Pop It Ups Wednesday With Frances – Woof



Hi everyone,

It’s Frances Byrne here today for Pop It Ups Wednesday. Today I am sharing a fun trifold card I created using the Lucy Label Pop Up Card die, Buster the Dog and the Barn Pop Stand Card die which I turned into a dog kennel.


Here is how I created my card:



1. Cut a piece of designer paper so it measures 5 inches x 12 inches. Score along the 12 inch side at 5 inches and 10 inches.



2. Position the pop up die from the Lucy Label Pop Up die set so that the centre lugs of the die are centred on the 5 inch score line. Run through die cutting machine.


Train the folds so that it will pop up.



3. Using white card, die cut the Lucy Label Pop Up die again, and trim off the label section only, adhere over the label on the designer paper panel.

Cut a piece of green card which measures 1 1/2 inches x 12 inches, score along the 12 inch edge at 5 inches and 10 inches as we did in step 1. Use the rolling hills die from the Outdoor Edges die set to create our grassy border which is adhered to the bottom of the card as per photo above.


4. Creating our Scene:

Dog Kennel –

  • Die cut the barn from designer paper.
  • Die cut the Barn roof from tan card and adhere to barn.
  • Use the large oval shape from the Oval Accordion Card set and die cut a brown oval, position the oval so half of the oval is adhered to the lower portion of the barn and trim off excess.
  • Die cut a bone from the Props 4 – Pets set and attach bone to kennel, refer to photo for placement.
  • Attach kennel to card using foam tape.

Bowl of Bones and Ball –

  • From the Props 4 – Pets die set die cut the bowl from red card, use a craft knife to create a slit in the bowl using line created by the die as a guide.
  • Die cut ball from orange card and adhere to the left side of the card.
  • Using Buster the Dog set, die cut 2 bones from kraft card and 3 from white card, insert into dog bowl and attach to right hand side flap.

Dogs – From the Buster the Dog set die cut the following:

  • (2) Solid Dog from black card
  • (2) Dogs from white card – use black or dark grey marker to color ears, bottom of feet, tail and spots on body. (Apply Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive to the back of all pieces before die cutting.) Attach to dog as per photo.
  • (1) Tongue from pink card (Apply Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive to the back of all pieces before die cutting.) Attach to dog as per photo.
  • (2) Noses from black card (Apply Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive to the back of all pieces before die cutting.) Attach to dog as per photo.
  • (2) sets of eyes from white card. (Apply Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive to the back of all pieces before die cutting.) Attach to dog as per photo.
  • (1) Collar from blue card (attach turquoise glitter dots to collar). (Apply Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive to the back of all pieces before die cutting.) Attach to dog as per photo.

Attach one dog to the left hand side of card using foam tape. Trim the second dog, so you only have the head and attach this to the oval on the dog kennel using foam tape.

Branches –

  • Using the Leafy Branch die, die cut two branches from green card (Apply Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive to the back before die cutting.)  Attach portions of the Leafy Branch to the card to resemble branches from a tree.

Woof –

  • Use the Alphabet 1 – Caps die set and die cut the letters “W O O F” from brown card (Apply Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive to the back before die cutting.) Adhere letters to white label.



5. Cut a piece of blue card which measures 5 inches x 12 inches. Score along the 12 inch side at 5 inches and 10 inches. Attach the inner pop up card panel to the outer blue panel. Round corners of card.

6. Using the Happy Birthday stamp from the Farm Greetings Stamp set, mask the stamp using removable tape so you only ink the “Happy Birthday” portion of the stamp and stamp this onto white card. Karen Burniston has a photo tutorial of how do this this here.

Use the two larger labels from the Katie Label Pivot Card die set to create labels … die cut the smaller label from white card and the larger one from brown card.

Layer the labels together and attach the label so it is centred on the card and is adhere to the right hand flap only.

Place a small square of adhesive hook tape to the left side of the back of the label, attach the loop tape on top of the hook tape and close card, so the hook and loop tape keep card closed when needed.

7. Using the Props 4 – Pets die set, die cut 4 solid paw prints from tan card and 4 inner paw prints from brown card (Apply Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive to the back of all pieces before die cutting.) Assemble Paw Prints as per photo above and adhere to card.


Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:


779 Lucy Label Pop Up

914 Outdoor Edges

1021 Barn Pop Stand Card

772 Oval Accordion Card

984 Buster the Dog

982 Props 4 – Pets 

768 Katie Label Pivot Card

967 Alphabet 1 – Caps

1033 Leafy Branch

Transparent Double-Sided Tape 6mm & 64mm

7018 Transparent Glitter Dots Peel-Offs


Cardstock: White; Black; Brown;  Tan; Green; Yellow; Pink; Blue

Designer Paper: Imaginisce Designer Paper 400102

Foam tape

Adhesive Hoop & Loop Tape






Happy Birthday Explosion Box

Design Team-May-2015-5

Hi, this is Selma Stevenson to show you how I decorated a Birthday Explosion Box using three of Susan’s new flower dies. The recipient will not only receive long-lasting flowers, but also a gift card to make their birthday wishes come true! Susan’s new Garden Notes flowers are just the perfect size to decorate cards and boxes, and I am sure they will be treasured because they look so realistic.

Design Team May 2015 2

When closed, this is a six inch square explosion box.

Design Team May 2014 Front

*Creating the lid (shown above):

1. The top of the box must be just slightly larger than the box. Use 12″ x 12″ white cardstock. If using a score board, push the the cardstock over 1/16″ and score at 3″. Do this on all four sides. This will make the lid just slightly larger to fit over the bottom of the box. Add adhesive to the four corners to create the lid. See photo below.


2. Use Secret Garden Graphic 45 design paper to cover the top and sides of the box.

3. The Grid framing “Secret Garden” is die cut using Susan’s Garden Patch – 7/8-inch & Mini Leaves die set. Four squares are cut out of the center of the grid and centered over the words in the design paper. Add flat-back pearls at the intersections of the grid.

4. Die cut the Garden Notes – Hydrangea. Instructions for die-cutting, shaping and adhering the hydrangea is at the end of this post.

5. Use black Corner peel-offs, tulle and a ribbon to complete the top.

*To create the Explosion Box itself:

1. Use 12″ x 12″ cardstock and score at 3 inches on each side. See photo below.

2. Cut out the four corners and crease the seams well. See photo below. ECD-STCDT-May-2015-tut6*Inside panels (next 2 photos below):

1. For the flower on the bottom, use Garden Notes – Hydrangea. Cut white cardstock slightly smaller than the panel and emboss with Swirly Curves and adhere to the panel.

2. For the flower on the left side, use Garden Notes – Lilac. Cut white cardstock slightly smaller than the panel and emboss with Swirly Curves and adhere to the panel.

3. For the flower on the right side, use Garden Notes Hyacinthe. Cut white cardstock slightly smaller than the panel and emboss with Swirly Curves and adhere to the panel.

4. On the side of the box with the Happy Birthday PopUp, adhere purple cardstock to that panel of the box.

*The center, inside panel (next 2 photos below):

1. Cut a piece of 6″ x 6″ white cardstock and emboss 3/4 of that cardstock at the bottom with the Sea Glass embossing folder. Cut out the top of that white cardstock to fit around the popup panel on the top.

2. To create a pocket on the bottom for the tag, use the Paris Edges lacy die. Adhere on the bottom and each side with a small roll of Transparent Double-Sided Tape.

3. Die cut purple and white cardstock with the Tags & More 6 – Daisy die. Die cut the purple cardstock from the tag outline die and die cut the white cardstock with the decorator die in addition to the tag outline die. Create a pocket at the bottom to hold a gift card.

4. Adhere a sheet of Transparent Double-Sided Tape to a piece of white cardstock large enough for the black candles and gift peel-offs. Adhere the peel-offs onto the tape, sprinkle with Cool Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter and color with Copic markers. See a video tutorial HERE. Both the candles and the gift are attached with dimensional tape.


*To create the dimensional “Happy Birthday” shown above and below:

1. Use the Happy Birthday PopUp dies. Click HERE to see a video tutorial.

2. Use 6″ x 9″ white cardstock for this die cut and score at 3″.

3. Place the die cut on the score line to create the popup.

4. The words “Happy Birthday” are die cut using black cardstock.

5. Die cut the stars using Transparent Double-Sided Tape attached to white cardstock. Then pour Silver Silk Microfine Glitter over the tape and polish with your finger. The silver stars are glued to the popup.

6. Glue a strip of the glittered cardstock behind the 6 stars on the bottom of the popup. Die cut the small stars on white cardstock and adhere the negative image white star strip on top of the glittered strip.


*Finishing touches:

1.  Use letter stickers to adhere “a gift for you” sentiment by the gift.

2. Black border stickers are added around the Happy Birthday PopUp and along the bottom of the center panel.

3. Add black peel-off corners to inside panels as shown to match those on the lid.


*Shaping the hydrangeas: Click HERE for a video tutorial.

1. Shape the base piece in the Garden Notes – Hydrangea die set using the largest ball stylus as shown above. By shaping this base piece, it will give the hydrangea the rounded (domed) shape.

2. Die cut the petals using four shades of light purple card stock and mix the colors on each flower as shown below.


3. Using the smallest ball stylus, press down in the center of each petal to give it shape then press down in the very center to cup the petals as shown above. Note: Die cut many petals at a time and use extra for future projects.


4. Glue the petals around the bottom of the domed base and then cover the entire base. Mix the shades of purple petals to give variation to the color of the flower. After the entire base is covered, add additional petals on top of the ones already attached which creates a nice full blossom.


Here is a closeup of one of the finished Hydrangea. The finished flower is less than 2″ wide and about 1/2″ high. Aren’t they beautiful! Shape the lilacs and hyacinthe similiarly (without the dome) and adhere as shown.

Explosion boxes are always a lot of fun to receive. I hope you will give this a try and surprise someone you know!


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

1020 Susan’s Garden – Hydrangea

1017 Garden Notes – Lilac

1016 Garden Notes – Hyacinthe

1004 Garden Patch – 7/8-inch & Mini Leaves

808 All Metal Tool Set

810 Large Molding Pad

603 Silver Silk Microfine Glitter

642 Cool Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter

Transparent Double-Sided Tape

E119 Swirly Curves embossing folder

E125 Sea Glass embossing folder

979 Paris Edges

959 Tags & More 6 – Daisy

947 Happy Birthday PopUp

1226 Corner Peel-Offs

2545 Candles Peel-Offs

2544 Gifts Peel-Offs

1004 Straight Borders Peel-Offs

1281 Alphabet 1 Lower Key Peel-Offs


Cardstock: white, black, 4 shades of light purple

Graphic 45 Secret Garden Design Paper

Copic Markers

White tulle

Narrow Lavender and purple gingham ribbon

Flat Back Pearls

Dimensional foam tape


Flowers & Flourishes

FlowersFlourishes-A (2)Watermarked

By Judi Kauffman 

I’m glad to be back as guest designer. My project today is a feminine card called Flowers & Flourishes, named for the dies I used. It measures 4” wide by 9.25” tall with the fold at the left side, sized to fit a #10 business envelope.

You can duplicate it precisely as shown by using the dies and materials in the supply list, or you can make your own version by choosing a different color palette and by using different flower dies, ribbon, border peel-offs and embossing folders.

1. Start with pink cardstock for the card base 8” x 9.25”,  folded to 4” x 9.25”.

2. Please note the quirky spacing on the flowers. The top and bottom flowers (first and fourth) are both an inch from the edge of the card, but the second and third flowers are 2” apart and closer to the bottom flower, forming an evenly-spaced trio.

There are two reasons for this quirky spacing:

First, I decided to limit myself to only a single 4” x 5” piece of Pink Iridescent Shimmer Sheetz for the 3-layer flowers, ending up with four flowers. (4” x 5” is the size of a piece in a Shimmer Sheetz Sampler pack, or one third of a piece from a standard sheet.)

Second, and more important than the number of flowers – Elizabeth Craft Designs border peel-off strips aren’t as long as this size card so I had to carefully join two pieces on each side of the ribbon band. Look closely and you’ll see that there are nine 1” fans (or scallops) in the Lace Fan peel-off pattern on each of my pieced strips. The pieces join five fans up from the bottom of the card, the seam is hidden under the first flower in the evenly-spaced trio!

FlowersFlourishes-B (2)Watermarked

Other things to notice:

3. There are two different flourishes in the die set – one with two curling lines, one with three curling lines. Starting at the top of the card front, the flourishes alternate. The first and third are 3-curl flourishes that face at a downward angle, going toward the left and right; the second and fourth are 2-curl flourishes facing at an upward angle, going toward the right and left.

4. The ribbon and lacy border bands are NOT vertically centered on the card front. This asymmetrical visual “weight” helps guide the eye toward the open edge of the card and invite the viewer to see what’s inside. The ribbon band is a tad over 1.25” from the right edge. If you prefer symmetry, center the bands.

5. Emboss and lightly sand the 4” x 5” piece of Shimmer Sheetz before die cutting the flowers. I chose a folder called Bouquet, but any small scale overall pattern will work. Bend the petals upward on the small and medium flower in each 3-layer blossom, but leave the bottom layer (the largest flower) flat. Use a tiny piece of Power Adhesive Tab to hold the layers together.

FlowersFlourishes-C (2)Watermarked

6. The ribbon band is secured with a piece of Transparent Double-Sided Tape, folded over to the inside of the card at both ends for a finished look. The end of each flourish is secured with a tiny piece cut from a Power Adhesive Tab.

7. A little secret – the middle of each flower is a 5mm “Lure Eye” sticker, the black center of each one is surrounded by a ring of sparkly iridescent purplish gray. In this context they don’t look at all like eyeballs! Substitute a 7018 Black/Silver Glitter Dot Peel-off or a black flat-backed gem or pearl if you prefer.

Important Reminder: Use a Metal Adaptor Plate to die cut Shimmer Sheetz. Review the YouTube video HERE if you are not familiar with this technique.


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

1029 Bunch of Flowers 3, die set coming soon!

1034 Flourishes & Branches, die set coming soon!

Shimmer Sheetz in Pink and Light Pink (or any two colors of choice)

803 Metal Adaptor Plate

1279 Lace Fan border peel-offs in Black

E121 Bouquet embossing folder

505 Transparent Double-Sided Tape (10” piece)


5mm Lure Eye stickers in Gray (Stanislaus Imports, www.lasioux.com)

Power Adhesive Tabs (Tombow)

10” piece of 3/8” wide woven ribbon

Sanding block

Damp cloth or paper towel to wipe sanded Shimmer Sheetz

Pink cardstock

Non-stick scissors (to cut Power Adhesive Tabs)

Quick and Easy Card- using Peel-Off Scraps

Hi Friends!

It’s Debra today for the ECD Design Team. I love to use Peel-Offs – usually using the larger main images on a sheet as a focal point of a card. That leaves me with a variety of smaller Peel-Offs just waiting to find their way onto a card front. With that in mind, I created this quick and easy card which could be adapted to almost any small image Peel-Off.

ECD may bp 1a P1080070

Let me show you how I made this card:

1. Fold a 4-1/4″ x 11″ piece of red cardstock in half to form a top folding A2 size card. Emboss the card front with Bouquet embossing folder. Ink edges with black ink.

2. Cut a piece of pattern paper to 4-1/4″ x 1-1/2″. Gather left over Peel-Off, black Glitter Dots, black Corners & Borders and black sheer ribbon as shown below.

ECD May bp 3a P1080089

3. Cut a piece of white cardstock large enough for the leftover Peel-Off – size will vary according to what image you are using. Cut a piece of black cardstock 1/4″ larger than the white.

4. Using Distress markers and a waterbrush, swipe colors on front of white cardstock. Stamp sentiment on top. Adhere Peel-Offs over color-washed area. Add Glitter Dots to center of flowers. Adhere white piece to black.

ECD May bp colors 1a P1080085

5. Adhere pattern strip to front of card. Add Borders & Corners. Adhere colored Peel-Off piece on foam adhesive. Tie ribbon in bow and adhere to top right corner of image. Add Glitter Dots to corners of card front.

6. To  finish the card, adhere the negative flower Peel-Offs to inside right bottom of card with a Transfer Sheet. Click HERE to see a video tutorial on using Transfer Sheets. Add Glitter Dots and Borders & Corners to complete.

ECD May bp open 1a P1080074

I hope you are inspired to go through your Peel-Off scraps and create some beautiful quick cards to keep on hand for any occasion.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

E121 Bouquet embossing Folder
2590 Flower Vases 1
1034 Corners and Borders
600 Transfer Sheet
7018 Glitter Dots Assorted Colors- black/silver


Distress Markers- Peeled Paint, Barn Door
Water brush
Non-stick craft mat
Foam adhesive
Cardstock – red, white, black
Pattern paper
Black ink
Stamp with your favorite saying

Yummy Double Scoop

ECD_Yum_Candy SpiegelHi! It’s Candy. Paper piecing — using different patterned papers to create a design — is trendy again. However, this time around we have dies to make the process easier than ever! On this card, I used paper piecing to create a yummy double-scoop cone.

1. Cut card base 4.25″ x 11″. Score and fold in the center. Cut background paper 4.25″ x 5.5″. Ink and adhere to card base.

ECD_Yum_Candy Spiegel32. Cut the cone, cherry, drips and two scoops of ice cream from the Ice Cream Cone die set. Ink edges and adhere all but drips with dimensional foam adhesive as shown. Adhere the drips flat.

ECD_Yum_Candy Spiegel4

3. Apply Transparent Double-Sided Tape to Shimmer Sheetz as shown above. Cut out Circles. (If you have a Big Shot or Vagabond, the new Precision Base Plate from Sizzix works well. If not, use the Metal Adaptor Plate.) Peel off release sheet from adhesive and adhere to card.

ECD_Yum_Candy Spiegel24. Cut Dog Tag from Shimmer Sheetz. Tie on baker’s twine. Adhere with dimensional foam adhesive.

5. Cut YUM from pattern paper and adhere to Shimmer Sheetz.

ECD_Yum_Candy Spiegel


Elizabeth Craft Designs:

956 Jewelry Set 3 – Dog Tags

967 Alphabet 1 – Caps

1031 Ice Cream Cone coming soon!

1028 Circles coming soon!

SS 0217 Turquoise Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz

503 Transparent Double-Sided Tape

803 Metal Adaptor Plate


Pattern paper – Memory Box

Distress Ink

Baker’s twine

Dimensional foam adhesive

Recipe Album With Elizabeth Craft Designs

Le Chef Waterfall Recipe Album
Hi, it’s Angela Beavers and today I want to share with you a waterfall cookbook. I was inspired by the new peel-offs from ECD called Kitchen Time. I wanted to create a cookbook that contained my favorite recipes from each food category. Because you create the pages, the book can have as many sections as you chose and sections can be added. The cookbook is for our daughter which not only contains many of her favorite meals and desserts but it is also a handmade gift.
The Cover:
1. Cut and mat the front and back album cover with pattern paper and adhere using Transparent Double-Sided Tape.
2. Die cut the letters “RECIPES” in black from the Alphabet 1 – Caps die.
3. Die cut red and cream cardstock using the Tags & More 4 – Flourish die.
4. Cut 1/4” off each side of the cream tag and adhere onto the red cardstock tag & place a black brad in the hole.
5. Adhere the red tag sideways across the front of the album.
6. Adhere “RECIPES” to the tag.
7. Stamp Le Chef on cream cardstock using black ink and mat with black cardstock.
8. Adhere the chef to the album front.
Inside the Cover:
*Measure and cut the 12″ x 12″ pattern paper and adhere with Transparent Double-Sided Tape to the inside of the spine, front and back covers.
Page 1:
1. Die cut a Tags & More 7 – Vine cutout from Home Sweet Home paper. It is 2.25” long and adhered to the pocket front.
2. Embellish page front and back as desired.
 ** This is the perfect place to keep restaurant take-out menus!**
Page 2 – Soup:
1. Cover the page with Home Sweet Home paper cut at 8.25” x 6.5”.
2. Die cut the letters “SOUP” in black from the Alphabet 1 – Caps die.
3. Adhere an apron peel-off to pattern paper, cut out and color in as desired.
4. Create a waterfall with six recipe cards and adhere to the right side of the page.
5. Embellish the page with the apron and the word “SOUP”.
Back of Waterfall Page – Create the pocket (see 3 photos below):
1. Cut a 6″ x 6″ piece of pattern paper, center Tags & More 7 – Vine at the top of the paper and die cut.
2. Score on all three straight sides at 1/2”.
3. Where the cut stops on the die cut edge, score and cut the paper off.
4. Miter the two bottom corners.
5. Fold on all score lines. Fold down the decorative edge and adhere.
6. Place Transparent Double-Sided Tape on the tabs and attach the pocket at the bottom of the page.
7. Decorate the top of the page with pattern paper as desired.
Each page is created in the same manner. Chose your category and die cut and embellish each page with peel-offs as desired. My book contains four waterfall pages including SIDES, MAIN and YUM as the categories. I hope you will create your own recipe album. This is a fun and easy project to complete!
Elizabeth Craft Designs:
Mixed Media Album Ivory Graphic 45
Home Sweet Home 12 x 12 paper
Home Sweet Home 6 x 6 paper pad
Farmhouse Paper
Chef stamp Stamper Anonymous
Cardstock – black, cream, red
Black brad
Black ink
IMG_3750 (2)

Pop it Ups Karen Burniston Designer Challenge – Barns! Barns! Barns!

Hi, it’s Karen Burniston with the May Pop it Ups Designer Challenge. Each month I challenge my Designer Challenge team to use Pop it Ups dies for a specific theme. This month the theme is Barns! Barns! Barns! using the brand new Barn Pop Stand die. The designers were free to repurpose the barn and you’ll find some very clever Farm and other theme cards in the links below.

Here is a look at the new Farm collection. The Clear Stamps have arrived and are shipping now and the dies are expected to arrive and ship in the next day or two.


For my card and video I’m teaching how to add a Floating Floor to the Barn Pop Stand to be able to animate items all over the floor, for dynamic pop-up scenes.


Here is the video tutorial:

When the barn doors slide open you can see the haystack and egg inside the barn.


For the front of the card I did selective inking to mix phrases from the Cow chalkboard stamp and the Chicken chalkboard stamp (both part of the Farm Greetings set) and then cut out my custom greeting with the Fancy Label dies. Brownie the Cow holds the greeting.


The easiest way to understand how a Floating Floor works is to watch the video, but here’s a side view to help explain things. Basically an L support is placed anywhere along the floor where you’d like an item to pop up. For my card I’ve used an L support to animate the Cow behind the barn and the Chicken in front of the barn. I also took advantage of the front and back supports of the floating floor to add fences, grass and Virgil the Pig.


Here is a printable reference sheet for making the folds and the die cuts for the Floating Floor.


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Other Supplies:

October Afternoon Patterned Paper “Seaside Seashells”, Bazzill Card Shoppe cardstock, grass stamp, various inks

2015_Designer_Challenge_Team copy

Let’s see all the clever creations of the Designer Challenge Team. For all these cards you can click on the designer’s name to go to their blog post showing more photos, supply lists, general instructions, etc. for their cards.

Caz Counsell went with a Farm theme for this card, but instead of using the Barn traditionally, she repurposed it into a henhouse! What a great idea. She also used Cheepers the Chicken and the little hay piece from Hay There.


Helen Cryer shows off the entire Farm Collection (minus Virgil the Pig) on this fabulous 4-page Rectangle Accordion. Helen has such a way with combining patterned papers and this project is a perfect example of that.


Frances Byrne ran away from the farm and joined the circus! Check out her extremely clever and fun use of the Barn die as a Circus Tent. Amazing!


Donna Wright also chose to cleverly repurpose the Barn . . . into a baby’s crib! How fabulous! She shows step-out photos on her blog post. I just love how the runner strips were used as legs and the overlay doors as the sides.


Kelly Booth also made a different item with the barn – a dog house! She combined the two Pop Stand dies – the Barn (styled as a dog house) and the small pop stand that comes with the Hay There set to animate the stamped pooch inside the house.

KellyDogHouseKaren Aicken brings us back to the farm with this beautiful card using the Barn as a traditional barn. The front of the card features Cheepers the Chicken and a portion of the Farm Greetings Clear Stamps where she also used the egg die that comes with Cheepers to highlight the greeting. Inside there’s a traditional barn with a surprise inside (click her name to see the doors open)


Raquel Mason knows how to party! Check out this vibrant fun birthday Barn card using Virgil the Pig and the Props 2 set. There’s a second Virgil hanging out on the back side of the barn, so click Raquel’s name to go check it out on her blog.


Fran Sabad keeps the Barn Party rolling with this great “Party ’til the Cows come home!” card. She used Brownie the Cow and the Props 2 die set, plus the Barn, Hay There and the balloons from the Spiral Circle Pull Card. What a fun party indeed!


Shelly Hickox made a soft and pretty barn for this sweet Virgil the Pig birthday card. She also used the stitched label from the Hay There set for the stamped greetings (Farm Greetings Clear Stamps) Gorgeous!


Frances Byrne made this next card where she converted the Barn into an old fashioned school house. How clever! She embossed bricks on the front, added windows from the House Pivot Card and used the Lots of Pops to make a traditional 90 degree pop-up instead of the 180 degree Pop Stand version.


Now technically this next card doesn’t include a barn, but it’s too cute not to share. Caz Counsell added the bunch of hay from the Hay There set to give Virgil the Pig a cool hairdo. She used the Farm Greetings Clear stamps and notice the clever use of a button as an apple.

CazPigFlatKaren Aicken made this lovely pink barn scene for a fresh Spring card. I just love the colors! Virgil the Pig is hanging out behind the very pretty barn.


Raquel Mason shows another super clever Barn adaptation – a tent! This is pitch perfect! She used the All Seasons Tree and the stars/happy from the Happy Birthday set. I also love the use of the bow from Props2 as tent ties. Brilliant!


Fran Sabad shows a great idea for a Virgil the Pig birthday card using the Barn. I love the addition of banners to the front of the barn and she chose to leave the doors open for this card so Virgil appears to be walking out to greet you.


Kelly Booth thought the Barn would make an excellent bird house and she was right! She embellished her stamped birds with glasses and the party hat from Props1 and Props2. The Lucy Label was used for the pop-up.


Caz Counsell made another great scene with this card, where the Barn is placed flat against the back wall of a card and the spinner from the Rectangle Pull Card is used to animate Brownie the Cow. She used the Farm Greetings stamps on the card’s front.


Summer Hills-Painter created a wonderful Christmas card. She used the strand of lights and wreath from the Holiday House die to decorate the barn and a pair of Cheepers’ feet are used as antlers for Brownie. Smart!


Shelly Hickox created this wonderful 3D birdhouse using the Barn. I love the beautiful rustic feel of this project!


France Byrne also made a Rectangle Pull Card for the challenge where she styled the Barn to look like corrugated metal. What a great look! Brownie is attached to the spinner for movement as the card opens/closes.


Well I hope you feel very inspired to use the new Barn Pop Stand and the rest of the Farm Collection in all sorts of ways. Join us next month on June 17, 2015 for a really fun challenge called “What’s in a Name?” where each designer will be choosing their dies based on their own initials. I foresee some fun combinations!

Happy Crafting!

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DIY Ice Cream Cone Foam Stamps

Hi there! It’s Marsha again!

Last week I went to Ibiza for a short vacation. The weather was sunny and warm… We went to the beach… We swam in the pool… You get the idea!

Unfortunately, back in the Netherlands it was rainy and cold again. It feels like summer is still far, far away and I thought I’d better create a little sunshine in my craft room instead!

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: DIY Ice Cream Cone Foam Stamps

I decided to create my own DIY foam stamps with the new Ice Cream Cone die.

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: DIY Ice Cream Cone Foam Stamps

I’ve recorded a step-by-step video to show you exactly how I did it:

And here are all of the written steps for the cards:

1. Adhere a sheet of Transparent Double-Sided Tape to a sheet of craft foam. Cut in half. Remove the protective sheet from one of the halves and stick it to the other half. You should now have a double layer of craft foam ‘sandwich’ with the tape’s release sheet visible on one side.

2. Die-cut shapes out of  the craft foam ‘sandwich’ with the Ice Cream Cone die. Make sure you are cutting from the non-adhesive side.

3. Assemble a stamp by adhering the die-cut shapes onto a piece of plastic. I used an empty jewel case for this.

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: DIY Ice Cream Cone Foam Stamps

4. To stamp the ice cream cone, you will need to mask-off parts. Create masks by die-cutting the ice cream cone shapes out of post-it tape.

5. Start at the top of the ice cream cone: stamp a shape on a piece of white cardstock. Mask it off with the corresponding post-it tape shape and then stamp the next element down. Repeat until the entire ice cream cone is stamped.

6. Cut the stamped piece of cardstock a little smaller than the size of a regular folded note card. Add a machine stitched outline. Adhere the stamped cardstock to a folded note card using foam tape.

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: DIY Ice Cream Cone Foam Stamps

A few tips:

– Make sure all the foam elements on your DIY foam stamp are clean before you stamp the next layer.

– You can use any ink you like and you can even use paint with these foam stamps. I chose Distress Ink because it gives a nice subtle, soft effect and it’s easy to wipe off the stamps.

– You can even use the post-it tape masks to mask-off the entire ice cream cone shape and ink the background like I did for this art journal page:

Marsha Valk | Elizabeth Craft Designs: DIY Ice Cream Cone Foam Stamps

I hope you’ll enjoy die-cutting your own foam stamps! I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with, so please don’t hesitate to share!

Have a wonderful, sunny day!



Elizabeth Craft Designs:
1031 Ice Cream Cone coming soon!
502 Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Craft foam
Jewel case
Post-it tape
Ranger Distress Ink (Antique Linen, Barn Door, Mustard Seed, Peacock Feathers, Pickled Raspberry, Scattered Straw, Shabby Shutters, Tea Dye, Victorian Velvet, Vintage Photo)
White cardstock
Sewing thread
Folded note card
Foam tape

Sunflower & Daisies Container


Created by Mary Dimercurio Prasad for the ECD Susan Tierney-Cockburn Design Team

It’s Mary here again, this time to bring you a sunny sunflower project. This may be done to any container or jar with a wide circular lid (or even a box). I started with a former body butter container (this one was from The Body Shop, Coconut). It’s a great way to recycle!

Decorating the Container:

1. On patterned paper, trace a circle that is slightly smaller than the lid. Keep in mind the pattern you would like to see on top. Cut out. Adhere to lid.

2. Measure side of container base. Using a slightly smaller measurement, cut a strip from patterned paper. If it doesn’t go all the way around, you will cover the place it doesn’t meet. In my case I used the stitched oval and daisies to go over the gap. If this still doesn’t cover it, just use another small strip to make up the difference. Adhere strip to base.

3. Using the Accordion Oval Card die, die cut stitched oval from patterned paper; ink if desired. Adhere over gap. Die cut stems and daisies from CountryScapes – Backyard 1, using green and yellow cardstock respectively. Ink flowers with Wild Honey Distress Ink and stems with Peeled Paint. Shape leaves slightly so they stick up. Shape petals on Mini Molding Pad by running small stylus down each petal. Add glue to centers of each and dip in dark brown embossing powder. Adhere stems then flowers as shown.


4. From the Garden Notes – Sunflower set, die cut 1 flower base and 3 sets of petals from yellow cardstock, 2 sets of stems/leaves and 1 single leaf from green cardstock, and 2 sets of seed pods from brown cardstock. Shape, color and assemble as shown in the video below. Optional: I cut the stem where the bow is located to change the angle slightly before adhering to lid; I also added dimensional tape under the flower head to pop it up a bit.

5. Using a combination of Mustard Seed and Wild Honey Distress Stains (sparingly), dye a length of seam binding; spray with water to help colors mix. Crinkle and dry (use a heat tool to speed this up). Tie a bow. Add jump ring to “Wander” Philosophy Tag (I added alcohol ink to top to get it to match colors more closely) and hook through bow center. Adhere bow as shown.

6. Adhere enamel dots where shown.



Elizabeth Craft Designs:

999 Garden Notes – Sunflower

988 CountryScapes – Backyard 1

772 Accordion Oval Card

808 Susan’s 4pcs. Metal Tool Set

809 Mini Molding Pad


Patterned Paper: Tim Holtz Idea-ology Wallflower

Cardstock: yellow, brown, green

Distress Ink: Peeled Paint, Wild Honey

Colored pencils or pastels

Embossing Powder: dark brown

Dimensional foam tape

Distress Stain: Mustard Seed, Wild Honey

Seam binding (ribbon)

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Philosophy Tags, jump ring

Alcohol ink – optional

Enamel dots

Clown Around



Hi everyone,

It’s Frances Byrne here today. A couple of weeks ago, I was playing with the new Elizabeth Craft Designs Ice Cream Cone die set and started thinking if there was anything else other than ice cream I could use this set for. I love when dies can be used for things other than what they were intended. It came to me that the cone from this set would work well for a clown’s hat, so I stopped everything to make up my clown face. The clown does use various dies from 6 different die sets.

Here is how I created my card:

The Clown:




1.  Die cut the following pieces shown below. To make assembling this clown easier, adhere a sheet of Transparent Double-Sided Tape to cardstock before you die cut your pieces.

  • From the Ice Cream Cone die, cut 1 cone from yellow cardstock.
  • From the Circle Accordion Card set, cut 1 small circle from white cardstock.
  • From the Four Bows die set, cut 1 solid bow from purple cardstock and 1 spotted bow from bright blue cardstock.
  • From the Hoppy the Frog die set, cut 1 frog mouth and 1 frog eye from red cardstock.
  • From the Flower Set 1 die set, cut 1 stamen from green cardstock.
  • From the Hay There Pop Stand Card die, cut 3 small hays from orange cardstock.



2. Assemble Clown using the photo above for placement. Adhere googly eyes to the clown’s face. (If you don’t have googly eyes, you can use any of the eyes from the character die sets.) Place Transparent Double-Sided Tape to the back of the clown and set aside.

The card:

Note: Karen Burniston created a video tutorial that you can see HERE showing her rectangle pull card technique.

3. Cut a piece of red cardstock 8-1/2″ x 5-3/4″. Score along the long side at 4-1/4″ and fold. Unfold card and line up the main die from the Rectangle Pull Card die set so the center lugs are lined up on the fold line and the rectangle frame is centered on the card and die cut.

4. Cut a piece of designer paper 2-1/2″ x 5-3/4″ and another piece 1″ x 5-3/4″. Cut 2 pieces of yellow cardstock 1″ x 5-3/4″. Adhere the yellow cardstock to the back of the designer paper so that approximately 1/8″ is showing from one edge. Attach designer paper to the left and right edges of card as per photo above.

5. Use the large rectangle from the Rectangle Pull Card die set to cut out 2 rectangles from white cardstock. Attach one rectangle to the front of card using foam tape. The remaining rectangle is adhered to the right side of the inside side portion of the card so it is hidden when the card is closed.

6. Adhere the clown to the front of card as per photo.



7. Adhere Transparent Double-Sided Adhesive to the back of blue and yellow cardstock which measure 2-1/2″ x 4-1/2″. Use the Alphabet 1 – Caps die set to die cut the letters “CLOWN AROUND”.  Tip: If you die cut the whole alphabet from each piece of cardstock you will have enough letters so you can alternate the colors of the letters as I have on my card above.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.


Elizabeth Craft Designs
1031 Ice Cream Cone coming soon
769 Accordion Circle Card
1025 Pop It Ups – Hay There Pop Stand Card coming soon
909 Hoppy the Frog
701 Flower Set 1
798 Four Bows
974 Rectangle Pull Card
967 Alphabet 1 – Caps
508 Transparent Double Sided Tape
Cardstock: white; yellow, green, blue, orange, red, purple
Voyez en Arriere Designer Paper Creative Imaginations
Googly eyes
Foam adhesive