

FranTub1 FranTub2

Raquel Mason made a second “spinning head” card, this time with a clever adaptation of the Bathtub Pop Stand into a Snow Globe. Get the details of Raquel’s upcoming class on this technique on her blog post.

RaquelBath1 RaquelBath2Frances Byrne celebrated a birthday this week so it’s only fitting that she also made a funny birthday card for the challenge. This one uses the Rectangle Pull Card and she added balloons from the Spiral Circle Pull Card on the spinner and used the speech bubble from the Rectangle Accordion to frame the hilarious greeting.


Karen Aicken made two versions of a card to illustrate a Funny Bones stamp about camping. She first cut the stamp into two parts so she could use the first half on the fronts and the “punch line” for the interiors. The first is a water theme with the Adirondack Chair and Beach Edges.  The second is an outdoorsy card using the Lorna Label, Outdoor Edges and Holiday House. Both cards are fabulous!

KarenChair1 KarenChair2 KarenLorna1 KarenLorna2

Kelly Booth made this very funny 3-page Rectangle Accordion featuring a great color scheme and the perfect stamps. I love how she alternated the colors of the Katie Stars Frame Edges. She also used the script Happy Birthday die.

Caz Counsell needed a card for a 12-year-old boy and was inspired by an image online with a frog dancing Gangnam Style. She created this fun card with the Lorna Label and Hoppy the Frog.


Well I had a lot of fun this month and I hope you did, too. Pop up cards are perfect for funny sentiments because they have an inside and an outside, allowing for a “punch line” reveal. Hopefully you are inspired to make your own funny cards using Pop it Ups dies.

Join us in April for a special Designer Challenge called “Accordions with DC Team and friends” – all ten team members invited a guest to join the challenge and we’re all using Accordion albums for our cards. This is a challenge you don’t want to miss! Join us Tax Day, April 15th to see all 20 albums plus a new Accordion and video from me.

Happy crafting!

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Pop it Ups Wednesday with Summer – Heart Z-fold Pivot Card

Hello crafty friends, it’s Summer Hills-Painter here.

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite techniques, a peek-a-boo z-fold pivot card. One of the things that I love about Pop It Ups dies is that you are not limited by your card size and design. Let me show you how I made my card.

March Final  - Copy


1. Cut a piece of white cardstock at 5.5 x 8.75 score at 4.25 and 8.5. Place Heart Pivot die on the 4.25 score line and run through your die cutting machine.

March Tutorial 2

2. Cut a piece of acetate 4.25 x 5.5. Attach double sided adhesive and leave the backing on. Run through run through your die cutting machine using the Damask embossing folder.

March Tutorial 3

3. Adhere your decorator pieces to the inside of the card with the card remaining flat.

March Tutorial 4

4. Adhere the embossed acetate to the .25 inch tab of scored cardstock.

March tutorial 5

5. Attach a strip of ribbon to cover the visible tab of cardstock.

March tutorial 7 - Copy

Your card is now complete and is a standard A2 size card when folded up.

March Tutorial 6 - Copy

Happy Crafting,



Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies –

775 Heart Pivot Card

KB104 Damask embossing folder

718 Congratulations

506 Double Sided Tape 6mm

Other Supplies –

White Cardstock



Lavender Vellum

Pop It Ups Wednesday with Raquel – Eiffel Tower

Hello my crafty friends, it’s Raquel Mason here with Pop It Ups Wednesday!  I saw this paper at my local store and thought it was the perfect paper to use with Karen’s Eiffel Tower Pop Stand.  I also wanted to try adding banners from the tower like Shelly Hickox did a while ago.  Let me show you how I made this card.

KB PIW Eiffel Tower

KB PIW Eiffel Tower open

1.  Cut patterned paper at 4.25 x 11 for base.  Die cut using Eiffel Tower Pop Stand by placing the die centered on the score line.

2. Die cut the pieces shown in the photo below.

Paris Edges: floral pattern paper (2) at 4.25 x 2 scallop; 4.25 x 2.5 scored at .75 scallop; (5) flourishes.   Yellow cardstock 4.25 x 2.75 die cut using Eiffel edge and embossed using scallop.  To emboss the scallop die, use your embossing sandwich.  Karen shows how to do it in this video, simply omit the inking portion.

Spiral Circle Pull Card: Gold cardstock (1) spiral flower, (3) small flowers from yellow, gold and floral cardstock.

Lots of Pops: (8) gold banners. (I die cut 10 but only used 8)

Eiffel Tower with Pop Stand: (2) yellow towers and decorative pieces

Tag Pivot Card: (1) medium-sized tag; (1) large and (2) small reinforcements (only 1 is shown)

KB PIW Eiffel Tower pieces

3.  Sponge all yellow pieces with brown ink if desired.  Apply glitter dots to towers and small flowers using photos for placement.

4.  Adhere tower to both sides of the Pop Stand.

5.  Adhere floral Paris Edges scallop pieces from step 2 to card.  When adhering the scored piece, do not apply glue near the score line as these areas will be visible from inside the card.  Apply glitter dots using photos for placement.  Adhere yellow Eiffel edge to bottom of card front.

6.  Apply “Merci” Peel-Off Sticker to tag.  Adhere reinforcement to tag and thread twine through hole.  Adhere to inside of card.

KB PIW Eiffel Tower close up inside corner

7.  Cut 15″ of twine.  Punch a 1/8″ hole into top of tower and thread twine through the hole.  Thread ends through reinforcement and attach at each corner.  Cut twine to desired length needed and hide the excess under the reinforcement.  Tip: open the card fully and keep the twine loose enough that it doesn’t force the card up but not too tight that the card doesn’t open fully.  Apply peel off stickers to desired banners.   Adhere folded banners to the twine.

8. To finish off the front of the card, adhere 5 flourishes to bottom left corner, forming a circle that will be topped with the dimensional flower you are now going to make.  Use tweezers to hold the outside edge of the gold spiral circle from step 2 and roll it up upon itself to create a rolled flower.  Use a glue dot to secure the flower so it doesn’t unroll. Adhere completed flower on top of the flourishes.  Adhere small flowers to bottom left corner of card.  Tip: I unrolled some of the gold from the twine to add under the spiral flower.

KB PIW Eiffel Tower open side

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and feel inspired to try it out yourself!

Happy Crafting,


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

978 Eiffel Tower Pop Stand

979 Paris Edges

778 Lots of Pops

973 Tags Pivot Card

916 Spiral Circle Pull Card

7018 Glitter Dots

503 Merci Peel Off Stickers

Other Supplies:

Gold Baker’s Twine – Stampin’ Up!

pattern paper – Graphic 45 French Country

Colorbox Chestnut Roan Chalk Ink


Pop it Ups Wednesday with Kelly – Flower Vases Rectangle Pull Card

Hi It’s Kelly Booth here :)

I have a fun Rectangle Pull card to show you today!  I was playing with the Elizabeth Craft Designs Peel Off Stickers and trying them on different mediums.  I played with coloring them on sticky back canvas and discovered it can be really fun but works much better if you apply a light layer of gesso to the canvas first. See tutorial below.




1. Cut a piece of white card stock 6″ x 11″ and score in the middle at 5″.5″ .   Place the rectangle Pull Card Die on the center lining up the nubs on the fold and run through your die cutting machine.  Fold the Rectangle Pull Card and trim down so the card in the closed position is 4″ 3/4″ by 5″ 1/2″.

2. Unfold the card face up and water color random circles all over this piece, I used Koi Watercolors by Sakura but you can use any watercolors for this.


3. While you have the watercolors handy, cut a small rectangle from the rectangle Pull Card set and watercolor random circles on this piece as well.  When dry stamp your greeting onto this piece and set aside.

4. Take a piece of sticky back canvas about 5″ by 4″ and cover it with a light layer of Gesso and let dry.  Using the Flower Vases 1 (2590) Peel Off Stickers in Gold remove one Rectangle with Vases, one Med Circle and one Flower with no stem and place onto the sticky back canvas. The Gesso gives it some tooth so the markers do not bleed.  Color using markers of your choice. For mine I used Tombows.  Cut out the shapes staying close to the gold edge and set aside.


5. Using the Rectangle Accordion die cut two of these from red cardstock (all you need are the centers so it can be from scraps) Snip the connection points and tabs off so you just have two large rectangles .


6. To assemble the card, first remove the backing from the flower vases sticky back canvas and adhere to one of the large red rectangles. Put some Elizabeth Craft Designs Double Sided Tape on the back of the red rectangle and place it onto the center front of the card.

7. Put some strips of ECD Double Sided Tape on the back of the other rectangle and place it on the inside of the card lining it up with the  red rectangle on the front so it does not show when the card is closed.

8. Place the watercolored sentiment piece in the center of the large red rectangle on the inside of the card.

9. Take a Scrap Piece of White cardstock about 4″ by 3″ and back it with ECD Double Sided Adhesive and cut the Speech Bubble from the Rectangle Accordion Set and adhere to the top of the red rectangle greeting piece. Using the same die, cut a yellow “hello” with yellow card stock backed with ECD adhesive and place it onto the speech bubble.

10. Remove the backing from the medium canvas dot and place on to the closure tab on the card.  Remove the backing from the Flower and place to the right on the speech bubble.

Your card should look something like this!

Watermarked Photo(248)

 Watermarked Photo(249)

I Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial today, if you have any questions please leave me a comment below and I will answer.  Thank You….

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Rectangle Pull Card (974)

Accordion Rectangle (972)

Flower Vases 1 – Gold  (2590)

Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape – 6mm (506)

Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape Sheet 6″x6″  (503)

Other Supplies:

Water Colors

Paint Brush or Water Brush

Red, White and Yellow Card Stock

Sticky Back Canvas

Tombow Markers

Black Dye Ink

Dye Cutting Machine

Sentiment Stamp – Printworks

Pop it Ups Wednesday with Donna – Get Well Soon Rectangle Accordion Card

Hello everyone, it’s Donna Wright here today. This is my first ever post on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog and I’m very happy to be here. I chose to use the Rectangle Accordion die with the Sunflower Peel-off stickers for this post.

get well soon sunflowers ecd wednesday 25 feb

I recently received some fabulous peel offs from Elizabeth craft designs and these sunflowers were among them. I used my alcohol colouring pens with Els’ double sided adhesive and microfine glitter technique to achieve this ultra-shimmery finish peel offs. You can view the video here.

sunflower get well soon ecd wed 25 feb close up

I used the same microfine glitter technique for the individual sunflowers and stems to decorate my card with.

get well soon ecd wed 25 feb flower

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Cut two pages of different colour blue 6 x 6 cardstock using the Rectangle Accordion die.
  2. Using green cardstock, cut one label from the larger Rectangle Accordion accessories die.
  3. Using white cardstock, cut one label from the smaller Rectangle Accordion accessories die.
  4. Using yellow cardstock, cut one label from the Rectangle Pull Card accessories die.
  5. From blue cardstock, cut out get well soon using Elizabeth Craft Designs word die.
  6. Cut the perimeter of the sunflower peel offs using the Rectangle Pull Card accessories die.
  7. Hand cut around two individual sunflowers and stems.
  8. Use 3D sticky pads on the white and sunflower rectangle label.
  9. Use Elizabeth craft designs double sided adhesive for the yellow and green card stock labels.
  10. Layer the yellow, green and white cardstock labels together.
  11. Use a liquid glue pen to stick the get well soon words to the white cardstock.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and feel inspired to try it out yourself.

Happy Crafting,