Pop it Ups Wednesday with Kelly – Flower Vases Rectangle Pull Card

Hi It’s Kelly Booth here :)

I have a fun Rectangle Pull card to show you today!  I was playing with the Elizabeth Craft Designs Peel Off Stickers and trying them on different mediums.  I played with coloring them on sticky back canvas and discovered it can be really fun but works much better if you apply a light layer of gesso to the canvas first. See tutorial below.




1. Cut a piece of white card stock 6″ x 11″ and score in the middle at 5″.5″ .   Place the rectangle Pull Card Die on the center lining up the nubs on the fold and run through your die cutting machine.  Fold the Rectangle Pull Card and trim down so the card in the closed position is 4″ 3/4″ by 5″ 1/2″.

2. Unfold the card face up and water color random circles all over this piece, I used Koi Watercolors by Sakura but you can use any watercolors for this.


3. While you have the watercolors handy, cut a small rectangle from the rectangle Pull Card set and watercolor random circles on this piece as well.  When dry stamp your greeting onto this piece and set aside.

4. Take a piece of sticky back canvas about 5″ by 4″ and cover it with a light layer of Gesso and let dry.  Using the Flower Vases 1 (2590) Peel Off Stickers in Gold remove one Rectangle with Vases, one Med Circle and one Flower with no stem and place onto the sticky back canvas. The Gesso gives it some tooth so the markers do not bleed.  Color using markers of your choice. For mine I used Tombows.  Cut out the shapes staying close to the gold edge and set aside.


5. Using the Rectangle Accordion die cut two of these from red cardstock (all you need are the centers so it can be from scraps) Snip the connection points and tabs off so you just have two large rectangles .


6. To assemble the card, first remove the backing from the flower vases sticky back canvas and adhere to one of the large red rectangles. Put some Elizabeth Craft Designs Double Sided Tape on the back of the red rectangle and place it onto the center front of the card.

7. Put some strips of ECD Double Sided Tape on the back of the other rectangle and place it on the inside of the card lining it up with the  red rectangle on the front so it does not show when the card is closed.

8. Place the watercolored sentiment piece in the center of the large red rectangle on the inside of the card.

9. Take a Scrap Piece of White cardstock about 4″ by 3″ and back it with ECD Double Sided Adhesive and cut the Speech Bubble from the Rectangle Accordion Set and adhere to the top of the red rectangle greeting piece. Using the same die, cut a yellow “hello” with yellow card stock backed with ECD adhesive and place it onto the speech bubble.

10. Remove the backing from the medium canvas dot and place on to the closure tab on the card.  Remove the backing from the Flower and place to the right on the speech bubble.

Your card should look something like this!

Watermarked Photo(248)

 Watermarked Photo(249)

I Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial today, if you have any questions please leave me a comment below and I will answer.  Thank You….

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Rectangle Pull Card (974)

Accordion Rectangle (972)

Flower Vases 1 – Gold  (2590)

Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape – 6mm (506)

Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double Sided Tape Sheet 6″x6″  (503)

Other Supplies:

Water Colors

Paint Brush or Water Brush

Red, White and Yellow Card Stock

Sticky Back Canvas

Tombow Markers

Black Dye Ink

Dye Cutting Machine

Sentiment Stamp – Printworks

Tea Time

Hello everyone,

It’s Joset here today sharing this Accordion Rectangle Tea Time card with you. I love the new Paris Edges die set by Karen Burniston, especially the elegant, detailed  fleur de lis doily-style die included in the set. You can use it to decorate any kind of card or use it to add a beautiful edge to your Rectangle Accordion. Let me show you how I created this card.

Tea 2

1. Cut two rectangle accordion pages from light blue patterned paper, one from green dotted paper and one from light green cardstock. Use one of the light blue pages and the green dotted page to assemble your accordion card. Trim the long side tab and the smaller tabs of the right page (green dotted page).

2. Trim the long side tab and the smaller tabs of your second light blue accordion page and adhere this page to the back of the other light blue page.

3. The light green page we’re going to use to cover the back of the green dotted page but before we do we’re going to trim the side tab as shown in the picture below. You can also trim the 2 smaller tabs.

As you can see there is still a small green edge to adhere your Paris edges. I cut my tab this way so you won’t have any green of the tab showing through your lace.

Tag 4

4. Cut 2 Paris edges from white cardstock. Ink edges with blue. Adhere one to the inside of the card and one to the back of the card to cover the green tab.

5. Now attach the two middle rectangle frames from by adding some adhesive on the smaller tabs from the left page.

Tag 3

Photo of the back of the card.

6. Cut one rectangle from white cardstock and one from light blue cardstock using the same die. Adhere the white rectangle on the inside of the left accordion page and the blue one on the inside of the right page.

7. Now it’s time to decorate your card. I used the Coffee and Tea Peel-offs in gold colored on top of the Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter. If you are new to this technique, check out this video by Els van de Burgt.

8. Once colored, cut out peel-offs and adhere to the inside of the card as shown. Adhere the teapot on the inside of the right page and the two cups on the left.

9. Cut the words “TEA” and “TIME” using Alphabet 1 – Caps. Adhere words on the inside of the left accordion page just above the two tea cups. Tip: apply double sided adhesive to the back of your paper first before die cutting.

10. Optional: Add Transparant/ Silver Glitter border where the Paris edges connect to the right accordion page.

I hope you enjoyed making this card using the Accordion Rectangle and the Paris Edges. See you next time!


Tea 1

 Photo of the card closed.


Elizabeth Craft Designs
972 Accordion Rectangle
979 Paris Edges
967 Alphabet 1 – Caps
2531 Coffee and Tea Peel-offs in Gold
7010 Glitter Border Peel-offs in Transparent/Silver
639 Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter
502 Transparent Double Sided Adhesive Sheets
802 Fine Pointed Scissors

Light Blue Patterned Paper –  Maja Design – Antligen collection
Green Dotted Patterned Paper – Graphic 45 – Botanical Tea Collection
Cardstock: Light Green, Light Blue and White
Ink – Light Blue
Copic Markers
Colorless Blender Pen

Elegant Birthday


Hi! Christine Pooler here from Susan Tierney-Cockburn’s Design Team. Today, I have chosen to use Susan’s Garden Anemone die and a piece of antique lace to design a birthday card. Although I used Happy Birthday, you could change the sentiment for a Sympathy, Get Well or Thinking of You card – simple but elegant!

Susan has wonderful videos on YouTube for tutorials on how to shape and shade petals, branches and leaves on the Elizabeth Craft Designs channel here. There is a tutorial devoted to each flower, along with many others from Els van de Burgt and Karen Burniston, so be sure to subscribe and come back often to browse.

Instructions for the flowers:

1. Using Susan’s Garden Anemone die set, cut petals from white cardstock; stamens from black cardstock, calyx and leaves from green cardstock. Three flowers were used on this card so everything has been die cut 3 times.

2. The petals of the flowers were colored with a purple alcohol marker (anemones have many different colors/shades  so you can color petals whatever color/shade you want). A little touch of yellow PanPastels was used for the very bottom of each petal. Shape petals on the mini molding mat using the loop tool from Susan’s Garden Tool Set. Attach petals to calyx using a quick, clear-drying glue.

3. Roll the stamen. Fan stamens out, dip in glue then dip in charcoal pollen and set aside to dry.

4. Shape your leaves with the tool set and shade with the bright green PanPastels down the center.

5. Glue the stamen to the flower center then fill the center with black Viva Paper Pen (being careful it doesn’t make a big blob).

6. Sprinkle more charcoal pollen and then just a tiny sprinkle of yellow pollen.



Instructions for the card:

1.  Using a piece of ivory cardstock 7″ x 10″, fold in half to form card base. Ink all edges in brown. Vintage Photo Distress Ink was used in the photo.

2.  Cut 1 piece of green cardstock 4-7/8″ x 6-7/8″ and ink the edges in brown ink.

3.  Cut 1 piece of purple cardstock 4-5/8″ x 6-5/8″ and ink the edges in brown ink.

4.  Adhere the purple cardstock to the green cardstock using Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive.

5.  Cut a piece of lace approx. 8″ x 3″ (width can vary) and adhere to the top of the purple and green cardstock. Wrap the ends to the back of the card on each end. Use Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive or liquid glue to adhere to the back.

6.  Cut green grosgrain ribbon 3/8″ x 7-1/2″ and purple grosgrain ribbon 1/4 ” x  7-1/2 “. Apply Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive to the back of each piece of ribbon. Center the purple piece over the green piece then apply to the front of the purple cardstock 1/2″ from the bottom. Wrap the ribbons to the back of the cardstock on each end.

7.  Adhere the cardstock to the front of your 7″ x 5″ card base using Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive.

8.  Before die cutting, place a flat sheet of Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive on ivory cardstock but do not remove the backing. Using the Oval Accordion die set, take the largest oval cutting die and the stitching-only oval, nest them, and cut an oval from the ivory paper. Run through a second time with the machine’s embossing sandwich to get the stitched look pressed into the oval. Ink around the edge.

9.  Choose your sentiment. Happy Birthday was used here. Place in the center of the oval then adhere the oval to the lower left corner of the card using Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive.

10.  Adhere flowers and leaves to the upper left corner of the card using quick, clear-drying glue.

I do hope this will inspire you to try making your own version of this card. You can change it in so many ways to make it your own such as using your own lace. I do look at so many things differently now to figure out how I can use them in my papercrafting projects. Happy Crafting!


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

1005 Susan’s Garden Anemone Die set

808 Susan’s Garden Tool Set

772 Oval Accordion

2577 Black Peel Off Happy Birthday

506 Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive 6mm


cardstock  – white, black, green, ivory, purple

PanPastels – yellow and bright green

pollen – charcoal and pale yellow

antique lace

grosgrain ribbons

purple alcohol marker

quick, clear-drying glue

black Viva Paper Pen










Double-Embossed Droplet Earrings

By Judi Kauffman 


It’s such fun having a pair of earrings to go with any outfit. Being able to make them in a matter of minutes is even more fun!

The basic instructions for alcohol ink-altering, die cutting, embossing and sanding Shimmer Sheetz are already available in previous blog projects and on the Elizabeth Craft Designs YouTube channel. Review as needed.

Here is how to make the Double-Embossed Droplet Earrings I whipped up yesterday to wear last night:

1.  Use an ink applicator tool to randomly apply alcohol ink in purple and espresso and Metallic Mixatives in Gold to a piece of Amethyst Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz. Allow some of the original color of the Shimmer Sheetz to remain visible.

2.  Adhere a Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive flat sheet between the ink-altered Shimmer Sheetz and a second piece of Amethyst Shimmer Sheetz.

3.  Use the large rounded keystone die shape from the Jewelry Dies 2 – Droplets die set to cut a pair of shapes. (Reminder: when die cutting Shimmer Sheetz, you MUST use the metal adaptor plate inside your machine’s standard cutting sandwich as follows – Metal adaptor plate, Shimmer Sheetz with altered side facing up, die template with cutting side facing down.)

TIP: I always alter at least a half-sheet of Shimmer Sheetz (5” x 6”), sometimes a whole 5” x 12” sheet, so I can cut a LOT of shapes. Even if I only want to make one pair of earrings NOW it gives me plenty for a matching necklace, more earrings, or other projects later.


4. Working one shape at a time, carefully position the die cut and ink-altered shapes inside the Sea Glass embossing folder so that both will have precisely the same pattern. Make sure that the altered side is facing DOWN so the lines are raised and the pattern is de-bossed. (If you don’t care if the earrings aren’t a perfect match, position the shapes at random and de-boss both at once.)

5.  Lightly sand the raised lines in the pattern and the edges of each shape. This will reveal some of the silver color that is the core of the Shimmer Sheetz. It tones down the shine and makes the earrings look more like metal!

6.  If you like the earring shown to the left in the photo above, stop now and add a post back and synthetic suede to complete the earrings. If you like the earring shown to the right in the photo above, proceed to step 7 before completing the earrings. However: Follow step 8 if you want double-embossing as shown in the photo below.

7.  Add Transparent Glitter Dots to both earrings.

8. Emboss a second time as follows: Working one shape at a time, carefully position the shapes inside the Sea Glass folder so that both will have precisely the same pattern. This time, make sure that the altered side is facing UP so the pattern is raised, not de-bossed as in step 4.


9.  Add post back and synthetic suede to complete the earrings.


*Switch to a different embossing folder.

*Emboss or de-boss once rather than twice. (Recommended for more ornate patterns.)

*Skip the sanding block.

*Skip the alcohol inks.

*Change to a different color palette by choosing other inks and/or Shimmer Sheetz.

*Keep in mind when choosing Shimmer Sheetz colors: Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz colors have a silver core, revealed when sanded, while Iridescent colors have a white core and Metallics have a transparent core.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

955 Jewelry Dies 2 – Droplets

803 Metal Adaptor Plate

E125 Sea Glass Embossing Folder

7018 Transparent Glitter Dots

SS 0216 Shimmer Sheetz in Amethyst Gemstone (or color of choice)

Transparent Double Sided Adhesive flat sheets


Alcohol inks (colors of choice) and Metallic Mixatives (Gold)

ink applicator tool

Fine grit sanding block

Synthetic suede (Black or other color of choice)

Pair of post-back jewelry findings


Elizabeth Craft Designs February Designers Challenge – Combination of Tag & More

Hello everyone,

We’re back with our monthly designer’s challenge and for this month we challenged our team to create a project using a combination of the Tags & More dies. If you are new to these fun & versatile dies, then check out this YouTube video by Els van de Burgt demonstrating all of the different Tags & More dies. You will be amazed what you can do with them! We also like to take this opportunity to introduce Marsha Valk to the ECD Design Team. Marsha lives in Amersfoort – a beautiful city in the Netherlands – and has been creative her whole life. Her creative adventure started in 2003 when she discovered scrapbooking and has been an avid scrapbooker, stamper, art journaler and all-around crafter ever since. Marsha loves bright, happy colors which you will find in her craft work as well. For her first project, she created a beautiful tag trio which you can find more information about below.

Trio of Tags by Marsha Valk 

For her first project for the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog, Marsha created this beautiful Trio of Tags. She die cut the three tag shapes using Tags & More 8 – Lattice out of water color paper and used spray ink to create the colors. For the first tag, she die cut a few other tags and added these to her main tag. She used different dies to decorate her tags like the Small Butterfly, Heart with Wings and Alphabet 1 – Caps. For more info on how to create these colorful tags, visit Marsha’s blog HERE.

Trio of tags

Waterfall Tag Book by Frances Byrne

The next project is from Frances Byrne who created this unique Waterfall Tag Book using the 3 different size tags; Tags & More 8 – Lattice which has a 4 1/4″ width, Tags & More 1 – Lace which has a 3 1/4″ width and Tags & More 6 – Daisy which has a 2 1/4″ width. She decorated her card with the Star Buddies Peel-offs and the It’s a Boy die which comes with the word Girl as well. To find out how to create this fun Waterfall Tag Book, visit Frances’ blog HERE.



Explosion Box by Raquel Mason

This stunning project is from Raquel Mason who created an explosion box. She used different Tags & More dies to create the little tags inside the box and to create the borders on the tag pockets. To create the bathtub, Raquel used the Karen Burniston Bathtub Pop Stand. She also used the Star Buddies Peel-offs in black to decorate the outside of the box and the Hardware 1 – Hinges. For more info, visit Raquel’s blog HERE.

ECD Explosion Box

ECD Explosion Box 2

Happy Birthday Tag Card by Debra Hensley

Debra Hensley created this sweet Happy Birthday Tag card using Tags & More 7 – Vine for the base of the card and Tags & More 4 – Flourish for the smaller tag. She used the Lots of Dots embossing folder to emboss the card and the Crystal Flower die covered with Silk Microfine Glitter to decorate the smaller tag. If you would like to know how to create this tag card, head over to Debra’s blog HERE for instructions.

ECD Feb DT 4a P1070693

Tag Album by Candy Spiegel 

Candy Spiegel create this beautiful tag album using Tags & More 8 – Lattice to create the 3 tabs of the album. She die cut 4 hinges using Hardware 1 – Hinges that holds the tabs together. On the biggest tag on the right, she created a pocket for two smaller tags which she decorated with the decorative border and corner dies included in Tags & More 7 – Vine. We love the pretty papers Candy picked for her album. For instructions, visit Candy’s blog HERE.


 Beach Theme Mini Album by Joset van de Burgt

Joset van de Burgt also created a tag album but instead of Tags & More 8 – Lattice she used the smaller tag set, Tags & More 2 – Deco to create the 3 album pages. She created a tab on each page to adhere the pages together. To decorate the album, she used Rocky the Crab, Beach Edges, Palm Tree and Pail and Alphabet 1 – Caps. You can create a larger album by simply adding more tags.

Beach tag album


We hope that you enjoyed these beautiful projects and feel inspired to create your own mini album, waterfall tag book or an explosion box. You can find more information by visiting our designers’ blogs through the links provided.

We’ll be back next month with a Flower Power challenge. Stay tuned!

Nuts About You

Hello my crafty friends! It’s Raquel Mason here today. I hear the same complaint from many women that they find masculine cards harder than feminine cards to create. I’ll let you in on a secret: I agree with those women. I am here today to help everyone create a masculine card that is easy and sure to make him chuckle. Let me show you how I made this “Nutty” card.

ECD Nuts About You.

ECD Nuts About You open

1.  Cut gray cardstock 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ and score at 4-3/4″ for a standard A2 sized card. Keep the card folded in half and use Tags & More 8 tag-shape die to die cut the card base.

2.  Before doing the next steps, adhere flat sheets of Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive on your cardstock before die cutting but do not remove the backing. Cut black cardstock 2″ x 4″. Cut red cardstock 1-3/4″ x 3-3/4″. Adhere red cardstock on top of black cardstock.

3.  Before doing the next steps, adhere Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive on your cardstock and Shimmer Sheetz before die cutting but do not remove the backing. Die cut the pieces shown in photo below:

  • Cut black cardstock 2-1/4″ x 3-1/2″ then die cut using Tags & More 5 tag-shape die. Die cut little circles at the bottom of the black tag using the die shown below.
  • Using scrap black cardstock, die cut “Nuts about you” using Alphabet 1.
  • Using scrap red cardstock, die cut (1) reinforcement circle, (5) hexagons from Tags & More 5 and Happy Anniversary.
  • Using scrap Silver Metallic Shimmer Sheetz, die cut (7) hexagons and a 1/2″ x 2-1/4″ strip to be adhered behind the small circles on the black tag. Remember to use the Metal Adaptor Plate when die cutting Shimmer Sheetz.


ECD Nuts About You pieces

4.  Adhere “Nuts about you” on the red cardstock from step 2 to the bottom of the card base.

5.  Adhere Silver Metallic hexagons randomly onto the black tag. Adhere the red reinforcement circle on the top of the black tag. Adhere to the card base. Use photo for placement.

6.  Adhere red reinforcement circles to the inside of the card. Adhere “Happy Anniversary” to the right side of the card.

Optional: make a coordinating envelope by adhering red hexagons to the bottom corner.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and feel inspired to try it out yourself. Happy Crafting!


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

961 Tags & More 8 – Lattice

958 Tags & More 5 – Sunburst

967 Alphabet 1

970 Happy Anniversary

SS0211 Silver Metallic Shimmer Sheetz

803 Metal Adaptor Plate

Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive


Basic Gray, Real Red & Basic Black cardstock – Stampin’ Up!

Wrench Brad – Eyelet Outlet

Lace and Flowers


Hi! It’s Christine here from Susan Tierney-Cockburn’s Design Team. Today, I have chosen Susan’s Garden Dogwood die and a piece of vintage lace to create a card. Dogwood is a sure sign of spring and I love vintage lace. I am always looking for it each time I go to an antique store.

1.  First, use Susan’s Garden – Dogwood die to form the flowers. Use bright green PanPastel for shading and a dark red Copic marker for the center edge of each petal. Glue petals to calyx. Form the brack (stamen) and add it to the flower center. Dab the ends of the stamens leaving little balls on the ends using Viva Paper Pen in green then set aside to dry completely. Cut 2 branches; gluing 1 on top of the other. Petals and leaves were shaped with Susan’s Tool Set and shaded with red PanPastel.

2.  Cut 1 trellis out of wood grain paper using the Bamboo Trellis die. Ink all outside edges in brown ink and attach small black foam squares randomly on the back of the trellis as shown below.


3. The fan was made from a vintage piece of lace 5-1/2″ x 2″ which was stiffened with a fabric stiffener and laid flat to dry as shown below.


4. Once completely dry, pleat the lace and use a clear glue to adhere between each fold on one end and clamp until dry as shown below.


5.  Using Susan’s Garden stamp Let Us Be Grateful, stamp on a piece of colonial white cardstock using chocolate brown pigment ink and sprinkle immediately with clear embossing powder and heat with a heat gun. Tear around the words and ink the edges of the cardstock using brown ink. Adhere to a piece of dark brown cardstock, tear around the brown cardstock leaving a small border and ink the edges using brown ink.


6. The brown card base and pattern paper is actually CTMH cardstock (retired) but here is how to make a card base: use brown 6″ x 12″ cardstock and score at 6″. Then use brown 6″ x 3″ cardstock and score at 1-1/2″ and scallop punch one end of it. See both photos below.

7. Using Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive, adhere the straight edge of the 6″ x 3″ cardstock to the back of the 6″ x 12″ cardstock. See both photos below.

2015-02-25 16 59 34withWatermark    2015-02-25 17 03 17withWatermark

8. Cut dark brown cardstock 5-7/8″ x 5-7/8″, ink the edges in brown ink and adhere to the front of the card.  Cut pattern B&T (background and texture paper) 5-3/4″ x 5-3/4″, ink the edges in brown ink and adhere to dark brown cardstock. Note: putting Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive on your cardstock BEFORE you cut makes it easy to adhere.

Optional: Repeat this step and cover the back of your card as well.

9. Cut dark brown cardstock 5-7/8″ x 1-1/4″, ink the edges in brown ink and adhere to the card flap. Cut B&T paper 5-3/4″ x 1-1/8″, ink the edges in brown ink and adhere to the dark brown cardstock on the flap.

Note: Retired CTMH pattern B&T paper was used as shown but you can substitute any other pattern paper that coordinates with the cardstock you choose.

10.  Adhere the trellis to left edge of the B&T paper on the card front. Adhere the stamped sentiment to the right side of card.

11.  Adhere the branch, flowers and leaves to the trellis.

12.  Adhere the fan to the center of the flap and adhere a small jute bow to the fan.

13.  Adhere (2) 3/8″ magnetic snaps as a closure to the inside of the flap.

I do hope that you have enjoyed my tutorial today and it has inspired you to make your own card using these great products from Elizabeth Craft Designs.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

1009 Susan’s Garden Dogwood die

RS005 Susan’s Garden Stamp Let Us Be Grateful

727 Bamboo Trellis die

Transparent Double Sided Adhesive

808 Susan’s Garden Tool Set


CTMH (Close to My Heart):

  • Chocolate cardstock
  • Colonial White cardstock
  • B&T (background & texture paper) Bliss (retired)
  • Chocolate pigment ink for wet embossing
  • clear embossing powder

The Paper Loft wood grain paper

3/8″ magnetic snap

Ranger Distress Ink in Vintage Photo

Viva Paper Pen green

jute twine

vintage lace

PanPastels bright green and red

Copic marker dark red

black foam squares


heat gun

fabric stiffener







Pop it Ups Wednesday with Donna – Get Well Soon Rectangle Accordion Card

Hello everyone, it’s Donna Wright here today. This is my first ever post on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog and I’m very happy to be here. I chose to use the Rectangle Accordion die with the Sunflower Peel-off stickers for this post.

get well soon sunflowers ecd wednesday 25 feb

I recently received some fabulous peel offs from Elizabeth craft designs and these sunflowers were among them. I used my alcohol colouring pens with Els’ double sided adhesive and microfine glitter technique to achieve this ultra-shimmery finish peel offs. You can view the video here.

sunflower get well soon ecd wed 25 feb close up

I used the same microfine glitter technique for the individual sunflowers and stems to decorate my card with.

get well soon ecd wed 25 feb flower

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Cut two pages of different colour blue 6 x 6 cardstock using the Rectangle Accordion die.
  2. Using green cardstock, cut one label from the larger Rectangle Accordion accessories die.
  3. Using white cardstock, cut one label from the smaller Rectangle Accordion accessories die.
  4. Using yellow cardstock, cut one label from the Rectangle Pull Card accessories die.
  5. From blue cardstock, cut out get well soon using Elizabeth Craft Designs word die.
  6. Cut the perimeter of the sunflower peel offs using the Rectangle Pull Card accessories die.
  7. Hand cut around two individual sunflowers and stems.
  8. Use 3D sticky pads on the white and sunflower rectangle label.
  9. Use Elizabeth craft designs double sided adhesive for the yellow and green card stock labels.
  10. Layer the yellow, green and white cardstock labels together.
  11. Use a liquid glue pen to stick the get well soon words to the white cardstock.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and feel inspired to try it out yourself.

Happy Crafting,


Cherry Blossom Time


 Hello! This is Selma Stevenson. This is my first post as a member of the Susan Tierney-Cockburn Design Team. I just returned from a trip to Southern California where all the Cherry Blossom trees were in bloom. This inspired me to create this home decor piece. I have decorated a 10 inch square mirrored frame with a beautiful branch of Susan’s Cherry Blossoms at the top. Along the bottom I have included three white flowers using Susan’s Garden – Anemone dies.

Cherry-Blossom-diesThis is a photo of the Susan’s Garden – Cherry Blossom die.


1.  Use a couple of stencils and texture paste to create a background on the frame. Work on the flowers while this dries. Feel free to leave the frame plain or decorate it with pattern paper.

2.  Die cut the cherry blossoms using a very light pink cardstock. In the above photo of the dies, there are two sets of dies to create flowers. The flower has only two die cut pieces to form the flower (one piece has 3 petals and the other has 2 petals). These flowers are so quick and easy to create. Die cut the 3 piece petal in a darker pink to create the cherry blossom buds. Shape/cup the petals, add glue over most of the topside, then pinch the petals to form a bud.


3.  Once the flowers are created, work on creating a realistic tree branch as shown below.


4. For each completed branch, die cut two branches using kraft cardstock. Ink the branches with several colors of Distress Ink then spray them with a light mist of water to spread the ink and loosen the fibers of the cardstock. Shape both branches, using a ball stylus (just press down in the center of all the branches to give them shape). In the photo above, the top branch has been inked but has not been shaped; the bottom branch is well-shaped.


5.  Let the branches dry thoroughly (either air dry or use a heat gun) then glue the two branches together. This creates a sturdy branch which will hold its shape well. Once they are glued together,  ink a darker brown ink over the branch to give more definition to the ridges. It helps make the branch look very realistic.


6.  Once the branches are ready, you can start attaching the cherry blossoms and buds to them. Two branches are pictured above but three were used for the frame.

In the center of the frame is a mirror. It was not possible for me to get a picture without my reflection so I  cut a piece of card stock to cover most of the mirror. The sentiment I used is the Susan’s Garden “Sunshine and Love” sentiment stamp. I will be removing the pink card stock and have the sentiment attached directly to the mirror when I use it for a piece of home decor.

Along the bottom of the frame, adhere several different pieces of lace. The flowers on the white lace were created using Susan’s Garden – Anemone dies. The pretty lavender butterfly was die cut using the Small Butterfly dies.

I love creating home decor pieces with my Susan’s Garden dies. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and have fun creating your branch of cherry blossoms.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

1006 Susan’s Garden – Cherry Blossom

1005 Susan’s Garden – Anemone

RS001 Sunshine and Love stamp

713 Small Butterfly

808 Susan’s Tool Set – coming soon!


Wood frame from IKEA

Ranger Texture Paste

TCW Brick and Birdcage Stencils

KaiserCraft Pearls

Viva Red and Black Paper Pens

Cardstock: light & dark pink, kraft

Distress Inks:  Frayed Burlap, Gathered Twigs and Aged Mahogany

Ivy Hollow ScrapFusion Glue


Sunflower Blossom Card

Hi Everyone!

It’s Debra Hensley today. I’ve been creating realistic flowers using Susan Tierney Cockburn’s dies for years and loving the results. I was so excited when she joined Elizabeth Craft Designs and developed a new set of card-friendly flower dies. I love them all. I am honored to be part of her Design Team and excited to share this card I made using the Garden Notes – Sunflower die and one of Susan’s new sentiment stamps.

SG Feb bp Sunflower 2a P1070639

Once the Sunflower is assembled this card is quick and easy with stunning results!

Here’s how I made it:

1. Fold a piece of 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ white cardstock in half to form a standard size A2 card base. Cut black and white dotted pattern paper to 4″ x 5 1/4″ and adhere to card base. Cut a strip of pattern paper 2 1/2″ x 3 3/4″ and adhere to card front about 1″ from the left edge.

2. Die cut using the largest decorator oval from the Accordion Oval Card die. Stamp the Sunshine and Love sentiment stamp in black ink, centered on the oval. Add Black/Silver Glitter Dots around the outer edge of the oval. Adhere to the card front as shown.

3. Create the Sunflower on the left outer edge of the oval. For this card, cut 2 stems, 3 leaves, 2 sets of petals and one base flower. The base layer of the flower is on a pop dot.  Ink the base of each petal with Wild Honey Distress ink for dimension.  You can see a video of detailed assembly instructions by Susan here.

SG Feb bp sunflower closeup 1a  P1070645

4. To complete, add a piece of yellow and white twine tied into a bow around the stem of the Sunflower.

Below is another view of the completed card.

SG Feb bp Sunflower 1a P1070647

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you give the Garden Notes – Sunflower die a try. The results are beautiful and realistic and are sure to bring a smile to the recipient.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:
772 Oval Accordion Die
999 Garden Notes- Sunflower
RS001 Sunshine and Love Stamp
7018 Glitter Dots Assorted- Black/Silver
808 Susan’s Garden 4 pcs. All Metal Tool Set in Luxury Case ( coming soon)
809 Mini Molding Pad

Pattern paper: black & white dots, blue & white striped
White cardstock
Ink: Wild Honey Distress & black
Pop dots