Tags, Tags, Tags

Guest Designer Judi Kauffman is back with some Tags & More projects for Turkey Day (or, for those of us who aren’t celebrating a holiday, for a good old Thursday!).

Tag 1A

Tag 2A

Tags, Tags, Tags

By Judi Kauffman for Elizabeth Craft Designs

Thanks, Joset. I’m glad to be back. I thought that on a busy day like today it might be fun to just do “show and tell”. Instead of providing instructions, I want to invite everyone to look at the pictures as a source of inspiration. I used Tags & More 1 – Lace and Tags & More 2 – Deco die sets as the starting point.

Tag B1

Tag B2

Next time you get an interesting mailing envelope, hold onto it and create some mixed media collage tags. Die cut the basic tag shapes. Stamp on them with vintage business stamps, staple flat pieces to the surface, add dimensional elements (bird shaped beads, spiral paper clips), pile on the peel-offs (seashells), or pierce holes and use needle and cord to sew things in place (feather charms).


Tag C2

Get out the Elizabeth Craft Designs Peel-Offs! Cut tags to a length that looks good with the Peel-Offs. Mixed Media tags are 6.5” long; the Christmas ornament tag is 5”.


(Design Strategies to Use on Your Tags)

Stained Glass – 

The stained glass effect on the seashells was created with alcohol inks on White Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz. Pull an almost-dry ink applicator tool lengthwise to create the streaks. Position the peel-off so the streaks run in the same direction as the shape of the seashell (lengthwise).

Reinforcements and Decorative Corners – 

Vary the shape of the tag reinforcement and decorative corner pieces to suit the project. Each Tags & More die set offers three reinforcements and four corner options. For example: Hexagons create the look of hardware on the mixed media tags.

Mix Shiny and Matte Elements –

Shimmer Sheetz, staples, sparkly mesh, beads and charms, and Glitter Dots Peel-Offs are all shiny, while the envelope, cardstock, stamped words, and Velvet Adhesive Sheet (die cut for the word Peace) are matte finish.

Embrace the Torn Edges – 

For the mixed media tags allow the torn edges and some of the graphics and printed text from the mailing envelope to remain prominent. You’ll find a torn edge, arrows and the words PRESS FIRMLY running lengthwise along the right side of the tag with feather charms; the torn edge goes across the bottom of the seashell tag.

Die Cutting – 

Back the Shimmer Sheetz with Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape Sheet before die cutting. Use the metal adaptor plate inside your machine’s die cutting “sandwich” as follows: Metal plate, Shimmer Sheetz with altered side facing UP, the die with cutting side facing DOWN toward the metal plate.

Time to Tie – 

Choose ribbon or twine to coordinate with the tag. Quarter- or eighth-inch ribbons are both a good fit.


Add to an art journal
Use on a gift
Send as a card
Hang as a decoration


Elizabeth Craft Designs –
951 Tags & More 1 – Lace
952 – Tags & More 2 – Deco
2575 Seashells Peel-Offs in Black
2573 Round Ornaments Peel-Offs in Gold
7018 Glitter Dots Peel-Offs in Red/Gold and Gold/Silver
503 Transparent Double Sided Tape Sheets
Shimmer Sheetz (alcohol ink altered – any color)
Adhesive Velvet Sheets scraps (shown: Red and Black)
Any choice of Border Peel-Offs in Gold (for lines above ornaments)
Die in greeting of choice (shown: 750 Peace)
803 Metal Adaptor Plate

Other –
Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher (idea-ology); Twine; 1/4” ribbon; Cardstock in White; Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks and ink applicator tool (Ranger); Vintage business stamps; stamping inks in colors of choice; Spiral paper clips; Charms, beads

A Plaid Tree


Hi, Candy here! I know you are preparing for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but Christmas is right around the corner, so I thought I would share an idea for a special holiday card. This card began as an experiment. I wanted to use the new Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape to make plaid. I love how it turned out and it was much easier than it looks! Here’s how …

1. Cut ivory cardstock 4 x 5 1/4″ and 2 3/4 x 3 1/4″. Set smaller piece aside.

0012. Add strips of Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape 10mm across cardstock. Run the tape off the edges to keep the paper in place and ensure nice, clean edges.


3. Lift cardstock off of the table, turn over and snip off the excess tape. “WASTE NOT” TIP from Judi Kauffman: Save the scraps each time you trim tape at the sides of the cardstock. Place the scraps onto the slick side of a release sheet left over from another project. Use these misshapen scraps to hold layers together on future cards.


4. Peel backing off tape and add Silk Microfine Glitter. Polish with finger. (TIP: Start with your darkest color of glitter and then work toward your lightest color so you do not change the colors as you go.)


5. Add the next layer of tape and glitter. Continue to alternate sizes of tape and colors glitter until you are happy with the plaid.


6. Trim the edges off the cardstock and center onto a premade card base (4 1/4 x 5 1/2″).

7. Cut out 5 Part Pine from green cardstock. Stack pieces together and adhere to small piece of ivory cardstock.

8. Distress and ink the edges of the ivory cardstock with the tree on it. Adhere to plaid.

9. Add Glitter Dots for tree ornaments and clip a star off of the Star Border to add to the top of the tree.

10. Add Season’s Greetings to the bottom of the card.



Elizabeth Craft Designs – 

507 Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape 10mm

506 Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape 6mm

505 Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape 3mm

629 Soft Teal Silk Microfine Glitter

633 Forest Green Silk Microfine Glitter

613 Orange Silk Microfine Glitter

609 Fire Opal Silk Microfine Glitter

755 5 Part Pine

7018 Glitter Dots in Red, Silver and Purple

7062 Silver/Gold Glitter Stars Border

2581 Season’s Greetings Large Peel-Off in Black

Other – 

Cardstock in Ivory and Green

Distress Tool

Distress Ink


Christmas Gift Tag


Hello crafty friends,

This is Rita Edwards here and I would like to share my new Christmas gift tag with you.

I love gifts and really love giving them to my friends and family. Today I challenged myself to make a gift tag that I can create for Christmas or any other occasion throughout the year. 
For example, instead of a wreath and embossed snowflakes, I could add a ring of flowers and an embossed leaf pattern.

As always, I hope you have a nice cup of coffee or tea in your hand so you can sit back and enjoy my tutorial.

This is how you can create your very own Christmas gift tag:

1. Cut two pieces of  pearl metallic cardstock at 3.25″ wide x 6″ high. Also cut 2 pieces of light green metallic cardstock at 3.25″ wide by 2″ high.

2. Using the new Tags & More 1 – Lace die set, position the main tag die over one end of the pearl metallic cardstock. Use a piece of temporary craft tape to keep die in place, then die cut. Next place and secure tag die over the other end of the cardstock and die cut again. Repeat steps on the second pieces of pearl metallic cardstock.

3. Take one of the die cut tags from step 2 and die cut tag overlay on each end of the tag using the tag overlay die included in the Tags & More 1 – Lace die set. Emboss this tag using the Snowflake embossing folder.

4. Take your 2 pieces of light green metallic cardstock and die cut tag shape on one end of each piece.

5. To create the components for the wreath use the pine sprig die, part of the Candle die set, to cut 6 or 7 sprigs from dark green metallic cardstock.

6. Die cut the words Merry Christmas and 2 ring shape tag reinforcements from light green metallic cardstock. (Reinforcement is part of the Tags & More 1 – Lace die set.). Die cut the little bow from Red Metallic Shimmer Sheetz. (Bow is part of the Ornament 3 die set.Reminder: You’ll need the Metal Adaptor Plate to die cut the Shimmer Sheetz. Cutting edge of die faces the metal plate with the Shimmer Sheetz in between, these three layers go inside your machine’s usual cutting sandwich. OPTIONS: Substitute a ribbon bow (1/8″ ribbon); use a Merry Christmas Peel-Off instead of die cutting the words. (These two substitutions mean you will need two die sets instead of four.)

The photo below will show you all of the die cut pieces for the complete Christmas gift tag.


7. Adhere the light green tag pieces to the “solid” pearl metallic tag. Adhere the pearl overlay tag on top.

8. Overlap and glue the pine sprigs to form a wreath. (Refer to project photo.) Adhere Merry Christmas inside the wreath. Note: Only a small amount of glue is needed to hold the sprigs and words in place. Apply tiny drops to the back of the shapes using a corsage pin or toothpick and don’t let any seep out when placing the sprigs and words on the tag.

9. Glue the bow at the top of the wreath; adhere the two ring shape reinforcements to the holes at the top and bottom of the tag. Thread ribbon through the tag at the top and bottom as shown in the project photo.

10. To complete the tag, add a ribbon that can tie around our Christmas gift.


I would like to thank you for following my tutorial and I hope that you have as much fun making this tag as I did.

Hugs, Rita

Elizabeth Craft Designs supplies used today:

– (952) Tags & More 1 – Lace die set
– (919) Candle die set
– (944) Merry Christmas die
– (927) Ornaments Set 3 die set
– (E126) Snowflakes Embossing Folder
– (SS 0214) Red Metallic Shimmer Sheetz
– (803) Metal Adaptor Plate (if using Shimmer Sheetz bow)

Other supplies:

– Neenah Creative Collection Pearlescent Cardstock
– White ribbon
– Red 1/8″ ribbon (if using a ribbon bow on wreath)
– Beacon Kid’s Choice (tube) glue
– Toothpick or corsage pin to apply glue to sprigs, words, and bow

Embedded Glitter Holiday Card

Jessie Hurley is back as today’s Guest Designer, showing us how to create this beautiful Holiday Ornament card using an Embedded Glitter Technique.


Embedded Glitter Holiday Card

By Jessie Hurley

If you are like me, then you LOVE making your products do more than 1 technique!

In this “Embedded Glitter” Technique, we are going to use our Elizabeth Craft Designs dies to embed an image into Double Sided Adhesive, and then use the adhesive as a mask to “paint” glitter onto our image.

It sounds complicated but it’s REALLY easy!

1.  First step is creating a base where we can embed our die into. To create our base, attach pieces of Double Sided Adhesive and white cardstock (3 1/4 x 4 1/2) in the following order…cardstock, adhesive, cardstock, adhesive. This will create a thickness of cardstock that the die can not cut through, and give us the adhesive top layer that will be used to mask our glitters in the next steps.

I wanted a monochromatic style of card, but I needed to ensure that my “red’s” would match, so I created a new glitter color by mixing my Ruby and White Silk Microfine Glitter together. With my Ruby, mixed Ruby and Warm Diamond, my glitters were ready to go.


2.  Place your die on the adhesive side of the cardstock/adhesive sandwich, and run it through your die cutting machine. The die will cut the top layers of adhesive and cardstock, leaving the bottom layers intact.



3.  Carefully peel off the inside pieces of the die that you wish to cover in glitter.


4.  Cover the exposed parts of the adhesive with the Mixed Ruby/White Glitter. Polish and brush of excess glitter.


5.  Remove the outline part and some of the dots of the embedded die cut. Cut the ornament top of your backing sheet and place it back in your embedded die cut. Add Ruby Silk Microfine Glitter to the exposed adhesive. Polish and brush of excess glitter.

6.  Remove the last parts of your embedded die cut (small oval at the bottom of the ornament and ornament top) and cover with Antique Silver Silk Microfine Glitter. Polish and brush of excess glitter.

IMG_5768Before advancing to the next step you MUST ensure that there isn’t any loose glitter on the remaining tape backing, as any loose glitter will bounce into your background in the next step and leave you with a muddy mess.

7.  Remove the remaining protective backing and add Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter.


8.  Finish the rest of your card. Add your embedded glitter painted ornament. Add bow at top of ornament.

Here’s a close-up of how the mixed glitter matches perfectly, a simple technique, but very effective!


I hope this has inspired you to pull out your glitters and spread some Holiday Sparkle! Merry Christmas to you and your Families!

Jessie Hurley


Elizabeth Craft Designs –
927 Ornament Set 3
503 Transparant Double Sided Tape Sheet
604 White Silk Microfine Glitter
615 Ruby Silk Microfine Glitter
639 Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter
805 Mixing Jar (for storing mixed glitter colors)
(The finished card also used the Elizabeth Craft Designs “Fleur de Lis” Embossing Folder)

Others –
White Cardstock
Die Cutting Machine

Peace & Joy

IMG_1478-1Hello Everyone. Jackie here with today’s post. I’m back with another Christmas card using my favourite colors – white and gold. I love the new Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Tape Rolls and Sheets from Elizabeth Craft Designs. In addition to being transparent (and just perfect for Silk Microfine Glitter techniques), it’s also nice and thin with a thin release sheet that makes it ideal for die cutting with ECD’s intricate dies. I used it on striped vellum and it didn’t show through!


1. Create card base from white cardstock. Cut 10″x 17″ rectangle; score and fold in half
(5″x 7″ finished card size).

2. Cut cream paper 4″x 4 3/4″. Emboss with Pinecones embossing folder then Sponge with Gold ink. Adhere with ECD Transparent Double Sided Adhesive onto bottom of base card.IMG_1463-1

3. Cut gold paper 4″x 4 3/4″. Emboss with Sprigs embossing folder. Sponge with gold ink. Adhere with ECD Transparent Double Sided Adhesive at the top of card base. Make sure it slightly overlaps with the white paper from step 2. IMG_1465-1

4. Add Transparent/Silver Glitter Border Peel-Off where the 2 papers meet.

5. Cut striped vellum 3 3/4″ x 6 3/4″. Adhere with ECD Transparent Double Sided Adhesive as shown.

6. Apply Transparent Double Sided Adhesive to white cardstock. Die cut “Sprig” twice,
“Round Ornament”, “Joy” and “Peace”. Cover Sprigs with a mixture of  3 Silk Microfine Glitters. Sprinkle Solar Gold Glitter over Ornament. Sprinkle Antique Gold over Joy and Peace. Burnish glitter with finger. Tip: Keep any glitter that has an accidental mixture of colors in a spare jar to use for other projects. Label the jar “Debris” or “Mystery Combo” and add to it whenever you’ve got colors that can’t go back into the original jars.





7. Add Gold Christmas Ornaments Round Peel-Off to Gold glitter ornament. Adhere to card front as shown. Add Transparent/Silver Glitter Border Peel-Off to top of ornament.
Decorate ornament with Transparent/Gold Glitter Dot Peel-Offs. Adhere Sprigs as shown. Add Transparent/Gold Glitter Stars Peel-Offs to striped vellum. Add Peace and Joy sentiments and a bow and your card is finished!.


Elizabeth Craft Designs -

E127 – Sprig Embossing Folder

E123 – Pinecones Embossing Folder

927 – Ornament Set 3

765 – Sprig with Berries

753 – Joy

750 – Peace

507 – Transparent Double Sided  Adhesive 10mm

509 – Transparent Double Sided Adhesive 152 mm

803 – Metal Adapter Plate

7010 – Glitter Border Peel-Offs in Transparent/Silver

7018 – Glitter Dots Peel-Offs in Transparent/Gold

7078 – Glitter Stars Peel-Offs in Transparent/Gold

Other – 

Cardstock and patterned papers-in Whisper White (Stampin’ Up!), Metallic Stripe (My Mind’s Eye Necessities), and  Magical Lane, Ornamental Magic (Reminisce); Delicata Gold Pigment Ink (Imagine Crafts featuring Tsukineko); 1/8″ ribbon in Gold

The Twelve Days of Christmas Mantelscape

Nancy Walker is back as today’s Guest Designer, showing us how to create this stunning Twelve Days of Christmas Mantelscape.


The Twelve Days of Christmas Mantelscape

By Nancy Walker

Since Karen Burniston joined forces with Elizabeth Craft Design, I have been excited to see what she designs next. I have followed her designs for years, and these new wafer-thin dies are a dream! I have been delighted that all shapes needed to make a complete card with various levels of mats and focal points are included in the die sets. This makes storage a dream. The Accordion Fancy Label die has become my favorite. There is no end to what can be done with this set. And now—a scene for your mantel!


1. Choose a set of coordinating stamps. This project uses a stamp set based on the Twelve Days of Christmas from the familiar old song.

2. Cut number of panels needed for the stamp set from patterned paper. This project uses a 6” square pad of various coordinating Christmas cardstocks. It is acceptable to use all the same paper patterns or one or two coordinating ones.

3. Using one of the dies from the set that will be the correct size for the images chosen, cut these into squares from heavy white cardstock. Bristol board or hot press watercolor paper takes water media and markers very well without much bleeding.

4. Stamp images on white cardstock, cut close to the size of the die chosen. Note: the title for this piece was too large to use a smaller die, so an extra panel was cut from the hot press watercolor paper and trimmed off so it fits flush with the pivoting fancy label inside the panel.


5. Stamp images in black or heat emboss with black fine detail powder. If using water media to color the stamped images, heat embossing will allow more control with the watercolor. Alcohol markers were used to color these images, so a black ink that is suggested for use with alcohol markers was used.

6. Color all images and cut with chosen die.


7.  If using one of the smaller dies, and there is another larger one that can be used for a mat, cut mats from solid cardstock that coordinates with the panels.


8.  Using Distress Inks and an Ink Application tool, add some warm color to the edges of the colored panels. Then switch to a clean applicator tool and edge each colored panel and each colored mat in gold ink. Then use a metallic gold paint pen to draw a controlled edge around each mat. Hint: cut a small slit in the applicator tip, prime the pump, and run the pen around the edge with the paper inserted into the slit. It will not be perfect, but it is an easy way to accomplish this task.






1.  Adhere each finished matted image to panels onto pivot area in the middle.

2.  OPTIONAL: If the chosen cardstock is “wimpy” as much printed cardstock is, add a reinforcement panel on the back. Since this is a large piece, it will need reinforcement. Smaller projects will be fine without them.

3.  To make a reinforced panel, cut a panel out of either coordinating cardstock or plain white. This project uses white and then each panel is stamped with a background Christmas words stamped in green and then sprayed with gold glitzy spray to match the gold on the front. This way the center won’t be too heavy and can be trimmed down as shown here:



1.  If a smaller accordion fold card has never been made, it would be good to practice on some plain panels to get the idea. Following instructions with the die (or online at one of the excellent YouTube videos by Karen Burniston and Els van de Burgt showing you how to assemble an accordion card), practice along with the person teaching on the video.

2.  Remember to lay out the panels with the “wing” on the right. Adhere some double sided adhesive on the front of each flap or wing and on the front of the two little tabs that will connect the center panels. Now “exercise” that flap and the tabs a little by turning them up at the fold line and then flattening them back out.

3.  Put adhesive on all flaps. Begin with the first panel and add the second panel to the flap, adhering the flap to the back of the next panel on its left side. Do not put the second panel flush with the fold line. It needs a little “wiggle” room so it can open and close. Repeat this method, assembling the first four panels. Then repeat this for each of the next three panels.



4. Decide if the mantelscape needs to begin with a mountain fold or a valley fold and then fold each group accordingly. This project begins with a valley fold on the outer frame panels so that the title page shows up better when on the mantel. The inner panels will be a mountain fold over the valley fold. Once that decision is made, take each center on the little pivot points and “exercise” them once.

5. The pivoting centers of each panel fold the opposite way, so take the first two panels and adhere the tabs to the back of the next pivoting panel. That will put the centers in the “mountain” fold pattern. Tape the next center panel going the opposite way as shown in the photo or the directions from online. See next photo.


6.  Do this with all the rest of the panels already put together. It is better to make 4 smaller versions of this project than to add one at a time. { To quote a favorite teacher, “Ask me how I know.”}

7. Now merely join the first section with the second section via the flaps and join the tabs the same way on each previous section. Repeat with the next two sections, and finally join the two large sections in the middle.

8. Be very careful when handling this many sections at the same time. It is better to keep the section being worked on folded as best as possible while joining the next panel. Be aware that the pivot area is the most fragile part of this panel, so do not put too much stress on any of the pivot points.

9. Once totally assembled, it can be pressed gently in a single stack to “set” the folds. Remember to alternate mountain and valley folds. When the outer panel is a valley as seen above in the sample, the center panels come forward and are joined together. The next folded area will be coming forward in a mountain fold, while the center panel will go towards the back in a valley fold. This is an excellent pattern for a decorative piece.

10. A project like this can also be used on the center of a table by finishing both sides with images. Reinforcement will not be necessary if two panels are combined for this method.






Elizabeth Craft Designs – 

771 – Accordion Fancy Label

506 – Transparant Double Sided Tape – 6mm

Others – 

Twelve Days of Christmas stamp set – Stampington & Company

Memento ink – Tuxedo Black

Copic Sketch markers

Cardstock: red, green, white

Hot Press Watercolor paper – Fabriano

Distress Ink and Ranger Ink Blending Tool

Delicata Gold ink

Gold spray mist

A Snowy Christmas Card

ECDJackiesChristmasSnowflakewmHi Everyone,

It’s Frances here today with another Christmas card to share. I live in Australia where it is summertime for Christmas. I would be very surprised to see any snowflakes, especially since we don’t even get snow in wintertime where I live. Even so, I still love creating Christmas cards that use snowflakes. Maybe it will cool us down a little;).
Here is how I created my card:


1. Cut a piece of Red Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz that measures 3 3/4 inches x 5 inches. Layer the Shimmer Sheetz onto a sheet of Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Transparent Double Sided Tape and trim off excess tape.

2. Place Red Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz into Snowflakes Embossing Folder and emboss.

3. Use a sanding block to sand the raised snowflakes to reveal the white core of the Shimmer Sheetz.

4. Layer the Red Embossed Shimmer Sheetz to white card that measures 4 inches x 5 1/4 inches. Cut a piece of Dark Green card that measures 4 1/4 inches x 11 inches. Sscore at 5 1/2 inches and fold in half so it measures 4 1/4 inches x 5 1/2 inches. Adhere Shimmer Sheetz panel to card front.


5. Cut a piece of white card and a piece of Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Transparent Double Sided Tape Sheet that are approx 2 3/4 inches x 5 inches. Remove the release sheet from one side of the tape sheet and set it aside upside down on your desk (shiny side up). Adhere the Double Sided Tape sheet to the piece of white card.

6. Choose one of the Jackie’s Christmas Dolls in Oval Peel-offs (shown: The girl in fur-cuffed dress and a jaunty Santa’s hat) and place the oval and an extra hat sticky-side-up on the release sheet set aside in step 5.

7. Take your white card and place it with the adhesive side facing down onto the release sheet with the peel-offs on it. The peel-offs will lift from the release sheet and stick to the adhesive on the cardstock.

8. Turn your card so the release sheet is now on top. Take off the release sheet and make sure not to touch the images on the adhesive.

9. Cover the adhesive with Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter and polish with your finger to maximize the sparkle. (Els’s video explaining this technique is HERE) Color images with alcohol markers as shown or in your preferred palette.

10. Cut around oval and Santa hat peel-off. Adhere Santa hat on top of the one in the oval using foam tape.

11. Cut white oval using the main die from the Oval Accordion Card. Adhere oval to card front as shown. Adhere colored peel-off oval in top using foam tape.

12. Using the Merry Christmas Stand Up Helper die, cut the words 3 times from white card. Trim each piece at the bottom, leaving the bar that connects the letters. Stack and glue the three so the greeting is as thick as chipboard. Adhere the greeting to the lower left hand corner of the card front.

13. Cut a piece of white card 3 1/4 inches x 6 inches and adhere to a piece of Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Transparent Double Sided Tape Sheet the same size. Die cut three snowflakes using the Snowflakes die set. Remove protective backing from the front of each snowflake and cover snowflakes with Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter. Polish with your fingers.

14. Layer the 3 snowflakes, using foam tape for dimension between them. Add a Glitter Dot Peel-off in Transparent/Gold to the center of the top snowflake, and to the buttons on the girl’s dress. Adhere snowflake to the lower left hand side of the card so it overlaps the oval.

To Decorate the inside of the Card:


15. Roughly trim around the negative girl in oval peel-off image which remains after using the peel-off for your card. Peel off any excess black peel off sticker that may be around your image until you just have the image as per photo above.

16. Cut a piece of Sticker Transfer Sheet approximately 3 inches x 4 1/2 inches. Remove the protective backing and place the tacky side of the Transfer Sheet onto the negative shapes/ Burnish with the bowl of a spoon or your fingers and carefully lift the Transfer sheet checking to ensure that all of the pieces lift at once. You can see Els’s video using this technique HERE.

17. Now move the Transfer Sheet with negative shapes attached to it over to the card. When it is in the right spot, place it down onto the card and rub the front of the Transfer Sheet to release the pieces onto the card. Carefully lift the Transfer Sheet to check and makes sure all of the negative image pieces are now on the card. (Don’t remove the Transfer sheet till all pieces are in place).

18. Stamp the sentiment on the left hand side of the card. Layer this panel to the inside of your card.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Elizabeth Craft Designs – 
Snowflakes (757)
Merry Christmas Stand Up Helper (939)
Accordion Oval Card (772) designed by Karen Burniston
Snowflakes Embossing Folder (E126)
Jackie’s Christmas Dolls in Oval Peel-Offs in Black (2587)
Transparent /Gold Glitter Dots (7018)
Red Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz (SS 0226)
Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter (639)
Transparant Double Sided Tape Sheet (502)
Transfer Sheet (600)
Other – 
White Card
Dark Green Card
Black Ink Pad
Verses – Vertical We Wish You Stamp
Sanding Block
Foam Tape

Rubber Ducky Spinner Card

Hi, Karen Aicken here with today’s project. As promised with my last post, I have an interactive Spinner Card to share. These cards are also referred to as Slider, Penny Spinner or Penny Slider Cards.


I chose to use  the adorable Rubber Ducky die, cutting it out of both patterned paper and white cardstock. I adhered the pieces together so they would be nice and sturdy, then inked the edges. Rubber Ducky slides along the track, spinning around as he goes. His jaunty bow is from the Balloons die set.


1.  Cut a 6 x 4-1/2″ panel  from white cardstock. Using the clouds from the All Seasons Tree, cut three from the top area of this panel and add a strip of blue patterned paper behind the openings. Ink the cut out clouds and attach over their openings with a double layer of foam tape. Using the Outdoor Edges die, cut a strip of blue patterned paper 6 x 2″ and attach it to the bottom of this panel lining up the bottom and side edges. On the back side of this decorated panel, pencil a line 1″ from the bottom edge.

2. Use the Tab Accessory Die that comes with the Tags and More 2 – Deco to create your track. Cut one from the center, then slide the tab die over to the left and cut again. Continue in this manner until you have your slot/track cut all the way across, leaving 3/4″ uncut on either side.  Just remember to overlap your cuts each time you move your die. Trim any uneven edges as you don’t want your slider mechanism to catch.



3.  Create a 6.5 x 5″ top fold card from white cardstock. Adhere a 6-3/8 x 4-7/8″ panel of yellow patterned paper. Cut a 6 x 2″ strip of the same blue patterned paper as on the front ‘water’ area of your decorated panel and attach it to the yellow patterned panel. You want it to be seen through the track on your decorated panel for a seamless look.

4.  Create your penny mechanism by adhering two round adhesive foam tape circles together with a penny on either side. Add a piece of foam tape to the outside of one penny, which is how you will adhere the Rubber Ducky. Insert the back penny through the track in the center of the decorated panel, bending the panel slightly so it fits in. Test your mechanism to be sure it freely rolls along the track.



5.  Attach the Rubber Ducky to the foam tape on the front penny, then add foam tape to the back of the decorated panel Do not add any tape along the track area as you want your penny mechanism to have lots of room.


6. Attach decorated panel to the folded card and have fun sliding and spinning the Rubber Ducky!




7. Use an orange fine point marker or pen to write words above the curve at the water’s edge as shown. Option: Use rubber stamps and stamp the words BEFORE adding tape to the back of the panel and before attaching the panel to the card front.

Spinner Cards are so much fun, both to make and receive. Kids love them! The spinning element can be just about anything and the track can be vertical or diagonal as well as horizontal. Some examples: A balloon floating straight up into the sky, a Karen Burniston Character running up a hill and tumbling back down!

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

920 Rubber Ducky

781 All Seasons Tree

914 Outdoor Edges

 952 Tags & More 2 – Deco

 726 Balloons

Other Supplies:

White card stock

Yellow patterned paper – Bo Bunny

Blue patterned paper – MME

Two pennies

Foam Tape

Soft Gel Snowflakes Christmas Card

Card Front

Designed by Mary Dimercurio Prasad for the Elizabeth Craft Designs DT.

I made my own stencil for this card. I used Soft Gel (Gloss) and Silk Microfine Glitter for a background that’s both shiny and sparkly.

Making the Card

1. Cut an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of white cardstock in half to create two pieces 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches. Fold one in half for a card base. Cut a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of blue cardstock in quarters (i.e. four 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch pieces). This will be your snowflake background base.


2. To create your stencil, use other half of the white cardstock; lightly draw lines 1 3/4 inches apart across short part of sheet (3 or 4 rows should suffice). Cut with two smallest Snowflakes dies in an alternating pattern across sheet using lines as guides (keep the snowflakes). Spray back of sheet with Easy Tack or other removable adhesive as per manufacturer’s instructions. This helps the small edges to stick down when applying the gel medium.

3. Using removable tape, tape the edges only (1/8 inch max) of one of the blue pieces of cardstock to a craft sheet or to scrap paper. Line up stencil over blue cardstock as desired and gently press down all edges. Use a palette knife to apply gel medium evenly over stenciled snowflakes.

4. While still wet, lightly sprinkle Silk Microfine Glitter over snowflake areas. I used a combination of Silver and Cool Diamond. For a subtle look, use very little. Carefully peel off stencil. Allow the stenciled sheet to air dry.

5. Erase any pencil lines visible on white snowflake die cuts. Glue 4 or 5 matching layers together to form thick snowflakes (cut more if necessary); make two of each snowflake.

Card Closeup

6. Die cut 6 Merry Christmas words from black cardstock; line up and glue all 6 copies together to form a thick stack for each word. Run some temporary adhesive across a piece of scrap paper. Stick the stacked words onto the temporary adhesive, holding the words securely in place. Now tap an embossing ink pad over the words to completely cover them with ink. Add silver embossing powder and use a heat tool to melt and cure the embossing powder. Repeat for a thicker coat. Peel words off of the temporary adhesive. If any edges are sharp or jagged, hold the word with tweezers and re-heat to get embossing powder to dome nicely.

7. Die cut two white banners.

8. Once gel has dried completely on the blue cardstock snowflakes, cut 1/8 inch off each side (final size 4 x 5 1/4 inches).

Background and Card

9. Adhere Merry Christmas, one word per banner (refer to the photo above). Temporarily place them on blue background as shown; mark edge with pencil and trim to fit. Adhere with foam taoe for added dimension.

10. Adhere snowflakes to background as shown, trimming excess. Use dimensional tape to adhere to white card base.

Note: If you are gentle with the stencil you can use it again and again on other sheets of blue cardstock. If it gets damaged, make another one.


Elizabeth Craft Designs

Other Supplies

  • Cardstock in White, Blue, and Black
  • Easy Tack or other removable adhesive (spray recommended)
  • Soft Gel, Gloss (Golden)
  • Palette knife
  • Removable tape (Painter’s, Washi, or 3M Scotch Post-It tape)
  • Embossing powder in Silver
  • Embossing ink pad
  • Heat tool
  • Foam tape


A Christmas card using the Evergreen Pivot Card!

Hello Kelly Booth here. I make several Christmas cards to send out every year so I need to keep them as simple as possible to get them all finished. The card I have to show you today could easily be duplicated and made as multiples.

 Here is the card I will be doing today!

Watermarked Photo(98)1

 The card opens up to reveal a cute little Snowman!

Watermarked Photo(99)

1. Cut a piece of white cardstock 4″1/4″ by 10″ 1/2 and score at the center of the long side at 5″ 1/4″.

2. Place the Evergreen Pivot Card die on the scored fold, lining up the nubs on the die on the fold, and run through your die cutting machine.

3. Using the Snowflake Embossing Folder emboss each side of the card lining it up on the top and leaving an un-embossed edge at the bottom. See photo below:


4. With a piece of white cardstock about 4″ by 5″, cut 1 large, one medium and one small tree using the decorator dies found in the Evergreen Pivot Card set. Place the three trees in the snowflake embossing folder and emboss. Place the trees on each tree on the card using foam tape or pop dots for dimension.

5. Cut a strip of white cardstock 2″ 14″ by 10″ 1/2″ and two strips of Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Double Sided Adhesive the same size. Sandwich the piece of white cardstock between the ECD Double Sided Adhesive by removing the backing and adhering it to each side of the cardstock. Remove one side of the backing and pour Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter over it. Polish well with your fingers and shake off the excess. Fold this piece in the center so you know where your fold is.

6. Take the rolling hills die from the Outdoor Edges set and place on one side of the fold and run through your die cutting machine. See photo below:


7.  Place the die on the opposite side so the cuts meet and run it through again. You should now have a thin rolling hills strip that has ECD Double Sided Adhesive on the back. Don’t get rid of the negative as you will be using this piece a little later.

8. Remove the adhesive backing and place this at the bottom of the inside of the card staying away from the Evergreen Tree cut out.


9. Take the negative side of the rolling hills and place it on the outside of the card in the same place. Trim off the excess.

10. Stamp Happy Holidays in Aqua on white cardstock. Using the large decorator die and stitched die from the Lorna Label Pop Up, cut out the sentiment so the label is a vertical shape. (Scroll back to see the photo of the front of the project.)

11. Stamp the inside sentiment in a small piece of white cardstock first using Aqua Ink for the wishing you a Merry and Bright, then stamp Christmas below in red. Cut this out using the same dies as used for Happy Holidays, but this time cut it so the label is a horizontal shape.


12. Using foam tape or pop dots place the Happy Holidays label on the front to the right of the tree. Again using foam tape or pop dots place the Merry & Bright greeting to the top right of the inside of the card.

13. Stamp, color and fussy cut the little snowman. Use foam tape or pop dots to adhere him to the lower right hand corner on the inside of the card.

14. Take two small scraps of white cardstock and add a piece of Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Double Sided Adhesive to the front and back of each piece. Remove one layer and on one pour over True Red Silk Microfine Glitter and on the other Solar Gold. Polish well with your fingers and tap off the excess.

15. Using the Red glittered scrap, die cut some ornaments using the ornament dies included in the Evergreen Pivot Card set. Remove the adhesive from the back of each ornament and place ornaments on the large Christmas tree.

16. Using the Gold piece, die cut four stars. Remove the adhesive backing and place one star at the top of each decorator tree (Important: Not the trees that pivot!). Place the 4th star in the hand of the little snowman.

Your card is now finished and ready to mail! Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment if you have any questions. Hope you have a great day and thank you for stopping by the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

 E126 Snowflakes Embossing Folder 

912 Evergreen Pivot Card

914 Outdoor Edges

915 Lorna Label Pop Up

639 Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter

614 True Red Silk Microfine Glitter

638 Solar Gold Silk Microfine Glitter

508 Transparent Double Sided Tape 64mm

Other Supplies:

Snowman Stamp (Paper Smooches)

Sentiments (Simon Says Stamp)

Copic Markers

Foam Tape or Pop Dots


Die Cutting Machine