Thinking of You


Hi everyone,

It’s Frances Byrne here. For my project today I have created a Stand Up Card using the Fox Peel-Off Stickers.

Here is how I created my card:

1. Creating the Peel-Off Sticker images:

a.  Before reading the instructions below, you can see a video Els created using this technique here.

b.  Place a sheet of Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive onto cardstock that is big enough for your peel-offs and remove the release sheet.

c.  Be careful not to touch the adhesive or it will leave fingerprints in the glitter.

d.  From the Foxy Peel-Offs, place the fox sleeping; fox standing and 3 paw prints onto the release sheet (sticky side up).

e. Place the cardstock that has Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive, sticky side down, on top of the peel-offs (In other words, place sticky onto sticky.)

f.  Use release sheet in handling the cardstock until you cover the adhesive with glitter so you don’t leave fingerprints.

g.  Cover the adhesive with Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter, polish glitter with your finger and brush excess off.

h.  Color your images as desired using alcohol-based markers on the glitter.

i.  Cut around all peel-off pieces and attach to the card.

* Coloring Tips for alcohol-based markers and glitter: Remember that when using alcohol-based markers, such as Copics, work quickly and don’t let the tip of the marker linger on the glittered surface. Too much alcohol ink can dissolve the adhesive and remove the glitter. It takes very little ink to color the surface of the glittered image so work with a light touch. To get the faded look, lay a line of color down along one edge of the section you want to color and then use your Blender pen to pull the color across the rest of the image. You may have to lay more color down to get deeper shading after you blend it out.

ECDeasel card base

2.  The Card Base:

  • Cut a piece of rust cardstock 5 -1/2″ x 8-1/2″. Score at 2-1/8″ and 4-1/4″. Fold along score lines as shown above. Lightly score at 6-3/8″ but do not fold.

3. Position the Hinge Stand Up Helper die from the Stand Up Helpers 3 – Hinge die set  so that the bottom of the die is lined up along the 6-3/8″ score line created in step 1 and approx 3/4″ from the left side of the card. Die cut, remove the die from the card and now line it up again on the score line but this  time approximately 3/4″ from the right side of the card.

  • Place a piece of Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive to black cardstock that will be large enough to fit the Stand Up Helper Hinges die twice. Die cut so that the adhesive is on the bottom, trim along the bottom edge of the grass and adhere on top of the Hinge Stand Up Helper on the rust card. Add a Gold Glitter Dot Peel Off Sticker over the holes of the Hinge Stand Up Helper piece.
  • Cut a piece of rust cardstock 5-1/2″ x 2-1/8″ and adhere to the panel behind the Stand Up Helper to hide the opening.



4. Cut a piece of black card that measures 5-1/2″ x 1-7/8″. Cut a piece of designer paper that measures 5-1/2″ x 1-6/8″. Layer the two pieces together and adhere to the front of the base of the card as per photo above.

5. Adhere the Sleeping Fox to the left hand side of this panel using foam tape. Add the three paw prints to the card referring to photo above for placement.

6.  Roughly trim around the sentiment Thinking of You from the Thinking of You Large Peel Off Stickers. Peel off any excess black peel-off sticker that may be around your image until you just have the sentiment as per photo above.

  •  Cut a piece of Transfer Sheet large enough to fit over the sentiment. Remove the protective backing and place the tacky side of the Transfer Sheet onto the word “Thinking”. Burnish with a bone folder or your fingers and carefully lift the Transfer Sheet checking to ensure that all of the pieces lift at once. You can see Els’ video using this technique HERE.
  •  Now move the Transfer Sheet with sentiment attached to it over to the card. When it is in the right spot, place it down onto the card and rub the front of the Transfer Sheet to release the pieces onto the card. Carefully lift the Transfer Sheet to check and make sure all of the sentiment pieces are now on the card. (Don’t remove the Transfer sheet until all pieces are in place). Repeat this process to place the words “of You” underneath the word “Thinking”.


7. Cut a piece of black card that measures 5-1/4″ x 4″. Cut a piece of designer paper that measures 5″ x 3-3/4″.

  • Use the rolling hills die from the Outdoor Edges die set and cut a piece of green designer paper that is approx 1-1/4″ high. Adhere this to the bottom of the designer paper cut above, and then layer this to the black card.
  • Die cut the tree from the CountryScapes The Woods die set from kraft card.
  • Die cut leaves three times from green card.
  • Cut away left hand tree from die cut above and highlight edges of tree using copic marker. Attach to the top right hand corner of card as per photo above.
  • Attach leaves to tree as per photo above.
  • Attach Standing Fox to the lower left hand side of card using foam tape.


8. Adhere the main panel to the lower half of the front of the card as per photo above.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:
2597 Foxy peel-offs Black 
2580 Thinking of You Large peel-offs Black
992 CountryScapes – The Woods 1
914 Outdoor Edges
963 Stand Up Helpers 3 – Hinges
509 Transparent Double Sided Tape 152mm
506 Transparent Double Sided Tape 6mm
639 Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter 
802 Fine Pointed Scissors
Cardstock: white; black; rust
Designer Paper: Kaisercraft Into the Wild 6-1/2″ Paper Pad
Copic Markers
Foam Tape



Pop it Ups Wednesday with Karen Burniston – Pop it Ups Category Breakdown

Happy Wednesday and Happy July! It’s Karen Burniston here with a different type of Wednesday post. As the Pop it Ups collection grows larger, it may be a little overwhelming to understand all the different mechanisms and how they are different. Today I’ll explain it all!

It’s a good ol’ fashioned Pop it Ups Category Breakdown! (cheer! applause! fireworks!) For each different category of die I have a visual reference of the available choices in that category plus any coordinating dies/folders shown below the die. (Pssst – want to make yourself a catalog/wish list? Got a printer?)

Pivot Cards

Pivot cards were designed to be a quick and easy interactive card. A fun feature of Pivot Cards is that the same decoration on the front of the card then pivots inside as the card is opened. This provides double-duty decoration, saving time and materials. Pivot Cards work by lining up the alignment nubs on the die over the fold of any size card, anywhere along the fold. This allows for complete customization of card size, shape and pivot card placement. There are currently six available styles of Pivot Cards.


Accordions copy

Pivot Card Product Links:

767 Butterfly Pivot Card
768 Katie Label Pivot Card
775 Heart Pivot Card
902 House Pivot Card
912 Evergreen Pivot Card
973 Tags Pivot Card

Pivot Card Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Pivot Cards
Seamless Pivot Card Backing Cards
Double Heart Pivot Card
Double Katie Label Pivot Card
Double Evergreen Pivot Card
Triple Pivot Card Technique
House Pivot Card
Doublehigh Katie Label Pivot Card

Pivot Card Inspiration:

Karen Burniston’s Pivot Cards Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston’s Blog: Pivot Card Posts

Pull Cards

Pull cards are Z-fold flip or swing cards with a few extra features. They have tuck slots to keep the card closed to avoid an accidental reveal. They also have alignment nubs and the ability to cut the mechanism anywhere along the fold of any size card. They also have an optional pop-up element – the Circle comes with a spiral pop-up die and the Rectangle comes with a spinner pop-up die. Pull Cards differ from Pivot Cards because in this case, the item flips over when the card is opened, so you have front/back decorations. There are currently two available styles of Pull Cards.

Accordions copy

Pull Card Product Links:

916 Spiral Circle Pull Card
974 Rectangle Pull Card

Pull Card Video Tutorials:

Spiral Circle Pull Card
Introduction to Spiral Circle Pull Card (slide to 7:30)
Introduction to Rectangle Pull Card (slide to 6:43)
Rectangle Pull Card – Buster Plays Dead
Rectangle Pull Card – Rocky Doffs his Cap

Pull Card Inspiration:

Karen Burniston’s Pull Cards Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston’s Blog: Pull Card Posts

General Pop-up Cards

Whereas Pivot and Pull Cards are immediately identifiable as interactive cards from the front of the card, the General Pop-ups are the traditional pop-ups where the recipient has no idea that something will happen until they open the card. These are the traditional “magic trick” cards, since they offer the most surprise to the recipient. All of the dies in this category have alignment nubs allowing them to be placed anywhere along the fold of any size card. They are viewed best when the card is open to 90 degrees. There are currently six available styles of General Pop-up Cards.

Accordions copy

General Pop-up Product Links:

778 Lots of Pops
779 Lucy Label Pop-up
780 Garden Bench Pop-up
915 Lorna Label Pop-up
947 Happy Birthday Pop-up
975 Adirondack Chair Pop-up

General Pop-up Video Tutorials:

Introduction to General Pop-ups
Garden Bench
Double Lorna Mummy Card
Explosion Birthday Pop-up Card
Adirondack Chair

General Pop-up Inspiration:

Karen Burniston’s General Pop-up Cards Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston’s Blog: Lucy Label PostsLots of Pops Posts, Garden Bench Posts, Happy Birthday Posts, Lorna Label Posts, Beach Collection Posts

Pop Stands

Pop Stands are another type of General Pop-up card, but whereas the General Pop-ups are viewed in cards at 90 degrees, Pop Stands are viewed in cards that open all the way flat to 180 degrees. Another feature of Pop Stands is that the main item (tower, tub, barn, hay) is independent of the pop stand mechanism so it can be used on its own for flat cards, layouts, place cards, 3D items, etc. A Pop Stand die comes included with each design, and when lined up over the fold of any size card, anywhere along the fold, will cut tabs to fit the decorative item and turn it into a pop-up. There are currently four available styles of Pop Stand Cards.

Accordions copy

Pop Stand Product Links:

978 Eiffel Tower Pop Stand
980 Bathtub Pop Stand
1021 Barn Pop Stand
1025 Hay There Pop Stand

Pop Stand Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Pop Stands (slide to 1:30)
Eiffel Tower
Barn Pop Stand with Floating Floor

Pop Stand Inspiration:

Karen Burniston’s Pop Stands Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston’s Blog: Pop Stand Posts

Accordion Albums & Frame Edges

Accordion albums are a special category of Pop it Ups dies because they do not have alignment nubs and you do not line them up over the fold of a card. Rather, you use the Accordion die to cut a single page of your card/album and there is an integrated tab system to connect as many pages together as you desire. This makes the Accordions very versatile, as the same die can be used for a quick 2-page card or a 20-page masterpiece. In addition, each Accordion comes with decorator dies included, so right out of the package you’ll have what you need to start making incredible interactive cards and albums to impress and delight your friends and family. There are currently seven available styles of Accordions and more styles in the works.

Add-on dies (separate purchase) that are sized to coordinate with the Accordions (but can also be used on their own to make flat frames) are the Frame Edges. Frame Edges work by cutting four of each piece (square/circle designs) or two of each long/short piece (rectangle designs) and lining them up around the perimeter of the Accordion for fun decorations. Each Frame Edge packaging lists which Accordions it fits. The easiest way to adhere Frame Edges is by using ECD Double-sided adhesive on the back of the paper/cardstock before die cutting, so that the frame edges can be applied like stickers.

Accordions copy

Accordion & Frame Edges Product Links:

769 Circle Accordion
770 Square w/Circle Frame Edges
771 Fancy Label Accordion
971 Star Accordion
774 Fancy Frame Edges
907 Fancy Seasons Frame Edges
976 Star Fancy Frame Edges
772 Oval Accordion
776 Oval Dots Frame Edges
777 Oval Flourish Frame Edges
906 Oval Clouds Frame Edges
903 Katie Label Accordion
972 Rectangle Accordion
905 Katie Holly Frame Edges
913 Katie Stars Frame Edges
977 Katie Flourish Frame Edges
904 Ring Accordion
950 Ring Frame Edges 1

Accordion & Frame Edge Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Accordions
How to add Clear Pages to Pop it Ups Accordions
Pivot Accordion Technique
How to turn Portait Accordions into Landscape Accordions
Stacked Accordions
Barn Accordion Card

Accordion & Frame Edges Inspiration:

Karen Burniston’s Accordion Albums Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston’s Blog: Accordion Posts

Characters & Props

The Characters all feature similar construction, with a shadow layer and a detail layer, and then accessory dies, like eyes, tails, etc. Using ECD double-sided adhesive on the back of the paper or cardstock before die cutting makes assembly of the Characters very quick and easy. A signature look to the Characters are their big cartoon eyes, but they are also easy to style with other eyes for a completely different look. There are currently eleven available styles of Characters and four Props styles.

Accordions copy

Character & Props Product Links:

908 Chilly the Penguin
909 Hoppy the Frog
910 Poppy the Owl
946 Dutch the Fox
948 Honey the Bear
983 Whiskers the Cat
984 Buster the Dog
985 Rocky the Crab
1022 Brownie the Cow
1023 Cheepers the Chicken
1024 Virgil the Pig
911 Props 1
949 Props 2
986 Props 3
982 Props 4

Character & Props Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Characters
Honey the Bear as a Panda
Honey & Dutch as Woodland Animals

Characters & Props Inspiration:

Karen Burniston’s Characters Pinterest Board
Karen Burniston’s Blog: Character Dies

Edge Dies

Edge dies are decorative dies that cut just the edge of the item so the height is customizable by the user. It also allows for easy decorative-edges cards. There are currently four available styles of Edge Dies.

Accordions copy

Edge Dies Product Links:

782 Agatha Edges
914 Outdoor Edges
979 Paris Edges
981 Beach Edges

Accessory Dies & Embossing Folders

Accessory dies are flat designs meant to complement the interactive cards and/or be used independently. There are currently five available styles of Accessory dies and five available styles of Embossing Folders.

Accordions copy

Accessory Dies & Embossing Folders Product Links:

773 Butterfly Accessory Dies
917 Clock and Gears
918 Holiday House
781 All Seasons Tree
987 Palm Tree and Pail
KB101 Butterflies
KB102 Trendy Tiles 1
KB103 Trendy Tiles 2
KB104 Damask
KB105 Clouds

Clear Stamps

In Spring 2015 I released my first set of Clear Stamps – the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps – meant to coordinate with the Farm collection as well as fit some of the other interactive dies. Look for more clear stamps coming soon!

So there you have it! The entire Pop it Ups Collection broken down by category with a ton of video and inspiration links. Speaking of inspiration links, I post cards daily on the Karen Burniston, Designer Facebook Page.

Happy Crafting!

KB Blog Sig



Elizabeth Craft Designs June Designer’s Challenge – Peel-Offs

Hello everyone and welcome to our June Designer’s Challenge! We at Elizabeth Craft Designs love our Peel-Off stickers so we thought about dedicating this month’s challenge to these beautiful outline stickers. Peel-Offs can be used for many different techniques and even the negative part of the Peel-Off sticker can be used so you’re not wasting anything! Let’s have a look at the projects our designers created.

First project is from Angela Beavers who turned a simple gift bag into this really fun bag with an ocean beach theme. To decorate the bag she used the Summer and Maritime Peel-Offs. The large palm tree is from the Palm Tree and Pail die set and the small palm trees from the Beach Edges. Find more info on Angela’s blog HERE.

Angela bag

Next project is from Jackeline Rojas who made this beautiful stand up card featuring the Kitchen Time Peel-Offs. She created the apron shape using the main die from Tags & More 2 – Deco and the oval from the Accordion Oval Card. Love this idea and the colors she used. For step by step instructions, visit Jackie’s blog HERE.

11222905_936043653128593_7044256827719454845_nFrances Byrne created this beautiful Rectangle Accordion card using the Baby Peel-Offs colored on top of the Silk Microfine Glitter. She used the Katie Stars Frame Edges, the Paris Edges and the Alphabeth 1 – Caps to decorate her card. Love how all the colors just match perfect. Find more inspiration on Frances’s blog HERE.



The Summer Peel-Offs are so much fun and can be used for many different projects. Raquel Mason created a mini album for pictures or notes. To create the album she used the Tags & More 8 – Lattice die and the Alphabet 1 – Caps for the “Summer 2015″. Love how Raquel used the negative of the Peel-Offs to decorate her pages. See more HERE.

ECD June DC 1[1]

Raquel 1

Candy Spiegel created this stunning scrapbook page using the Foxy Peel-Offs, the Leafy Branch die and the Alphabet 1 – Caps. The bright pictures match perfect with the green background and the lay out is beautiful. Add a little note to remember these beautiful keepsakes forever. Find more inspiration on Candy’s blog HERE.

ECD Fox Layout Candy Spiegel

Whether It’s a card, to decorate a gift bag or to create your own scrapbook page, Peel-Offs can be used in so many different ways. Marsha Valk loves playing with paint and decided to create this fun art journal page. She decorated the page using the Maritime Peel-Offs. See it HERE.



We hope that you enjoyed this month’s challenge and feel inspired to take you stack of Peel-Offs and start creating. They are a lot of fun!

Happy Crafting!

The Elizabeth Craft Designs Team





Leaves and Butterflies Card

Hello dear friends, It’s Bianca Petroschi.

This weekend I created several projects and for one of them I had to cut out multiple leaves for the Garden Notes – Lilac. The leftover piece of cardstock inspired me to create this card today.

Petroschi Bianca (9)

1. Create a square card base from pale peach shade cardstock, top-folded, measuring 15 cm.

2. On 2 opposite corners, glue some strips of paper, one from an old book and one from a piece of scrap paper.

Petroschi Bianca (10)

3. On your cut out piece of paper, attach a Double Sided Tape Sheet and cover the adhesive with Spring Peridot Silk Microfine Glitter. TIP: Use a tray to catch the glitter.

Petroschi Bianca (1)


Petroschi Bianca (2)

4. Polish the glitter with your finger to bring up more shine.

Petroschi Bianca (3)
5. Cut one leafy branch from Green Metallic Shimmer Sheetz. Adhere to the right side of your card.

Petroschi Bianca (5)
6. Cut two frames and one label from pale peach shade cardstock using the Lorna Label PopUp set. Cut the two frames in half and write “For you’’ on the label. Distress all the edges with orange ink. Adhere to card.

Petroschi Bianca (4)

7. Cut some butterflies using the Garden Notes – Bugs & Butterflies die set.

Petroschi Bianca (6)

Petroschi Bianca (7)

Petroschi Bianca (8)

With this card I wanted to show that even bits of paper that you consider waste, may become interesting parts for any project.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

(1011) Garden Notes – Bugs & Butterflies 

(1017) Garden Notes – Lilac 

Spring Peridot – Silk Microfine Glitter

 (502) Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape Sheet – 8.5″ x 11″ – 5 pack

(SS 0213) Green Metallic – 3 Pack 

(1033) Leafy Branch 

(915) Lorna Label PopUp 


Cardstock: pale peach

Paper: My Botanic Garden- Studio Light

Memento Dye Ink

Best Wishes


Hi everyone,

It’s Frances Byrne here. For my card today I have something fairly simple which can easily be mass produced if necessary for children’s birthdays or showers. We all need cards at times that don’t take hours to create. We are making use of the negative image of the die rather than the positive that we would normally use.

Here is how I created my card:

1. To create the card base –

a.  Cut white cardstock 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″. Score along the long side at 4-1/4″ so you have a top-folded card 5-1/2″ x 4-1/4″.

b.  Cut a piece of designer paper which is 5-1/2″ x 4-1/4″ and adhere this over the top of the front of the white card.

c.  Cut a piece of yellow dot designer paper 5-1/2″ x 2-1/2″, adhere this to the bottom portion of your card approx 3/8″ from the bottom edge of the card.


2. To create the duck layer –

a. Cut a piece of white cardstock that is 5-1/2″ x 2-1/2. Cover this piece with a strip of Transparent Double Sided Tape.

b. Position the duck die onto the card so the cutting edge is facing down towards the protective backing of the tape. The die needs positioned so it is centered top and bottom and is approx 3/8″ from the right edge and die cut. Remove the positive image (duck) from the die and position the die to the left side as per previous step and die cut again. You now have two negative duck images cut into your card.

c. Cut two pieces of orange cardstock that is 5-1/2″ x 1/4″, add some glue to the back of the top and bottom of the die cut piece and add the strips of orange cardstock so you have an orange border at the top and bottom. (Tip – I like to cut my strips slightly longer than I need and then trim off the excess so that if my measurements are off, it doesn’t matter because it lines up with my main card.)

d. Die cut the Best Wishes Stand Up Helper Word die from orange cardstock. Trim along the bottom of the word approx 1/4″ from the bottom of the letters and then adhere this to the top right corner of your card.

e. Remove the protective backing from the front of the card and cover the adhesive with Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter, polish glitter with your finger and brush excess off.

f. Turn card over and apply foam tape around the back of the card. Adhere the card so it is lined up over the yellow polka dot designer paper.

g. Adhere a piece of yellow polka dot designer paper to a piece of white cardstock that is large enough to die cut two duck wings. Die cut the wings and add these to the duck’s body using foam tape.

h. Apply a piece of Transparent Double Sided Tape to the back of a piece of black cardstock that is large enough to die cut two oval eyes. Die cut the eyes and adhere to the duck.

i. Apply a piece of Transparent Double Sided Tape to the back of a piece of orange cardstock that is large enough to die cut two duck’s beaks. Die cut beaks and adhere to the duck.


3.  The inside of the card:

a. Die cut a duck’s body and wing from yellow polka dot designer paper and adhere to the lower left side of card. Add black eye and orange beak like on the outside of the card.

b. Using the Alphabet 1 – Caps die set, die cut “QUACKY B-DAY” from orange cardstock that has Transparent Double-Sided Tape on the back of it. Adhere the letters to the card so that they are positioned slightly to the right of the card. (Tip: to help line up letters when adhering to the card, place a piece of low tack masking tape to where you want the bottom of the letters to be placed. Tape is easily removed when finished).

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:
920 Rubber Ducky
934 Best Wishes Stand Up Helper
967 Alphabet 1 – Caps 
509 Transparent Double Sided Tape 64mm
639 Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter 
802 Fine Pointed Scissors
Cardstock: white, orange
Echo Park Birthday Wishes Girl 6 x 6 Paper Pad
Doodlebug Designs Inc. Back to School 6 x 6 Paper Pad
Foam Tape

Owl graduation card

Hello my crafty friends! It’s Raquel Mason here today. School is out for the summer! I thought I would make a graduation card to celebrate the students’ achievements. You can make this card for most any occasion by changing the sentiment and omitting the graduation cap. Let me show you how easy it is to make this card.

ECD owl

1.  Cut black cardstock at 11″ x 5-1/2″ for the base card and fold at 5-1/2″. Cut blue pattern paper at 5-1/4″ x 5-1/4″ and adhere to front of card.

2.  Using the largest oval companion die from Oval Accordion Card, die cut an oval in the center of the base card.

3.  Cut a frame from pattern paper using Oval Accordion Card die and the next smaller size oval. Nest both dies onto pattern paper as shown in photo below then die cut. Adhere frame to card front.

ECD Owl frame pieces

4.  Cut light green cardstock at 5-1/4″ x 5-1/4″ and adhere to inside of card.

5.  Die cut the pieces shown below:

  • Leafy Branch – Peridot Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz
  • Owl die – (2) branches from light brown, (2) sets of leaves from Peridot Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz,  overlay from black and pattern paper, eyes from white, shadow layer from tan and feet/beak from orange. Tip: adhere Transparent Double Sided Adhesive to black and pattern paper prior to die cutting will make assembly quicker.
  • Props 2 – glasses from Light Blue Metallic Shimmer Sheetz and hat from black cardstock (not shown). Tip: use the oval die to cut the top part of hat off or hand cut.
  • Brownie the Cow – tail only from black cardstock cut to look like a tassel (not shown).  Tip: If you would like to decorate your envelope, die cut (2) sets of owl parts.
  • Alphabet 1 – “GRAD” from Light Blue Metallic Shimmer Sheetz (not shown).

ECD owl pieces

6.  Assemble pieces from step 5 using photo below for placement. Use the oval opening to help center the branch and Owl. Use foam adhesive to adhere Owl on the branch. Apply Border Lines around the edges of card.

ECD owl open

7.  Close your card, use the inside branch to aid in placement of the branch on the front of your card. Cut Leafy Branch in half and place as shown. Apply Congrats peel-off and “GRAD” to bottom left of card.

ECD owl w envelope

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and feel inspired to try it out yourself.

Happy Crafting,



Elizabeth Craft Designs:

1033 Leafy Branch

1032 Owl

967 Alphabet 1 – Caps

772 Oval Accordion Card

911 Props 1

1022 Brownie the Cow

SS0220 Peridot Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz

SS0230 Light Blue Metallic Shimmer Sheetz

2578 Congratulations Large

1167 Borders Assorted

7018 Glitter Dots

502 Transparent Double Sided Tape

802 Fine Pointed Scissors


Cardstock – black, light green, tan, light brown, orange, white

Pattern paper – blue,

Foam Adhesive

Decorated Box With Susan’s Garden Patch

Hi, it’s Angela and today I want to share a decorated box that I created with Elizabeth Craft Designs products. Lately I’ve been inspired by softer color palettes and springtime. I decided to use one of Susan’s Garden Patch die and the new flower dies to create a quilt. The box is a perfect place to keep your dies or cards that you’ve created.

Angela 1

The Box:

*Cut about 15 1/4″ strips of assorted patterns of pattern paper. Attach ECD double-sided adhesive to a piece of 5″ x 4″ thin white paper. Start placing the 1/4″ strips to the adhesive in a herringbone pattern.

*Using the Garden Patch die, cut out a green cardstock grid and also cut out the paper you created the herringbone on and keep the 6 squares, discard the frame.

*Attach the green grid to a double mat of patterned papers and glue the six squares into the openings. Apply some coffee ink around the edges using a sponge.

*Attach the grid to a piece of patterned paper and a green mat and attach to the box top.

Angela 2

Decorating the Quilt:

*Cut one leafy branch from green cardstock to decorate the two opposite corners of the box.

*Cut 3 sets of flowers from the Bunch of Flowers die. Distress and wrinkle the flowers. Apply ink to the edges and nest the three sizes together. Place a brad to hold them together. Glue two flowers to the lower left corner.

Angela 3

*Glue one flower to the upper right corner and place two pins under the flower.

*Cut the word “QUILT” using the Alphabet 1-Caps die from patterned paper and glue to the bottom right corner of the box.

*Decorate the sides and the inside the box as desired.

Angela 4

I hope you will try this faux quilt technique with your Garden Patch dies! The results are beautiful!


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies Used:

Graphic 45 Book box
Gilded Lily 8 x 8 pad Graphic 45
Green and white cardstock
Coffee Ink
3 Brads
2 Pins

Pop it Ups Wednesday with Summer Hills-Painter – Heart Pivot Shutter Card

Hello crafty friends, it’s Summer Hills-Painter here.

Today I want to share with you a fun technique, a tri-fold pivoting shutter card. I cannot say how wonderful it is to not be limited by your card size and design  with Pop It Ups dies. Let me show you how I made this card.

June Tutoial Finished


1. Cut a 6” x 12” piece of cardstock and score at 4” and 8” for your card base

2. Fold the card and place the Fancy Label die on one end just above the points and cut with your machine, cutting through all layers.

June Tutorial 2

3. Place the Agatha Edges die at the top of the card and run through your machine, cutting through all layers.

June Tutorial 3

4. Cut 3 panels of patterned paper at 3 ½”  x 3 ¾” each.

June Tutorial 4

5. Open up your card flat and adhere the second and third panels with temporary adhesive. Place the Heart Pivot Card die on the last 2 panels, making sure the alignment nubs on the die are directly over the fold between the pages. Run the card through your machine to cut the pivot card.

June Tutorial 5

6. Remove the die and the patterned paper panels and trim the heart from the paper using detail scissors. Adhere the paper to the card with permanent adhesive.

June Tutorial 6

7. Cut three coordinating flourishes from the Agatha Edges and trim them down to fit the card by cutting off the outermost swirl section from each flourish.

June Tutorial 7


8. Adhere your flourishes and add decorations as desired. Train the hearts to pivot so they fold in the opposite direction as the pages. For my decorations I used the spiral from the Spiral Circle Pull Card to make 3D roses, the Leafy Branch die, the Happy Anniversary die and glitter dots.

June Tutoial Finished

Your card is now complete and is can fit in an A7 (5 x 7) envelope when folded up. This could also be a great birthday, love, thank you or thinking of you card.

Happy Crafting,



Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies –

775 Heart Pivot Card

771 Accordion Fancy Label

782 Agatha Edges

916 Spiral Circle Pull Card

1033 Leafy Branch

1034 Flourish and Branches 

970 Happy Anniversary

Glitter Dots – Transparent/Gold

Other Supplies –

Ivory  Cardstock

DCVW patterned paper cardstock

Distress Ink in Tattered Rose, Shabby Shutters,


Monoprinting with Embossing Folders

Hi! It’s Marsha here today, sharing an art journal page I created using the Gelli Plate.

I recently spent a whole day monoprinting at a class taught by two of my friends. It was very inspiring and the idea for this page came from that class.

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Monoprinting with Embossing Folders - Owl Art Journal Gelli Print

I’ve been wanting to use the sentence on the page ever since I got the owl die. It translates as ‘Hoot, I love you’. It rhymes in Dutch dialect and it happens to be one of those silly things my husband and I say to each other at home.

Here are the written steps to create the page:

1. Die cut the shapes you want to use out of paper. I used scissors to cut clouds. You can also use a circle die to die cut the sun shape. The All Seasons Tree die would be good to use here as well.

2. Take a sheet of paper (mine was A5 size – 8.27 x 5.83 inches) and think about which parts you want to mask off. Use a re-positional adhesive to adhere the die-cut shapes to the paper.

3. Choose a couple of paint colours and start monoprinting. I started with the sun, then the sky, then the grass and I stenciled the heart in last.

4. To create the pattern in the sky and the grass, layer paint onto the Gelli Plate and then use an embossing folder to stamp on the plate.

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: Monoprinting with Embossing Folders - Owl Art Journal Gelli Print

5. The embossing folder will take some of the paint off, leaving a beautiful pattern that will transfer onto your paper when you pull your print.

6. Finish the page by adding additional die-cut shapes and a title or sentiment.

I created a video to give you a better idea of how I did it:

Layering like this can be a bit of a puzzle, but don’t let my little mishap stop you from trying this technique! Happy mistakes are just part of the process and most times I end up liking the imperfect prints even better.

Option: I could have masked off the owl before I printed the yellow and I also could have die cut part of the owl silhouette out of the sun mask.

I hope you try using your embossing folders with the Gelli Plate! Have fun creating!



Elizabeth Craft Designs:
E111 Flower Mosaic
E116 Mini Mosaic
794 Heart with Wings
1032 Owl
1033 Leafy Branch
781 All Seasons Tree

Paper (A5 size)
Gelli Plate (6 x 6 inches)
Acrylic paint (Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic – Cadmium Yellow Light Hue, Light Blue Permanent, Light Green Permanent, Naphtol Crimson, Ultramarine Blue (Green Shade)
Brush pen (black)
Adhesive (I used re-positional and permanent dot runners)
Baby wipes

Basket Full of Tulips

Hi Friends!

It’s Debra Hensley today for Susan’s Garden Design Team. Tulips come in many beautiful colors and varieties. They are beautiful, happy flowers that brighten up the earth after the cold of winter. Susan’s Garden’s Garden Notes – Tulip look so realistic and are easy to assemble. I was inspired to create a card featuring a beautiful basket of tulips perfect for a variety of special occasions.

SG June bp tulip front 1a P1080221

Let me show you how I made this card:

Card Base:

1.  Cut a piece of white cardstock to 8″ x 4-1/4″.

2.  Round bottom 2 corners and ink all edges with brown ink.


3.  Die cut the following:

  • 5 tulip petal sets from red cardstock and 3 sets from yellow cardstock.
  • Die cut 8 sets of leaves and stems from green cardstock.
  • Die cut 8 stamens from yellow cardstock.

4.  Color edges of red petals with yellow Pan Pastel. Color edges of yellow petals with red PanPastel. Ink leaves and stems with Crushed Olive Distress Ink.

5.  Using the All Metal Flower Tool Kit, shape and vein petals and leaves. Clip apart each stem from the long leaf. Susan has created a video showing how to assemble the tulips HERE.

G June bp tulips die 1a P1080207


6.  Cut a piece of white cardstock to 4-1/4″ x 3″ and another to 1/2″ x 2-1/2″.

7.  Emboss both with Mini Mosaics embossing folder.

8.  Die cut bottom edge of larger piece with Paris Edges die. Trim top straight edge so that piece is 2-3/4″ high.

9.  Ink both pieces with brown ink, brushing across the embossed design to give a vintage look.

10.  Adhere to card front on foam adhesive so that the center of the cut edge hangs off about 1/2″. Add 1/2″ strip to top in center, also on foam adhesive, to form basket handle. Add glitter dot where handle meets basket.

11.  Build tulips directly on card front.

SG June bp tulips stems 2a P1080212


12.  Map out where each tulip will be on the card front. Adhere stems, trimming if needed and overlapping in the center. The ends will be covered by the bow.

13.  Build each tulip as shown above, alternating colors.

SG June bp tulip leaves 1a  P1080217

14.  Fill in space between tulips with leaves. You may have to trim some to make them fit where needed. Work a few leaves under the basket handle for a more realistic look. You may have extra leaves left over after you have filled in to your satisfaction.

15.  To complete, place a bow in the center of the card where the stems meet at the base of the handle.

Here is a view from above:

SG June bp tulip top 1a P1080223

This lovely card could easily work for any special occasion such as wedding, birthday, anniversary or thinking of you.  The low relief of the tulips make it easy to mail to that special someone – sure to brighten their day!

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you give Garden Notes – Tulip a try and create your own basket of joy!


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

808 All Metal Tool Kit
810 Large Molding Pad
811 Leaf Pad
1000 Garden Notes – Tulip
30116 Susan’s Garden Pan Pastel Kit 2
E116 Mini Mosaic embossing folder
979 Paris Edges
7018 Glitter Dots Assorted colors – transparent gold


Cardstock- Bazzill – white, red, green, yellow
Vintage Photo Distress Ink
Crushed Olive Distress Ink
Inking Tool
Corner Rounder
Foam Adhesive
Liquid tacky glue
Flower Soft